South Park

Season 12 Episode 12

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Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Barack Obama makes his acceptance speech. At the Marsh home, Randy celebrates "change" and screams "Yes I Can". He starts celebrating on the street and a crowd gathers. They start shouting "losers" at the Republicans across the street. At the Republican Stotch home, they worry that with the coming change they might all be dead by morning. Kyle & Ike are looking for their parents. Ike is crying over McCain's lose. At Obama's headquarters he tells his supporters that he is going to go for some much needed rest. Instead of resting, he is secretly meeting with John McCain. To either it didn't matter who won the election, as long as it one of them. McCain calls another one of their conspirators and tells him to assemble the team as they only have ten hours. In South Park, the partying continues in the streets. Stan calls in a noise complaint against his own father and the other celebrants. Officer Barbrady tries to disperse the crowd but they respond by flipping his police car. Meanwhile, Cartman has taken the opportunity to do a little looting. Obama and McCain get together with their other conspirators and reveal their plan, which is to steal "The Hope Diamond", a la Ocean's Eleven. They are going to use the Presidential escape tunnel that runs from the White House right under the Smithsonian as their means of getting to the diamond, which is worth $210 million. The conspirators all believe they are part of the greatest thief club in the world. Kyle is still trying to find his parents when Stan tells him that Ike is in the window and it looks like he plans on jumping. Despite his brother's pleas that Obama is going to make everything all right, Ike makes the 5 foot jump from the ledge. At the White House security is confused, when the new President Elect arrives, wanting to see the Oval Office. They let him into the office and Obama tells them that he wants absolute privacy while he figures out the new drapes. Alone, Obama quickly locates the escape tunnel, meanwhile McCain and the others are outside the Smithsonian. In South Park, a drunken Randy really believes in Obama's "yes we can" and tells his boss off; meanwhile Stan and Kyle are looking for a way to get Ike some medical attention. Sarah Palin is making a spectacle of herself for reporters, when she gets a call from McCain. She isn't what she has appeared to be as she is in on the conspiracy to and makes her way to Washington to join the team. Obama finds the right spot in the tunnel and blows his way through the floor of the Smithsonian, only to find a change in the security system he wasn't expecting. Ike is hurting and Stan and Kyle arrive at an area where the some of the Republicans of South Park, The Stotchs, Mr. Garrison, Mr. Mackey, Principal Victoria and others have set up a bunker to save themselves. The only problem is there are plenty of people who want to join them. It is four hours after Obama's victory and they are all convinced that the country is going to hell. Stan, Kyle and the injured Ike press and look for help elsewhere. Obama's "wife" arrives at the Oval Office and he breaks the news to her about the change in security system. It's going to add time to their schedule, but she is convinced that she should be able to crack the new security system in 30 minutes. Stan, Kyle and Ike make it to Hell's Pass Hospital, where Ike can't get immediate care without knowing his political affiliation. The hospital is filled with Democrats that have partied too hard and Republicans that have injured themselves. Randy arrives trying to keep the partying going. Back at the Smithsonian, Obama asks his wife if she really didn't like pretending to be married to him. She says it's not the time to discuss this; besides her daughter's need someone better than a world class diamond thief for a father. She cracks the lock and the rest of the plan goes off without a hitch, Obama and his wife exit the Oval Office with the diamond hidden securely in his anus. In a limo outside the White House the question of Obama's disappearance is answered with someone they hired a couple of months ago. Ike triggers a detonator and outside of Hell's Pass Hospital a plane explodes containing several bodies. Then Ike goes to the coroner's office and sits at a computer terminal, filling out death certificates for all the members of the conspiracy. At the airport the conspirators are ready to depart, when Obama has second thoughts. He is going to give the President thing a try. He convinces his "wife" to join him. The South Park Republicans open up their bunker and see that nothing has changed and realize that maybe Obama will be alright. Randy wakes up with no pants, no TV and no job and thinks he may have voted for the wrong candidate.
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