South Park

Season 12 Episode 12

About Last Night...

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2008 on Comedy Central

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  • superb

    All the Obama supporters of South Park party hard, while all the McCain supports are very sad. Meanwhile, Obama is really a jewel thief, who only wanted into office so him and the others (Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin, McCain) could pull off the greatest heist ever. Will they succeed?

    Good episode, the scenes of the people partying in South Park were all funny. The main plot was kind of boring but did have some good parts, like Ike working for Obama. Overall it was pretty good of an episode, albeit kind of boring in some parts. Final grade for this episode from me is a B+
  • Alright Obama's President!

    Alright Obama's President! and theirs an episode of him becoming President and everyone in South park is going crazy and making a huge block Party. Then Obama and Mcane are joining forces to rob a stone thats worth millions of dollars and Freakin' Randy is all drunk and thinks nothing is going to happen to him and Swears to his Boss. Then Kyle and Stan try to take Ike to the doctor because he did suside and fell in to a 5 feet drop. Then Obama and Mcane got the stone and Ike is working with then he must be a crimal-master mind to do the job.
  • An OK episode after a streak of garbage.

    Season 12 has to be the worst South Park season. It's had the most boring, lazily written episodes I've seen from this show. It has been atrocious. This episode, on the other hand, not so bad. It's actually pretty cool. In the beginning the writers capture the spirit of America during Obama's win (Obama supporters thinking everything's gonna be fixed magically, McCain supporters thinking it's the end of the world.). It's pretty funny, then they throw a pretty good Ocean's 11-13 parody about Obama and other politicians stealing a diamond from the Natural History Museum. All and all, it's one of the best from this season (That's not saying much) and it provides some entertainment. If something else is on, by all means watch it, but if you have nothing better to do, then yeah, watch this. It's not as bad as the others.
  • a great episode among a group of bad south park episode

    Very good. very very good. Firstly, it really is amazing how they did this episode and the name says it all it was literally about last night. They did most of it the night before it aired and it didn't suck. bravo. It was nice seeing obama and mccain being friends and i liked the spoof of the oceans 11 type of thing. Seeing sarah palin faking being an idiot (least believable part) was funny. I barely have anything to complain about. It was really great. A brilliant masterpiece. Maybe just maybe south park will have a good rest of the season. "boom baby!"
  • awkward and confusing.... but a terrific episode with some great scenes.

    i thought about last night was pretty confusing and muddled. But overall the whole episode was a huge hit for me. i never even thought T&M would do a story about obama and others heist scene for the hope diamond ! absolutely unique. And it was much more setted up well than family guy s heist episode oceans 3 and a half, where the story was not setted well up. anyway cartman did not have really a part to this episode,, but it shows that even without cartman, the story can be still fantastic and humor will be hilarious.About last night hit the full 10 potential for me.

    overall, highly recommended.
  • Barack Obama becomes president. And as South Park's residents are out celebrating or trying to kill themselves. Barack, McCain, and others are out to steal the four most expensive diamond the, "Hope Diamond".

    I found this episode to be the second best episode in Season 12 after "Major Boobage". I love the concept of Barack Obama and John McCain teaming up to steal something. It makes me laugh for some odd reason, as well as cry because I am laughing so hard. And in the old way of "At the Movie Review" with Ebert and Roeper I give this episode "Two Thumbs up!", for not only does this episode parody the 2008 election but also the Oceans franchise and a number of other heist movies and they do a damned well job of doing so I will give it a good review.
  • Basically turns the election into a caper b/w McCain and Obama a la Ocean's Eleven.

    Another horrible episodes in an unprecedented string of bad episodes by the writers. The beginning was pretty funny. It captured the attitude pretty well. But the rest of it was just unimaginative. I actually watched this twice because I figured the first time I was falling asleep and was harder on it than I should've. But on second watch it was still awful. It's a problem of expectations with this episode. I kept waiting for them to do something political then they came out with another overplayed parody. There was zero parody, nothing over-the-top or offensive, and it was pretty boring.
  • A new President has been elected and the citizens of South Park are partying in the streets.While the country celebrates, the President-elect catches everyone off guard when he arrives at the White House prematurely

    I was hoping for the third installment of the Pandemic episodes but it wasn't. Okay the US is is picking a new president. Props to Comedy Central and the writers for releasing it less than 24 hours after Obama won the election.

    Enough with that, now the review.

    Obama won. Randy and his friends celebrate on the street while McCain supporters fears that Obama will destroy America. Obama went to the White House and later we found that Obama, his "Wife", McCain, Palin are using the President escape tunnel to rob the museum and they succeeded. Meanwhile, Ike jumped from a window to get to the hospital and change the robbers info and blew up an aeroplane. After that, Obama realized he can "change" and invited his "wife" to join him.
  • On the night of Barack Obama's election as the next president, residents either party hard or fear the end of the world, depending on how they voted. But little do they realise that a devious plan is afoot. A quite clever episode...

    Well, the previous story, the two-part 'Pandemic', certainly split the vote. Part two in particular was seen by many – myself included – as one of 'South Park's weakest stories in recent times. Thankfully, things really pick up again with 'About Last Night', being perfectly timed as airing in the US the day after the elections.

    I did wonder if two versions have been prepared (the other being for if McCain had won), but apparently, according to Trey Parker, only this one was produced, and was finished the morning after the elections, hours before it aired.

    The timing of the episode was perfect, and I wondered what the 'South Park' take on the election would be. At first I was a little taken aback, as they went for a far fetched tale instead of biting satire, but as it unfolded into an 'Oceans Eleven', etc., spoof, it started to work quite well.

    We also get some good Randy moments. Yes he featured a lot in 'Pandemic', but I'd rather try and forget about that terrible story! Other than that, any Randy is good Randy.

    I also liked the take on Sarah Palin, playing up to the concept (maybe unfairly) of her not being too bright on a lot of matters.

    Cartman only appears very briefly, with one line of dialogue, and Kenny does not feature at all (not that they use him very much nowadays anyway). Unusually for a Cartman-lite episode, it wasn't too bad.

    I wouldn't by any means put this on the 'classic South Park' list, but in its own way it is very well executed.
  • Obama and Mccain working together as the ocien 12 hahahaha :D:D

    what an episode .. it was hilarious ..
    when they first started .. i thought they will only make fun of them .. but they shocked me when they started to show that they both were working together .. hahahaa
    planning to steal the nickles from 10 years .. and they decided to run for president just go through a tunnel beneath the white house to go below the museum .. that was shocking .. i love this show .. one of the best episodes ever .. i laughed my ass off hahahaha
    when u think that they did the weirdest episode they just shock u again with the ideas :D:D:D:D
  • Since they make the shows in just 3 days, it's no surprise that Trey and Matt made a show about the election, I wonder if made a second version reverting the roles in case McCain had won...

    I guess this show was cleverly written, but if you take out the Randy plot, the whole show was pretty much unfunny, specially if you take in mind making a joke about Obama's family recent loss, but then again, that's the way this guys roll, it was an interesting reference to the Ocean Eleven's movies and the "twilight Zone" episode "the shelter" (did you get it?, that was a short, but cool one), if you put aside the O11 thing, we get a big long overdone "everyone it's in it" joke, but then again, it was a episode worth watching more than twice, and it will become classic for the mere fact that it shows very good the paranoia of the people reaction's to the election... I wonder if the guys had a second version of this episode reflecting a world where McCain won, that would be cool to see...I guess that would be a reason to buy the dvd of pretty much dissapointing season..
  • Wasn't really impressed

    I was not very impressed at all with this episode. There were a few funny parts but I didn't find this episode to be that good. I enjoyed the thought of the secret life of both candidates and the reference to Ocean's twelve(ish maybe eleven but whatever). I thought that it was somewhat entertaining but it is not one of my favorite south park episodes and not even why I watch the show. It made a somewhat interesting end of the campaign episode. Overall it was a mediocre episode that had a few laughs but overall I thought it was pretty average.
  • Couldn't have been any better!

    This episode will go down in history. To take the election and make it seem like a heist conspiracy just like Ocean's 11 is so unexpected yet so perfect. How McCain was so calm with his speech after losing, how everything that happened to Obama happened for a reason, and how everyone was in on the heist made this one the best South Park episodes to date. Showing how everyone reacted to the extreme, where Obama supporters are partying in the street and McCain supporters are trying to kill themselves. And then, come to find out, Ike was behind it the whole time too. To sum it up, everyone needs to watch this episode.
  • Post election mayhem!

    Now THIS is how you make fun of an election. It is even handed in its mocking of both parties and their voters. Also was a great send up of Ocean's 11. I loved their version of Palin with a Minnesota type accent till she is off stage and her voice completely changes.

    I loved the fact the Obama camp rioted, turned over cars and created chaos, while McCain people were so distraught they either hid in a shelter or tried to kill themselves.

    Randy steals the show again. His drunken rampage was hilarious. The ending was a perfect. The McCain people wake up and the world has not ended. They think well maybe things will be ok after all. Randy wakes up, had his TV stolen, is fired, and simply curses Obama because things didn't change. Now that is how you do politics in a cartoon. Both sides got mocked, and both got justice.
  • With Obama as president, his supporters take to the streets, causing major havoc, while the Mccain voters go suicidal, all while the president and familiar company steal a precious diamond.

    Hell yeah, this is exactly why this show is great, straight out making fun of everything. These new episodes have been great so far, and it defiantly should stay this strong. Stan Marsh had me LMAO all the way through, and the flawless parody of a movie I can't remember is insanely good. Obviously a great great episode. I envy those who know what movie this episode is parodying, because they will defiantly find this way more funnier. South Park is a show that I hopefully think will continue for as long as the Simpsons, and stay as controversial. "YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! OBAMA!!!!!!!!!"
  • Heists... I mean, change we can believe in.

    I knew that Trey and Matt would have a brilliant post-election episode, and they delivered above and beyond what I expected. First off, their satire of human absurdity was taken to new heights in this episode. It was great to see how childish people were acting following the election, whether it was the overzealous gloaters on the left or the depressed doomsayers on the right. Seriously people, the election is over. Let Obama take office and make some policy instead of going to extremes.

    As a fan of true crime and heist movies, I loved the diamond theft plot. It was not only a brilliant plan, but brilliantly surreal. The special twists and turns really added to the humor (Palin actually a brilliant British vixen, Barack and Michelle weren't really married, Ike was in on the job.) I'm still laughing.

    The only point where I cringed was the whole "Obama's grandmother faked her death" bit. A little inappropriate, but then again that's what they thrive on. So overall, this had to be one of the best shows they've done. Congratulations Trey and Matt. And congratulations Barack Obama. I'm proud to have you as our first master thief president.