South Park

Season 7 Episode 12

All About the Mormons?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

A new student joins the 4th grade. His name is Gary Harrison and he is from Utah. The kids decide that someone needs to kick the new kid's ass and Stan is chosen. Gary understands what Stan has to do and he is going to let him do it. Stan gets confused and returns to the other children telling him that he has an invitation to go to Gary's home for dinner. Stan goes to dinner and finds he is there for their "Family Home Evening," where the family does their best to entertain each other. There is music, singing, story telling, and other goings on. Then they plan to start reading scriptures from the book of Mormon. Stan is confused and the children insist that their father retell the story of Joseph Smith. That tale is retold with music and song "dum dum dum dum." Stan returns home and questions his religious upbringing. Randy Marsh decides he needs to go over the Harrison's house and kick some ass.Randy Marsh goes to the Harrison house to complain but he meets the family and they are just so nice to him. Realizing that Randy was concerned about their telling Stan about their religion, they assure him that they never intend to force their religion on anybody. Randy inquires about Joseph Smith and Mr. Harrison tells him of the further adventures of Joseph Smith and how he came to find the golden plates, which contain another testament of Jesus Christ "dum dum dum dum." Randy returns home, telling Sharon that he has invited the Harrisons over for dinner tomorrow evening. He also announces that the Marsh family are going to become Mormons. The other boys start to bust Stan's balls about his new relationship with Gary. The other boys leave and Stan asks more about Joseph Smith and Gary tells him the tale of how the book of Mormon was written from Smith's ability to translate the golden plates "dum dum dum dum."The Marsh family has their first "Family Home Evening" together and the Harrison's come over for dinner. Randy tells them that Stan is having a crisis of faith and Mr. Harrison tells them the best part of the Joseph Smith story, the one that proves he was for real. The tale of how publisher Martin Harris "dum dum dum dum" and his wife Lucy "smart smart smart smart" came to publish the book of Mormon is retold. The story only reveals to Stan that the Mormons believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet, despite the fact that Smith made it all up. The Harrisons are okay with Stan's decision. They leave the Marsh home and go on their merry Mormon way. The next morning at the bus stop, Stan rejoins his old friends. Gary arrives and justifies his choice of religion and points out Stan's shortcomings. He closes by telling Stan to "suck my balls."