South Park

Season 3 Episode 16

Are You There God, It's Me Jesus

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 29, 1999 on Comedy Central

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  • Are you there God? It's me Jesus

    This episode is just too boring and it doesn't hold any of your attention even when it is taking the piss out of people that believe in the guy called Jesus (Christians, is it?). The people of South Park are annoyed because Jesus - who is not actually Jesus, he is just a guy from down the road - will not tell them what is going to happen at teh new millenium (2000).
    This episode in the third season of South Park is probably one of the most boring piss-take un-laughable episodes. Dissapointing and out of this world.
    >:( A boring episode.
  • Not my cup of tea.

    It might just be because it was after the best episode in the whole series, but it didn't wuite live up to my expectations. The boys getting their period was funny at first, ,but it got very old after Kenny died. Stan taking hormones was just weird and the whole episode just seemed a bit off. Jesus learnt a valuable lesson and we were all introduced to God, who looks a bit like a Yowie of some sort. Rod Stewart was pretty funny in this episode, he just keeps on pooping his pant. Coming to a close of reviewing Season 3, looks like this is the best one yet!
  • A South Park New Years special!

    They boys and everyone else is getting ready for New Years in South Park, where Jesus is asked what he has planned at this big New Milennium. He makes some calls, and gets Rod Stewart to perform at New Orleans! The people are very pleased with this. Meanwhile, Cartman claims that he is now reached manhood as he has just gotten his first periodm then later Kenny see blood come out of his ass too! Kyle worries that he won't get his period, so he lies about it. Stan is the only one, who tries desperately to get his period. Then God tells him that he is a man and they do not get periods.
  • haha hillariouse!!! frickin kenny dies of blatter ecploding because he shoved tampons up his ass haha that the funiest thing ever!!

    Haha this was defintly a really good one i loved the way kenny died haha i knew it was going to happen. And hoe they have a clubhouse of nly people with periods haha its so frickin funny they did a good job on trying to make this episode funny. also God comes down and grants one answer to any question in the world and cartmen asks when he\'ll get his period hahahahahahah what guy
  • I have nothing but neverending praise for any use of one of my favorite South Park characters: Dr. Mephisto. This is a great character, even from his very first appearance.

    I have nothing but neverending praise for any use of one of my favorite South Park characters: Dr. Mephisto. This is a great character, even from his very first appearance. Later in the series, it is revealed that Mephisto is a Marlon Brando look alike. Even better.

    As for the episode itself, it is very good. Jesus storylines are always great because of the way that Trey and Matt play with his nature. In South Park, Jesus is the REAL Jesus. I find this concept incredibly hilarious, and was sad to see Jesus get killed in "Red Sleigh Down."

    One of my favorite lines in South Park comes from God in this episode:

    "Yea, like John Travolta before you, you are making a comeback."

  • One of South Parks funniest episodes.

    I remember seeing this episode for the first time in 8th grade. What made me laugh the most was Rod Stewart...and of course... the boys little "friends"....which were actually stomach viruses. I also like how they had a little club, it was actually really cute. Cartman - "Im the goddess of earthly delights"
    ahahahah, wow. This will make anyone laugh.
  • Another great episode of the classic Season 3. Cartman convinces Stan, Kyle, and Kenny that he got his period and God is going to visit the town of South Park.

    A sickness is going around and Cartman has it. However, he thinks that he got his period. He tells Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Stan then becomes jealous when Kenny gets the sickness. Kyle wants to fit in and lies and says he got his period too. Stan asks God why he hasn't had his period. Meanwhile, the people of South Park are losing faith in Jesus. God tells Jesus that he will come down to South Park for the mullieum. Stan is sad that God hasn't answered his prayers. When God comes down, he says he will answer one question. Stan asks God why he hasn't got his period. God explains about the sickness and Kyle lying. Then he leaves. The people of South Park are mad at Stan for wasting their question and attack him.
  • Very funny show IMO!

    I just laughed until I just cried with tears of
    Laughter at this show about Stan going through puberty as
    Cartman is bleeding really badly and that he thinks that he
    Is having his period. Kyle lies about his "period" while Kenny thinks he may have his.
    It is funny to see Stan growing a beard all because he took that medicine stuff!
  • This is mediocre

    This storyline involves how Cartman didn't get his period so he can't go to God's Rod Stwart concert. I didn't like this episode very much. The Rod Stwart rendition was more stupid than funny, and th rest of the episode doesn't show true SP spirit. If you wanna watch south park watch another episode like "South Park is Gay" or "Cartman's Mom..."