South Park

Season 1 Episode 5

An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • Kyle try to get a pig to makes with his elephant.

    Kyle gets an elephant, but his parents won't let him keep it because it is too big. Mr. Garrison gives a lecture on genetic engineering, which gives Kyle the idea of making a pot-bellied elephant by splicing the genes of his elephant with a pot bellied pig. Terrence bets that he can clone a human before Kyle can make his animal. Kyle and the boys go to the South Park Genetic Engineering Ranch, where they meet a Mephesto. Mephesto takes some blood from Stan, which Terrence uses to make a clone. Chef tells the boys that in order to make a pot-bellied elephant, the elephant would have to make love to a pig. The boys get the animals drunk, and the deed is done, but the Stan clone, starts wreaking havoc on South Park. I thought this episode was great. I liked/laughed "You get your b*** @$$ to the kitchen!Go get me some pie!" Kyle calling his elephant the re***ed thing, the special ed bus, Kenny's reaction when the old man came, the boys exploring the place, the old man singing that lover boy song, Cartman throwing the foot to a kid's foot, Cartman saying something about a girl kicking his @$$, the song, Stan clone destroying the city, the microwave killing Kenny, and the ending.. My score is lower because I thought Shelley was being annoying and mean to Stan in this episode.
  • An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig

    The Good:

    -"Genetic engineering lets you correct God's horrible, horrible mistakes - like German people."

    -Mr. Garrison sees Stan's black eye and tries to lend a sympathetic ear when Stan says there are troubles at home. However, when Stan confesses that the black eye was obtained from his sister, Mr. Garrison gets angry and kicks Stan out of his classroom.

    The Bad:

    -The issue of genetic engineering crops up, but it is more of a background than central focus of the episode.
  • great

    Kyle wants to clone his elephant with Cartman's pig to make an elephant-pig. A rival classmate clones Stan. The deed is done with the elephant-pig, but now Stan's clone is going through South Park, making it Hell for everyone (especially his sister). Can the clone be stopped?

    Weird episode but also pretty good. Some of it bored me but overall it was a nice episode to watch and laugh at. So my final grade is a B- or so. Not the best episode ever, not at all, but a nice episode to watch. Funny with a decent plot. Just great
  • A strange episode indeed.

    Wow this episode is much stranger than the first few ones.... but it's fantastic! For their science project the boys try to get a pig and an elephant to make love, and see what theeir baby looks like. But another kid tries to beat it by cloning people, with the help of his crazy mad scientist father, Mephisto. The kid eventually makes a clone of Stan but it comes out wrong and runs round south park causing havoc. This episode would have scored 8.5 but I watched the other few episodes in this series and realized just how good south park really is....
  • "Well, spank my ass and call me Charlie, isn't this exciting. Two A+ students in a cloning war."

    Kyle gets the brilliant idea to genetically engineer pot-bellied elephants so he can have an elephant as a pet, but is disappointed to find that pig and elephant DNA won't splice. Chef suggests getting the animals drunk so they can make love and produce their own offspring. Meanwhile, Stan's genetic clone is wreaking havoc on South Park. Even spliced together, these elements feel like different stories running through the same episode, and it never achieves a completely cohesive feel, although parts of it are certainly funny. Kenny's death is particularly well-done in this episode (no pun intended), but it is the highlight of an otherwise mediocre journey.
  • Not really the greatest episode.. but you have to remember that it's before Season Four.. the Season that made things great. Warning: Contains spoilers fo sho.

    This episode wasn't really the greatest addition to the first season of South Park. But, you have to remember that it was before Season Four, a season that got South Park to the right track. The humor in this episode is very dull and not very funny, but it's an okay episode. As a South Park fan, I still enjoyed this episode and the historical landmark it made on the series.

    Kyle, Kenny, and Stan wants to make small elephants by having an elephant mate with a potbelly pig, but Cartman is a little worried. This ends up being successful, but with one drawback.

    I enjoyed this episode. I'm glad that the latest episodes aren't as bad as this, but I still enjoyed this episode.
  • An underappreciated but still quality episode from the King of Laughs; South Park.

    In it; Kyle can't keep his new elephant at home because it's too big. After learning about genetic engineering in class, however, he finds a solution to his problem: splice the genes from his elephant with Cartman's pot-bellied pig to produce miniature pet elephants. After genetical engineer Dr. Mephisto tells them it's impossible; Chef says they should try to get them to do the "Mattress Mambo". When Dr. Mephisto genetically clones Stan into a giant monster; it looks like Stan can get revenge on his abusive sister. This is probably the first episode where the ending isn't totally clear from the beginning unlike the previous 5 episodes which were chronically predictable; this one is a little more complex and hence a lot more interesting.

    The humour is quite inconsistent; Chef, Dr. Mephisto and the giant Stan are very funny but some lame, immature exchanges and the graphic physical abuse inflicted onto Stan has no place being in a show designed to make us laugh. At this point of the show; Stan and Kyle were basically interchangeable as they shared the same traits and often the same opinions but giving Stan his own story is an attempt to set him apart from his friend and make him a populer character in himself just as the same for Cartman was done effortlessly.

    But sadly his slightly weak and flat sub - plot of him and his sister just doesn't do his character justice and he remains the standard straight guy of the group. It's as if the writers know that Cartman will steal whatever scene he's in so they've allocated him some pretty awful material as if to shift the focus onto Stan but by doing so they've made the two prominent characters fairly unappealing to watch. With this episode we meet mad scientist Dr. Mephisto who became a hit, recurring character thanks to memorable early appearences such as this one; the poor guy's been unofficially killed off with no speaking appearences since Season 4. The animation is still very crude and is swimming with continuity errors. Thankfully the show accept's it's limitations and doesn't aim too high. I've always been astounded on how realistic the kid's voices sound; you'd never guess that it's just two 30 - year old guys who use computers to alter their pitch. Trey Parker does a credible Marlon Brando impression as Dr. Mephisto, Mary Kay Bergman gets into the beastly sister Shelly as it's one of the only female characters in this episode and Isaac Hayes is at his smoothest as Chef.

    While it's not perfect; An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig really consolidates the crude yet charming nature of the show.
  • Don't say the h'word at school!

    When the boys are in the lunch line. Cartman talks nasty to Pip. I think it's funny that he said the h'word because I did that when I was in 5th grade and my mom got phone call from my teacher about it. I said that my cat was going to kill the h--l out of a teacher that I hated at school when we were all sitting in our seats quietly. My mom talked to me about saying the h'word that day after I came down with a headache and I barfed when she came and picked me up. The next morning before I went to school, my dad had the same talk that my mom had with me about saying the h'word and I never said it at school again.
  • Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

    One crude episode of South Park is usually dumb, overreacted or just boring as hell but this episode is satisfactory. This episode introduces the genetic engineer of South Park that lives in the mountain and makes you laugh. I don't remember what the Genetic Engineer and his little friend are actually called but all I rememember is seeing little evidence of "actual real genetic engineering". Not one of my favourite Season One episodes, but this small treat of laughter from the original season of South Park makes you chuckle with it's neat little story line and small, tall and fat characters.
  • A interest episode, with great qualities.

    This episode was amazing, the humor was amazing. The jokes were serious but hilarious at the same time.

    The plot was a bit strange, yet they amde it sooo funny. This plot made you wonder, what will happen in the end? Its genius.

    This also debut a few qualities about Chef. This episode makes Chef feel the main character. As you will know his singing skills and woman skills. Which will be used for the series later on for comedy and plot manners.

    This also debuts Dr. Mephisto. Who will play a important role further into the series. I gave it a 9.1 since I tought it was rushed.

    Other then that, this episode will knock your socks out.
  • A consistently funny episode.

    This episode is probably one of the first from South Park to "go there" on the subject of genetic engineering. I thought this episode had an excellent plot, a truly ingenious idea (Pot-Bellied Elephants) and some of the best lines in the whole series, e.g Cartman's stance on women. This episode introduced Stan's parents, which I am really glad happened because if it didn't we wouldn't have any Randy Marsh goodness. The episode is definitely one I would watch again for many reasons, all the things listed before and also the hilarious Kenny dying in a microwave this episode... classic.
  • Unpopular, but hilarious nonetheless

    This is a very unpopular episode, though I can’t see why. It isn’t on the level of any of their later masterpieces, but it’s an average Season One episode, and Season One is pretty damn good in my opinion. Cartman’s constant woman-bashing started to get old after a few jokes, but then he really hit the note in the end. Yet again, this is a Stan episode, and Stan’s three episodes thus far have not lived up to Cartman’s two. But this was a pretty good installment, and Stan’s clone was particularly hilarious.
  • The power of Genetic Engineering!

    Just another odrinary day in South Park !
    Children learn in school about genetic engineering and Stan goes in open war with his classmate ! His classmate is Doctor Mephesto's son , a genetic engineer, and he will creat a clone of Stan while Stan tries to spice pigs and elephants DNA to create a small elephants or pig pigs ( but his main goal is the first thing because he wants to have an elephant as a pet). The problem is that Cartman is an owner of a pig and he won't allow it. Stan is having a hard time at home as his sister molest him and beats him up.
    Everythin is just a part of growning up in South Park!
  • With genetic engineering we can correct all of God\'s horrible mistakes, like German people.

    In this episode the boys try to crossbreed Kyles Elephant with Cartmans potbellied pig. Also Dr Mephisto clones Stan but it goes insane. Funney episode yadda yadda yadda... best quotes...

    (Watching an elephant have sex with a pig)
    Chef: Now I know how all those white women must have felt.

    Cartman: Why don't you go back to San Fransisco with the rest of the Jews?
    Kyle: There aren't any Jews in San Fransisco, retard!

    Cartman: If a girl pulled that with me I'd be like: "Hey! Why don't you start dressing me up like a mailman and making me dance for you while you go smoke crack and have sex with some guy in my dad's bed"!
    Kyle: Dude, what the hell are you talking about?
    Cartman: I'm just saying Stan's a wuss is all

    Kyle: The next time Shelly is going to hit you tell her: "Shelly, your my sister and I love you."
    Kenny: And I want to take off your bra.
    Stan: Sick dude! She's my sister.
    Kyle: Try it!
  • This was the first episode I ever say, and I loved it!

    Stan's sister keeps beating him up. Meanwhile, Kyle gets a elephant. He wants to beat the other kids in the science fair. He bets the group of kids he can cross breed a elephant and a pot-bellied pig before they can clone a human. The boys go to Dr. Mephesto for help. Mephesto takes some of Stan's blood and they run away. He uses the blood to help his son (the kid trying to beat Kyle) clone the human. The clone is a monster and starts tearing up the city. stan gets blamed. The boys find the clone and take it to Stan's house so it'll beat up Shelly. However, Shelly beats it up and then Mephesto kills it. Before Stan is blamed for everything, Shelly covers for him, saying she did it.
  • Early South Park. Gotta love it.

    It's not fair to try to compare the early episodes to the new ones. But it's hard not to.

    Seeing this episode again for perhaps the millionth time has revealed a lot of great moments, even if the plot was a little ridiculous. Personally, I really like the introduction of Mephisto and his little monkey-like friend Kevin. There are a lot of good one-liners in this episode.

    If making mutant genetic clones is crazy, then... uh... well, never mind.

    There's nothing worse then getting all drunk and waking the next morning next to a pig... or a big fat elephant.

    Over here we have swiss cheese spliced with chalk and a beard.

    This episode was also one of the first to tackle an issue. That being the issue of genetics. In 1997, cloning was a big issue, what with Dolly the sheep and all that. This is evidence of what the show would eventually become.
  • Kyle attempts to cross-breed a pig and an elephant, and Stan's sister keeps beating him up.

    This is a very good episode, mayeb one of the top 5 of the first season. The whole idea is pretty funny about how Kyle wants to cross breed the two animals and then Stan gets his butt kicked by Shelley continuously. Then the part with the Mutant Stan in the end is very funny also I think. The episode was origanlly called "An Elephant F--ks a Pig" but Comedy Central changed it for obvious reasons. Overall an exciting episode with lots of funny moments and sayings. Dr. Mephesto the crazy Genetic Engineer from the hill is introduced in this episode.
  • This was the first episode I had ever seen. Kyle gets into a cloning war and Stan's sister Shelly keeps beating him up.

    Stan comes over to the boys at the bus stop. they ask him where he got his black eye and he says his sister. Cartman says that he would never let a woman beat him up. In class, Kyle and this other kid (don't remember who,) both decide to clone something. Kyle is going to try and cross breed a elephant with a potbellied pig, and the other kid is going to clone a whole human being. Kenny, Kyle, Stan, & Cartman go to get some help from Dr. Mephesto. Dr. Mephesto takes some of Stan's blood and they run away. Stan goes home, while Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman go to get Kyle's elephant and Cartman's pig drunk, so they will have sex and make babies. Shelly beats up Stan again and he says he will get her back. Meanwhile, Dr. Mephesto has created a mutant clone of stan for his son (who is that other kid in the cloning war against Kyle,) but he wants to kill it. The boy lets it escape and it starts destroying the town. Meanwhile, Kyle's elephant and Cartman's pig had had sex, but when the boys learned it could take a few dys to know if the pig is pregant, they are mad. Stan's clone starts destroying the town, and everyone blames Stan. Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny find the clone and take him to Stan's house, where they were going to get him to beat up Shelly. But, Shelly beats up the clone, and Dr. Mephesto shoots it. everyone blames Stan, but Shelly says it was her to save Stan. At the end, Shelly still beats up Stan. *Kenny dies when he is knocked into the microwave.*
  • Read more....

    Kyle has a pet elephant and complains about it being too large so they get his new elephant to have babies with Cartman's potbellied pig, so that they can have smaller elephants in the future, plus Stan gets beat up by his older sister, Shelly. The whole elephant having babies with a pig is just gold. Thanks Matt and Trey for another wonderful episode!
  • It's ok to be gay?

    Again the show is funny at its best when they
    Poke fun at either Kenny and to a lesser degree
    The British boy named Pip! The show gives Stan a
    Lesson in being gay and how it is fun and "ok"
    To be gay. Very funny show despite not agreeing with
    The subject at hand!
  • Kyle attempts to get his pet elephant to make love with Cartman's potbellied pig to win a science contest.

    This episode is kind of silly and stupid, but it's still worth watching. The entire "an elephant makes love to a pig" thing is kind of really dumb. However, the episode does have its strong points, most notably with the whole sub-plot of Stan's older sister, Shelly, hitting him. That is the gold of the episode. Cartman's remarks about what he would do if a woman hit him are just outrageous. When the clone of Stan runs rampant on the town, the episode kind of falters but is able to get back to its funny-self again. All-in-all a decent episode, but way too stupid.
  • 5th Episode

    This episode was good, but not great, Mephesto indeed being one crazy dude. The plot of the episode is quite disturbing, with, as the title of the episode, suggests, the boys get an elephant to make love to a pig after DNA splicing is proven impossible for the two creatures. The end is very funny, the piglet having Mr Garrison's face, a classic South Park twist.

    I never liked Shelly as a character (and it's not one of those characters you love to hate - she's just annoying) so that part of the episode wasn't enjoyable and the DNA-altered Stan wasn't very entertaining either but the episode still passes as good.
  • It’s science project time in Mr. Garrison’s class, and chaos ensues. This is a very funny episode with a laughable plot.

    Cartman works with Mephiesto to make a crossbreed of a pig and elephant for his science project, when another science project from Mr. Garrison’s class – an evil clone of Stan – wreaks havoc on the town. This is one of the funnier episodes from season one, which otherwise had to stay away from anything offensive because in 1997 it was less acceptable. There even was a satire of Elton John and a love song. In addition, Stan’s “evil twin” is a very funny and enjoyable character. Forget empty, unappealing episode from season 1 like “Volcano” – this is South Park to its best potential.
  • Elephant makes love....

    This was a classic of South Park, and the one that kids at my high school loved to quote endlessly. Despite those memories it proves to be a strong episode on repeat viewing, complete with a spot-on impersonation of Elton John and another "I can't believe he said it" line from Chef. (God bless Isaac Hayes. There's a man who's willing to trade the appearance of dignity in exchange for making people laugh, and you have to love him for it.)

    In comparison to the later episodes this one (like many of the early episodes) seems a bit stilted, a bit unsure of itself. But it's an important bit of the South Park canon, and a worthwhile (and funny) twenty minutes.
  • An Unoriginal Episode With A Dumb Story And Hardly Any Jokes.

    An Unoriginal Episode With A Dumb Story And Hardly Any Jokes.

    - Funny pig and elephant sex scene
    - Good tension between Shelly and Stan
    - Handicapped Bus

    - Stupid and boring storyline for the episode
    - Stupid clone character
    - Mephisto's son and his friends are annoying
    - Cartman's voice is annoying
    - Too stupid to watch more than once
  • Good episode from early on

    This was one of the classic first season episodes of South Park, and the one that kids at my high school loved to quote endlessly. Despite those memories it proves to be a strong episode on repeat viewing, complete with a spot-on impersonation of Elton John and another "I can't believe he said it" line from Chef. (God bless Isaac Hayes. There's a man who's willing to trade the appearance of dignity in exchange for making people laugh, and you have to love him for it.)

    In comparison to the later episodes this one (like many of the early episodes) seems a bit stilted, a bit unsure of itself. But it's an important bit of the South Park canon, and a worthwhile (and funny) twenty minutes.