South Park

Season 15 Episode 8

Ass Burgers (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on Comedy Central
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Cartman finds a unique way of coping with Asperger's Syndrome. Even Kyle and Kenny are on board. Meanwhile, Stan can't seem to get his life back to normal no matter what he tries. Will anything ever be the same in South Park again?

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  • The ending seems like it's the conclusion of the series.

    There are reasons why I say that:

    1. Stan started saying about turning a new leaf.

    2. Randy and Sharon finally got back together, meaning things just turned back to normal.

    3. Cartman Burger just shut down, due to everyone learning what the secret ingredient was.

    4. Randy finally got rid of all his "Steamy Ray Vaughn" stuff.

    5. Stan and Wendy are together again (which was nice).

    6. Stan finally reunited with his best friends, which make this a good ending.

    Anyways, I always thought that this episode was gonna be about Bipolar Disorder instead of Asperger's. This was a good episode, but to me, this is literally the series finale of South Park.moreless
  • No Need to Freak Out

    I was looking at some of the comments on the South Park Studios website where people really got offended about how the portrayed Aspergers Syndrome. I actually have Aspergers and I wasn't offended. Yes, they pretty much portrayed those with Aspergers as complete social ***s who weren't smart enough to understand the rules of society, but to be honest, in my experience, that's what a lot of people see it as.

    I used to go to school in this really small town in the middle of nowhere where there were very few people living there and there were only about thirty kids to a grade. As to be expected, the teachers had never had to deal with a child with Aspergers before or even knew what Aspergers was. As far as they were concerned, Aspergers was a synonym for "***ed" and that was how I was treated. I was often given either special treatment or was treated like I was completely stupid. Of course other children picked up on this and I was constantly bullied. I no longer live in this area and now in school, I get treated pretty much just like anyone else. However, sometimes outside of school, family and friends if I tell someone I have Aspergers, I sometimes get a look like I just gave them a free Pepsi, watched them drink it and then told them "I'm HIV positive and that Pepsi had my HIV positive blood mixed in it". (Yes, I know HIV can't be transferred that way, but a lot of other people don't. Also, I know this isn't about me, this is about the episode. Feel free to PM me a flame message, this is probably the first time in years I've used this account and I'm probably not gonna use it again for a long

    I actually did laugh at Cartman thinking Aspergers was "ass burgers" because I made a very similar mistake when I was in the second grade. The thing that really cracked me up though was Stan being drunk. I don't know why, but I just find drunk people funny, even in real life. (No The Marshes getting back together was kind of a let down. I mean, Stan started hyping people up about exciting new adventures and how change is good and stuff like that and then all of a sudden everything goes back to the way it was before, only now Stan is an alcoholic. If that wasn't a buzz kill, I don't know what is.

    And about the vaccination thing, I think that's a bunch of crap. All science suggests that, like mental ***ation and what sexuality you are, the development of any form of Autism happens before you are born. There is no connection between vaccines and Autism and to me, saying that your child developed Autism through vaccines is the same thing as saying your child is "ruined". By this, I mean they were perfectly fine until you gave them the vaccine and now your perfect child is "ruined". You may think you are perfectly justified in what you think, but before you go on a crusade against vaccines, think about how your child may interpret this ten or twenty years down the line.

    I give this an eight point five. The buzz kill at the end and the vaccination thing kind of ruined it a bit for me, but it was still a good episode.moreless
  • Apparently the first alcoholic to post

    This episode was sadly funny for those of us who actually are alcoholic. It was spot on, biting humor that directly reflected what addiction is and the reasons behind it. Naturally, that kind of thing goes over most people's heads (Especially since every teenager and frat boy who can hold down 4 beers decided to start calling themselves an 'alcoholic'). I don't know if matt or trey have been down that road, but i can guarantee someone involved in the writing of this shit has.

    that's also why this episode is brilliant. they took a humorous look at what many of us cowardly refer to as a disease (i disagree, for personal reasons). they also left that aspect of the episode as a sidenote, filling the rest of the screentime with their usual antics all while simultaneously exploring the causes, results and implications of dramatic changes. plus i think they hit some other issues that i forgot.

    the point is, these guys managed to find humor - true humor - in some of the most depressing subjects of day to day life. for that, i give them kudos.moreless
  • South Park tells you the fan to 'F' off and like it or else get drunk.

    The episode could have been saved had Stan just sparked up a joint at the end instead, but nope it had to be commercial for Jameson, (which is odd super-liminal product placement b/c their commercials are always on during the CC breaks) which might be a joke on Jameson, but it ended up feeling like real product placement on purpose like most movies do today.

    Look if you see everything as 'sh*t' alchool will just always make it worse. Of course at first it seems better but by that fifth drink you are just as much a piece of shit as all the shit you hated b/c alchool is a major depressant and not an all natural upper.

    My friend died mere hours after watching "Your Getting Older", so to say the least this episode was more powerful for me b/c South Park was one of his all time fav's.

    It felt like it was so much more relevant at the time, like everything was ending for a reason and the coincidences began to pile up between my friends passing and SP's 'passing'.

    So instead of giving us a real second chapter we get silly wackiness and a "What, did you really think we were actually going to be bold and try something new, fu*k you and f*ck that.. derka derka."

    Sure it had some great laughs b/c after all it is a comedy show but this episode truly is my least favorite.

    Matt and Trey are calling you all idiots with this one, b/cthis episode is a real joke on the fans and most people don't get it at all.

    In interviews they might say the still love the show, but they don't, they simplylove money. Andthus they finally decided to take a shit in your face, or your mom's face, or duck prez's face, or... a ...fuck you b/c you won't catch the subtext, you loser zombie TV viewers."

    Matt and Trey I hear you loud and clear: "Fuck You Audience, you are stupid, we are mega rich b/c of you, we laugh at you, and you fell for are ratings ploy! Anybody with a sound comedy mind could write this crap and yet we are rich and you still live in a dumpster, you suckers. We all know you will over analyze this and compare us to Plato and talk about how genius we are! So tune in next week to see who Cartman poops on you f'n morons!

    As for this fan maybe I'm just getting older but "Getting Older" will always be the final episode of SP for me.

    I spark up a joint b/c I know it's all B.S. too, fu&k getting drunk that's where most of the B.S. comes from, that negative drunk gredy intrinsicly evil place in our souls.moreless
  • More serious than usual for South Park, but I consider both parts classic.

    I really enjoyed the metaphors that this episode contained. It comedically justified why some people who may be feeling depressed turn to substance abuse. Seeing that everything ended up being fine was a huge sigh of relief for me, as well as most of the South Park community, considering how Ass Burgers, Part 1 ended. All in all a great episode with high replay value.
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