South Park

Season 7 Episode 12

All About the Mormons?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • So right on

    I was cracking up at how accurate Stone and Parker were at portraying Mormons with this episode. There are a lot of Mormon kids at my high school, and no I don't live in Utah, and they act just like this. They are so ridiculously nice! (which is why about 80 percent of my friends are Mormon.) I've been over to their houses a few times, and they are just like the Mormons in the episode. They had a big family, they were all their together, we played some family games, and their shared all of their inside jokes. The Mormon religion is great, but I would never join it. I could never be so nice and happy ALL the time, it just seems like hard work. But it's just wonderful to know that I series like South Park would have an episode about some of the greatest people in my town.
  • A very accurate and funny portrayal of the most ridiculous religion to be followed by so many people. This episode contains animated events that are almost 100% historically accurate. Amazing parody.

    Hey seanny_db

    Matt Stone and Trey Parker hit mormonism on the head, you tard. Just because you are a brainwashed mormon that tries to deny all the factual evidence that proves your religion is a farce, just like all other religions, doesn't give you the right to come on a website and say that FACTS are wrong. Just because you don'g like what you hear, doesn't mean it's wrong. Do some research. What was portrayed in this episode was PURE 100% FACT. Joseph Smith was a well-known scam artist that got run out of many towns before running to Utah.
  • Being that i'm a mormon, and mormons are nothing like that, this epsisode was funny as crap! I loved it, and i love south park.

    Being that i'm a mormon, and mormons are nothing like that, this epsisode was funny as crap! I loved it, and i love south park. You guys are great. You rip on everyone, Jews, Mormons, Catholics, muslums, and so on. And from what i heard, Matt Stone (i think) grew up Jewish, and Trey Parker and/or Matt Stone grew up in Colorado around lots of Mormons. This is one of my most favorite episodes of all time. Very enjoyable.
  • The episode was funny and great to watch. even though it got the whole point of mormonism wrong.

    id just like to firstly point out that if your going to bash a religion get your facts straight first.
    joesph smith never had a chance to "run to utah" because he was murdered. Im sure you dont care but if your going to say things that you think your some expert on maybe you should do some more research. Also, The things potrayed in this television show do not make everything fact. Facts are proven statements not words written by "Comedy central" writers. What you write is complete inorance.

    The episode was good and got the basics of the religion it messed up on some things but it was to make it funny which acceptable considering its on comedy central.
  • Dum dum dum dum.

    In this episode a super happy Mormon Family comes to South Park and makes the Marsh Family Mormon, but Stan is confused about it and after he hears the completely unbelivable story of Joseph Smith [how stupid are these people if they beleive that]. The best part was that look at how Joseph Smith found the Book of Mormon and how great Trey did at writing this episode, dead on Mormon bashing.
  • I love this Episode! Ive watched it like 15 times and I never get sick of it!

    I love the ususal everone is stupid approach to the episode. For example: Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb! Throughout the whole episode. I didnt even notice thats what they were saying until. \\\" Lucy harris smart smart smart! Martin Harris Dumb!\\\" Although I dont know much about mormans, I think that the percepetion of them smiling all the time and laughing and being the perfect family (I\\\'m an alien! Well just what the heck am I?) is hillarious. I know a few mormans and they\\\'re nothing like that. And the ending was the greatest, becuase after bashing mormans to a pulp, they pointed out that although the story makes no sense, it still teaches good values, etc. etc.

    Sorry if any of you are mormans, I\\\'m ignorant about your religion and I\\\'m basing it off the overegaggerations of SP so... ya..
  • superb

    Stan makes friends with a new Mormon boy named Gary, and after hearing all about Mormons, Randy decides he and the Marsh family should become Mormons. But Stan is not sure if he wants to be a Mormon, or even if he wants to be friends with Gary.

    Good episode. I liked the moral of 'Maybe my religion does not make a lot of sense, but it works for me', as well as Gary telling Stan off at the end (and Cartman exclaiming that he is 'cool'). Good episode, I wish Gary was to be featured more in the series, him and his family were pretty hysterical throughout. Final grade- A- or so, I think is fair
  • 108th Episode

    Gary and his family seem like your normal everyday douche-bags to you, me and Cartman but they are in fact Mormons, a religion which, to Stan, first sounds cool, then sounds contradictoral, confusing and unbelievable.

    Cartman continuously referring to Stan and Gary as a couple just because Stan was the only one hanging out with Gary was pretty predictable considering the source but SP’s version of the tale of the Mormons was very funny and you can see why Stan has his doubts on the religion.

    The plot of this episode is very entertaining but the humour needs a little work because, despite a few hilarious scenes, there were very few times where I laughed out loud.
  • Another one of many "skeptical Stan" episodes, but this time someone finally puts him in his place!

    This show reminds me a lot of "The Simpsons" episode 'Homer's Enemy' where a person from reality ends up clashing with an entire dysfunctional world. This time in "South Park" a highly optimistic, caring, and loving family moves to the dysfunctional world of South Park and it's creeping everyone out. When Stan and Randy learn that the family is devout Mormons, it gives Randy the impression that the Marshes should be an optimistic loving Mormon family as well. However Stan learns more about Mormon beliefs through his awkward friendship with Gary, and becomes very skeptical about the Mormons beliefs. Truth be told Stan has had it with what Matt & Trey strictly portrays as "dum dum dum dum dum" and starts attacking the Harrisons' beliefs. Sounds like another Matt & Trey approach to attacking ridiculous viewpoints, right?

    However the next day at the bus stop, Gary confronts Stan for not being tolerant of others' faiths and for being rude to him and his family concluding with the popular South Park request "suck my balls".

    A lot of people who are passing this off as another religion-bashing episode probably turned off their TVs before seeing that bus stop scene that put everything into perspective. This is one of few episodes were both sides of a differing issues are negatively exposed. I think it teaches a good lesson about respecting others faiths as well as accepting the fact that there are families out there who devote themselves to God and find optimism in a dysfunctional world. I've seen alot of people treat christians like jerks because they think that christians are trying to push their faith on them. There's a huge difference between sharing faith and pushing faith. Arguing with others about their chosen beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they may be, will not make you the better person.

    I wish there were more episodes like this. I get really tired of seeing another episode where Stan becomes skeptical and annoyed about what's going on.
  • this episode was funny and coming from a mormon i was not the least offended. i know people think were weird, it was fun to watch anyway.

    I wanted to say something about this show since i'm a 'Mormon' myself. I thought some things were accurate, however, exaggerated cuz that's the "south park way" but I did enjoy watching it. The public has an obscured view on Mormonism which doesn't make it easy as everyone thinks u have 12 moms. In reality You come across mormons daily and would never know it. I did like the end when he tells stan off at the bus stop. Cuz that's how it is, as soon as u tell someone ur mormon they just can't seem to get past it.
  • Excellent for a history lesson

    We were learning about the mormons in history GCSE and a freind of mine suggested to the teacher that we watch this episode of south park becasue it was all about the mormons , so the teacher found it on the internet and we all watched, he was impressed with it, not with the swearing but with the explanation of the history and the facts about mormons life back then, i think i've learnt most about the mormons from this episode then i ever have from books or listening to the teacher talk. reccomened as a watch, for education or for fun ! i also liked the part where stan left his freidns for a while to learn about a whole different religion/ lifestyle
  • Informative... and hilarious!

    I have to admit, when I saw this episode, not only was I laughing around every corner but I was thinking "dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb," myself. Now according to Wikipedia, there are a few inaccuracies, but on the whole... they nailed this one! In this episode a new (Mormon) family moves into South Park and their son, Gary, enrolls in South Park Elementary. The boys elect Stan to give the kid a "hazing" but before completing the job Gary invites him to dinner at his house where Stan learns all about the Mormons. This episode was not only hilarious, but really informative about the religion. I loved the wife of Martin Harris... "smart, smart, smart, smart, smart." If you haven't seen it yet, check it out!
  • Society is crappy and unaccepting

    As fate would have it, this episode happen to discuss the topics of religion of which I am involved with, or were raised upon. So it gets some of the stuff pretty right on, like some of the families are sometimes way too loving, but they are very happy people. What they don't portray (and should of) is the extreme views some mormons have on homosexuals, which Matt and Trey could of taken advantage of. However, they did set out to tell things like it was, and it's that mormons are shunned by a general population just for their beliefs, and believe it or not, most mormons are very accepting and loving people. But when the boys of south park treat a boy from the mormon family like sh*t, even when the boy is all accepting and loving, it only confirms the fact that how crappy society really is.

    The episode has its weak points and seems to go off the deep end in spots, including the scene when the family shows up with paint on their faces (What's with that, I don't get it), but this show is known for being politically correct, and for most of the episode, it truly is.
  • Being mormon, I wasn't offended by this- mostly becuase matt & stone got everything wrong, and the mormon family was so unrealistically uber-mormon.

    To say that they got EVERYTHING wrong isn't quite true- they got the basics, but they left out some incredibly important details. I'll spare you, however, because I'm completely sure that you don't care.

    Although the musical scenes were INCREDIBLY annoying, and matt&stone either heard these stories from complete idiots or twisted them to meet their ends, this episode managed to crack me up BECAUSE of these things.

    And that's the magic of South Park. But what redeemed all the stupidity of the warped versions of classic "mormon stories" was Gary's rebuttle for stan's outburst (the cause of which was the Most incorrectly told story out of all of them), becuase that's almost exactly what I say to the Anti-mormons that I know: If you don't like it, leave it. Seriously.
  • Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb. After the hilariously absurd and good ol' South Park brilliance of Casa Bonita, we get this piece of painful preachiness.

    Okay, okay, we get it, Stan should of just respected Gary for who he was and not his religion, and Matt and Trey think Mormonism is stupid. Do they really need to shove these ideas done our throats so painfully obviously and preachy? Once again, Stan makes one of his painful speeches at the end of the episode about how people need evidence to back their stories up, as Mormonism lacked. Can it get any worse? Oh, yeah. We also are treated to an episode almost completely empty of humor, a ridiculously "dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb" re-occuring theme that couldn't be any MORE obvious about its message, and yet ANOTHER, equally painful preachy speech at the end of the episode by Gary. Right when that "sad speech" music plays before the character sums up the episode to make sure we GET it, my eyes go rolling...
  • Just a stupid way to insult the Mormons. Not recommended.

    A new Mormon familiy moves to town and befriends Stan's family. To me, this episode is just a lame way to insult Mormons. The "history lessons songs" here that make fun of "Schoolhouse Rock" cartoons from the 1970s might be only 34% true, refer to the Wikipedia or your U.S. History book for the truth. I don't really believe what Randy said about Mormons and their beliefs; I'm gonna go do some research about those people. I'm pretty sure that people who are living under a rock and have seen this episode will develop negative sterotypes of Mormons. So don't watch this; more worthwhile eps can be found in the first 74 episodes (that is seasons 1-the first half of season 5) of South Park.
  • An episode about Mormon's? This ranks up there with Cancelled as the worst Season 7 episode ever. When a Mormon family move to South Park, Stan is encouraged to beat him up, but chickens out when he and his dad become friends with them... WHAT THE HELL! D

    If there has to be a worst South Park episode ever, it has to be this one. No laughs, no controversial scenes, it just feels like a completely different show. A blind martian would have a better job at making an episode as worse as this one, DO NOT WATCH!