South Park

Season 4 Episode 17

A Very Crappy Christmas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 20, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • Christmas Review #80

    NOTE: This review will end my HUGE set of Christmas Reviews and I will NOT be reviewing a set of Christmas reviews until next year.

    The town has lost its Christmas spirit and the boys want to do something to bring it back. They decide to make their own little Christmas special, seeing as there are so many others out there already. They also run into Mr. Hankey, who has acquired a wife and kids since the boys saw him last, and they find him living in the sewer. I thought that this was a great Christmas episode of "South Park". It was actually funny but not like super hilarious though. I enjoyed the storyline to it also but my score is a little low because I found the storyline to be a little weak and some parts to be a little boring. It could have been better but it's still an episode that is worth watching every year... I'm sure "South Park" fans will enjoy this episode just much as I did though. Overall, a great Christmas episode of "South Park" but it could have been better in my opinion. 8.5/10

  • 8th Holiday Review

    This was a great episode. Everyone in town has lost their Christmas spirit, and so Kyle and the boys plan on making a Christmas film, one that closely resembles the original Christmas short in which this show was conceived.

    This was pretty funny of an episode. Mr. Hankey was a wonderful character and I wish he appeared more often. The town not being in the spirit of Christmas was nice, and I liked the joke that the holiday film the boys make is so similar to the original short that started this show. A+ episode
  • A Very Crappy Christmas

    This is a Chritmas 2000 special full of spectacular puns and laughs. You get to meet Howdy Ho`ing Mr. Hankey and his beautiful children (one born with a pea nut in his skull), and wife who is a druggie and alcohol. The wife makes me giggle, she really does.
    With fifty words left, I will start into details about this episode. This Christmas special, aired at the end of Season Four is not a great episode but it is an exciting and entertaining one. If you love Mr. Hankey, or The Spirit Of Christmas South Park short then you might just like this.
    :) An okay series finale.
  • The best episode of Season 4.

    I thought this episode was absolutely fantastic. I was glad they showed Mr Hankey's family, because they were hilarious, especially his wife, Cornwallis and Simon, who was born with a peanut in his head. I like how the storyline paralleled Matt and Trey's own troubles while making the first South Park short, but the two funniest parts of the episode were 'The Circle of Poo' song, especially how Cornwallis' voice changed when he sang his solo and also the cutout Butters and the Barbie doll, "Would you like to slap my (insert female chest lump word here) around?" " ma'am, I'll get in trouble again".
  • Poo is the circle of life.

    In this episode, the boys and everybodys favorite pice of **** Mr. Hankey and his family [the retarded one with a peanut in his head was my favorite] try to bring back the spirit of Christmas, all the adults are filled with a false vision that love is important, so the boys use the real catroon [not the entire thing] that Trey and Matt started with "The Spirit of Christmas" and convince everyone, shopping is the spirit of Christmas. I had a hard time beleiving how some things in here happend, but it was funny and I enjoyed Mr Hankeys song.
  • A very Crappy Episode!

    Christmas is comming up but Christmas Cheer is at an all time low. The boys in a plan to raise Xmas cheer decide to make a small film about Xmas. The film is just the annimated Xmas card by matt stone and Trey Parker (the spirt of Christmas). They soon find out that making cartoons isn't that easy.

    The second weakest christmas Episode in oppion. I never liked Mr. Hankey a character and this episode revolves mostly around him as a lot of the South Park Christmas Episods do. The episode just didn't have enough funny moments in it to be called great and on par with most of the christmas specials. Better then Mr. Hankey Xmas classics though.