South Park

Season 7 Episode 12

All About the Mormons?

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Another one of many "skeptical Stan" episodes, but this time someone finally puts him in his place!

    This show reminds me a lot of "The Simpsons" episode 'Homer's Enemy' where a person from reality ends up clashing with an entire dysfunctional world. This time in "South Park" a highly optimistic, caring, and loving family moves to the dysfunctional world of South Park and it's creeping everyone out. When Stan and Randy learn that the family is devout Mormons, it gives Randy the impression that the Marshes should be an optimistic loving Mormon family as well. However Stan learns more about Mormon beliefs through his awkward friendship with Gary, and becomes very skeptical about the Mormons beliefs. Truth be told Stan has had it with what Matt & Trey strictly portrays as "dum dum dum dum dum" and starts attacking the Harrisons' beliefs. Sounds like another Matt & Trey approach to attacking ridiculous viewpoints, right?

    However the next day at the bus stop, Gary confronts Stan for not being tolerant of others' faiths and for being rude to him and his family concluding with the popular South Park request "suck my balls".

    A lot of people who are passing this off as another religion-bashing episode probably turned off their TVs before seeing that bus stop scene that put everything into perspective. This is one of few episodes were both sides of a differing issues are negatively exposed. I think it teaches a good lesson about respecting others faiths as well as accepting the fact that there are families out there who devote themselves to God and find optimism in a dysfunctional world. I've seen alot of people treat christians like jerks because they think that christians are trying to push their faith on them. There's a huge difference between sharing faith and pushing faith. Arguing with others about their chosen beliefs, no matter how ridiculous they may be, will not make you the better person.

    I wish there were more episodes like this. I get really tired of seeing another episode where Stan becomes skeptical and annoyed about what's going on.