South Park

Season 4 Episode 17

A Very Crappy Christmas

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 20, 2000 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Whilst being interviewed by the news on how people are sick of Christmas, one man says:

      "You know, it's just that a lot of people don't really believe in the whole Jesus thing anymore, you know? So what's to celebrate?"

      I guess this man forgot that Jesus actually lives in town.

    • When we see the podium, with the mayor and kids, we first see Kyle, Stan, and Cartman; then in the next scene, we see Cartman going up to the podium.

  • Quotes

    • Stan: Why does everyone in cartoons have such big heads?

    • Mr. Hankey: Come. You have to meet the little nuggets, too. Kids! This is our son, Cornwallis.
      Cornwallis: Howdy Ho!
      Mr. Hankey: Our daughter Amber.
      Amber: Howdy Ho!
      b>Mr. Hankey: And our son, Simon.
      Simon: Eee, hey! Hnhn.
      Mr. Hankey: Simon's not so smart. He was born with a peanut in his head.

    • Kyle: He's gonna be here any minute, Ike.
      Ike: Oooh nooo, poopies.
      Kyle: He might not come if you're too close to the toilet bowl, Ike.

    • Mrs. Hankey: (to Mayor's aide) You wanna bet me I won't take off my clothes and run naked through this parking lot?
      Mr. Hankey: Honey, please don't start.
      Mrs. Hankey: I didn't start it! He was lookin' at my breasts!
      Mr. Hankey: They're not real, ya know!
      Mrs. Hankey: Don't you say that!
      Mr. Hankey: Oh, big secret, everyone can tell they're made of silicorn!

    • Mr. Hankey: Kids, Christmas is back on! We gotta all go get that old drive-in working again!
      Hankey Kids: Okay!
      Mrs. Hankey: That's not the only thing we gotta get working again, if you know what I mean. [Points at Mr. Hankey's "crotch"]
      Mr. Hankey: Why, why, why do you have to say things like that in front of people?

    • Cornwallis: We fixed it!
      Mrs. Hankey: What's that kids?! They got your father's penis working again!

    • The Cycle Of Poo

      Mr. Hanky: Everything that lives on Earth, poos in some way, and that's how the cycle happens each and everyday. Just look at the green, green grass and the birds up in the sky, it's all here because of poo and now I'll tell you why! Grass is eaten by the cattle, which is eaten by women and men, and fuses with their body, and becomes poo again. And that poo goes through the sewer, where it's dumped into the sea, and it's eaten by the plankton, it becomes the fishes' meal. And when that bigger fish with the poo still inside, swims up onto the shore and gets eaten alive. A grizzly bear that poos on a dead piece of sand, so it can spring to life and become poo for the land!!!! It's the poo of the antelope, the poo of the giraffe, it crawls into the earth, and becomes the blades of grass, the grass is eaten by the cattle, which comes out the other end, to make food for humans, and start all over again!
      Cornwallis: (in Brian McKnight mixed with Temptations type voice) I'm the poo of the antelope! That flows onto the ground!
      Mr. Hankey: Becomes the grass of tomorrow, which the grazers turnaround!
      Cornwallis: So I'm the leg of a leopard, and the wings of the hen!
      Mr.Hankey and Cornwallis: Which becomes dinner for the humans, and turns back to poo again!!! That's the cycle, the cycle of poo!!

    • (while making the Christmas Card)
      Kyle: Ok. 'woo' mouths again...
      Stan: (clicks camera) one. two.
      Kyle: So how much done is that?
      Stan: "We wish you a m-merry..."
      Kyle: Jesus Christ.

    • Mr. Hanky: I'm just a stupid piece of crap.

    • Butters: (as Barbie) Butters, would you like to slap my titties around?

    • Mayor: (enthusiastically) An animated Christmas card! Kids, that just might be the dumbest idea I've ever heard, ever!

    • (in "The Spirit of Christmas")
      Stan: Don't you see guys Christmas is about presents.

    • Cornwallis: But Dad, we're just pieces of crap, Christmas isn't for us.

  • Notes

    • For the last 3 episodes of this season, the show was nominated for the 2001 American Comedy Award for "Funniest Television Series-Animated".

    • The ending to this episode was exactly like the one in Jesus vs Frosty. The writers obviously added this as a joke.

    • This episode contains a segment to the pilot episode "The Spirit of Christmas"the film the boys made.

    • In case you wondered how Kenny died in the short (If you didn't see the short), he gets his head knocked out while Santa and Jesus were fighting.

    • After this episode no new episode aired for almost six months.

    • In scenes from the Charlie Brown Christmas Special seen in the background, the first two scenes are normal, but then in the last scene shown Charlie Brown is naked, being hit in the head by Snoopy. I wonder what was happening there.

    • This episode pays homage to the film that started it all, "The Spirit of Christmas". This film was a Christmas card that a producer hired Matt & Trey to create for him. So successful was this Christmas card that it inspired the creation of this series.

  • Allusions

    • A Charlie Brown Christmas:

      There is a spoof of this special shown in this episode.

    • Cornwallis:

      Cornwallis would appear to be inspired by the smart kid mouse from the aforementioned "Twas the night Before Christmas." His hat, scarf and glasses are similar if not identical.

    • 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: The song "Even a Miracle Needs a Hand" sung by the kids while making the film is a directly taken from Rankin/Bass's 1974 Christmas special "'Twas The Night Before Christmas."

      In addition, the plot line of the episode closely follows the special as well. When the projector breaks when first testing the short cartoon, it is an allusion to the clock going kerplunk in the mentioned special. As a result, the whole town falls into despair and the Mayor gets upset in both specials. Also, the projector gets fixed and Christmas is saved, just like when the mouse fixes the clock to save Christmas from the special.

    • The Lion King:

      The musical number, "The Cycle of Poo," is a direct spoof of the 1994 Disney film, The Lion King. The sequence parodies the opening sequence from the movie along with the song, The Circle of Life, by Elton John, Tim Rice, and Lebo M.

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