South Park

Season 15 Episode 8

Ass Burgers (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 05, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • The ending seems like it's the conclusion of the series.

    There are reasons why I say that:

    1. Stan started saying about turning a new leaf.

    2. Randy and Sharon finally got back together, meaning things just turned back to normal.

    3. Cartman Burger just shut down, due to everyone learning what the secret ingredient was.

    4. Randy finally got rid of all his "Steamy Ray Vaughn" stuff.

    5. Stan and Wendy are together again (which was nice).

    6. Stan finally reunited with his best friends, which make this a good ending.

    Anyways, I always thought that this episode was gonna be about Bipolar Disorder instead of Asperger's. This was a good episode, but to me, this is literally the series finale of South Park.
  • No Need to Freak Out

    I was looking at some of the comments on the South Park Studios website where people really got offended about how the portrayed Aspergers Syndrome. I actually have Aspergers and I wasn't offended. Yes, they pretty much portrayed those with Aspergers as complete social ***s who weren't smart enough to understand the rules of society, but to be honest, in my experience, that's what a lot of people see it as.

    I used to go to school in this really small town in the middle of nowhere where there were very few people living there and there were only about thirty kids to a grade. As to be expected, the teachers had never had to deal with a child with Aspergers before or even knew what Aspergers was. As far as they were concerned, Aspergers was a synonym for "***ed" and that was how I was treated. I was often given either special treatment or was treated like I was completely stupid. Of course other children picked up on this and I was constantly bullied. I no longer live in this area and now in school, I get treated pretty much just like anyone else. However, sometimes outside of school, family and friends if I tell someone I have Aspergers, I sometimes get a look like I just gave them a free Pepsi, watched them drink it and then told them "I'm HIV positive and that Pepsi had my HIV positive blood mixed in it". (Yes, I know HIV can't be transferred that way, but a lot of other people don't. Also, I know this isn't about me, this is about the episode. Feel free to PM me a flame message, this is probably the first time in years I've used this account and I'm probably not gonna use it again for a long

    I actually did laugh at Cartman thinking Aspergers was "ass burgers" because I made a very similar mistake when I was in the second grade. The thing that really cracked me up though was Stan being drunk. I don't know why, but I just find drunk people funny, even in real life. (No The Marshes getting back together was kind of a let down. I mean, Stan started hyping people up about exciting new adventures and how change is good and stuff like that and then all of a sudden everything goes back to the way it was before, only now Stan is an alcoholic. If that wasn't a buzz kill, I don't know what is.

    And about the vaccination thing, I think that's a bunch of crap. All science suggests that, like mental ***ation and what sexuality you are, the development of any form of Autism happens before you are born. There is no connection between vaccines and Autism and to me, saying that your child developed Autism through vaccines is the same thing as saying your child is "ruined". By this, I mean they were perfectly fine until you gave them the vaccine and now your perfect child is "ruined". You may think you are perfectly justified in what you think, but before you go on a crusade against vaccines, think about how your child may interpret this ten or twenty years down the line.

    I give this an eight point five. The buzz kill at the end and the vaccination thing kind of ruined it a bit for me, but it was still a good episode.
  • Apparently the first alcoholic to post

    This episode was sadly funny for those of us who actually are alcoholic. It was spot on, biting humor that directly reflected what addiction is and the reasons behind it. Naturally, that kind of thing goes over most people's heads (Especially since every teenager and frat boy who can hold down 4 beers decided to start calling themselves an 'alcoholic'). I don't know if matt or trey have been down that road, but i can guarantee someone involved in the writing of this shit has.

    that's also why this episode is brilliant. they took a humorous look at what many of us cowardly refer to as a disease (i disagree, for personal reasons). they also left that aspect of the episode as a sidenote, filling the rest of the screentime with their usual antics all while simultaneously exploring the causes, results and implications of dramatic changes. plus i think they hit some other issues that i forgot.

    the point is, these guys managed to find humor - true humor - in some of the most depressing subjects of day to day life. for that, i give them kudos.
  • South Park tells you the fan to 'F' off and like it or else get drunk.


    The episode could have been saved had Stan just sparked up a joint at the end instead, but nope it had to be commercial for Jameson, (which is odd super-liminal product placement b/c their commercials are always on during the CC breaks) which might be a joke on Jameson, but it ended up feeling like real product placement on purpose like most movies do today.

    Look if you see everything as 'sh*t' alchool will just always make it worse. Of course at first it seems better but by that fifth drink you are just as much a piece of shit as all the shit you hated b/c alchool is a major depressant and not an all natural upper.

    My friend died mere hours after watching "Your Getting Older", so to say the least this episode was more powerful for me b/c South Park was one of his all time fav's.

    It felt like it was so much more relevant at the time, like everything was ending for a reason and the coincidences began to pile up between my friends passing and SP's 'passing'.

    So instead of giving us a real second chapter we get silly wackiness and a "What, did you really think we were actually going to be bold and try something new, fu*k you and f*ck that.. derka derka."

    Sure it had some great laughs b/c after all it is a comedy show but this episode truly is my least favorite.

    Matt and Trey are calling you all idiots with this one, b/cthis episode is a real joke on the fans and most people don't get it at all.

    In interviews they might say the still love the show, but they don't, they simplylove money. Andthus they finally decided to take a shit in your face, or your mom's face, or duck prez's face, or... a ...fuck you b/c you won't catch the subtext, you loser zombie TV viewers."

    Matt and Trey I hear you loud and clear: "Fuck You Audience, you are stupid, we are mega rich b/c of you, we laugh at you, and you fell for are ratings ploy! Anybody with a sound comedy mind could write this crap and yet we are rich and you still live in a dumpster, you suckers. We all know you will over analyze this and compare us to Plato and talk about how genius we are! So tune in next week to see who Cartman poops on you f'n morons!

    As for this fan maybe I'm just getting older but "Getting Older" will always be the final episode of SP for me.

    I spark up a joint b/c I know it's all B.S. too, fu&k getting drunk that's where most of the B.S. comes from, that negative drunk gredy intrinsicly evil place in our souls.

  • More serious than usual for South Park, but I consider both parts classic.


    I really enjoyed the metaphors that this episode contained. It comedically justified why some people who may be feeling depressed turn to substance abuse. Seeing that everything ended up being fine was a huge sigh of relief for me, as well as most of the South Park community, considering how Ass Burgers, Part 1 ended. All in all a great episode with high replay value.

  • COP OUT!!!!!!!!! They bring the show BACK to "normal' but it could have CHANGED and been something extraordinary....


    When Stan saw everything as Shxt and his parents were moving away and getting a divorce and Stan just doesnt see the world the same as Cartman or kyle I saw REAL character growth in South Park. Cartoons rarely go anywhere close to this sort of character development.

    I was anxiously awaiting the continuing Saga to see where they would take the show. Unfortunately, they brought show BACK to its old comedic format and brought ALL the boys back together. YES, Stan didn;t completely wimp out or give in , as shown by the very last (thank God) and episode saving scene (drinking and ear plugs for ZOOLANDER 2 lol), but really Assburgers ? Silly..not up to standards. if Cartman has actually shxt on the burgers (not just stuck them up his ass) I think they would have had something because they showed a scene of all the Fast Food giants (that's the shityy food they force feed us) and wanted to know Cartman;s secret...but they didn;t go far enough to put them down. And the episode made me think major cop out for bringing the show back to the old South Park when there could have been so much change. Oh least it was 100X better than Family Guy which has died. (NO really, it's DEAD..don't try and watch it anymore--it is a dead show. Out of ideas for over a YEAR).

  • It has little more humor and a little less of the dramatics compared Your Getting Old, but maybe that's what made went wrong.


    First of all, don't walk away thinking that this is a BAD episode, it's actually a great one. But, compared to Your Getting Old, it wasn't anywhere near as good.

    In Your Getting Old, they set us up for a big turn in events that will create a major struggle for the characters but in Ass Burgers, it's not neccissarrily swept under the rug but instead they take a lot of the seriousness from the previous episode and turn it into a joke. Granted, it is a comedy series and that means it should be funny but even comedies need a little drama sometimes and when we were told that we're going to get drama in this episode and instead got comedy its like being told your getting a blueberry cobbler and instead getting cake. Both are amazing but you still feel a little mad about not getting what they promised you, espicially considering it was their plan the whole time.

    Of course, I'm just pointing out the flaws. Their is plenty of good comedy in here, and their is some character development going on. I'm hoping that they can finish Stan's problem with a bit of seriousness (don't get me wrong, I want comedy in it too, something more along the lines of Your Getting Old). But, you can't always have your cake and eat it too (although I never really got that saying. If you have a cake your probably going to eat it theirs not that much else to do with a cake unless your a stripper maybe then you could hop out of it I guess).

  • Hilarious jokes, smart commentary, brilliant message. This was a heavy, yet great episode.


    I'm giving this episode an automatic 10. I did enjoy it, it had some hilarious parts, like Cartman and his ass burgers, but what got me was the underlying and message, and the blunt and very typical South Park way of conveying it. It was sad and pessimistic, but very very real. And it's such a universal and obvious issue, that people don't really stop to think about. In fact it's even the oldest philosophical dilemma. But it was brave too, and that's what I love most about South Park.

    Basically, everything is in fact shit. Metaphorically. All our actions, creations, activities, beliefs, goals, and perceptions are products of a mind ill-conditioned by a toxic society. i.e. The intensified amassing of the world's populations into squashed up, dense freak shows for cities has bread generations of superficial, money-grubbing bullshit. All designed to lie and cheat you into liking and buying. And everyone is a part of it. Most people don't realize it, others who do just try and accept it and coexist, like Stan.

    This is a common theme. It was used in the Matrix, and South Park's creators parodied that film cause it's the most recognizable interpretation of Plato's Cave Allegory. Plato's story goes that in the cave, people are sitting and watching a wall onto which shadows are being projected. They people see them and take them for granted, believing them to be real figures. All the while a fire burns behind them, and someone else (whoever else and for whatever selfish reason) is projecting those images, and deceiving the ordinary people. Plato held that the philosopher's role was to free the metaphorical cave dwellers and show them reality. Of course this personal sense of obligation might be a rare find, especially in todays overly saturated world where it's very easy to get lost.

    So in Ass Burgers, Stan starts to mature, and turns out to be clever enough to recognize the bullshit. Of course in the show it's shown as actual shit for humor value. Naturally it gets him down. In the meantime bullshit continues: Steamy Ray Vaughan, Aspyrger's caused by vaccinations, and ass burgers. Stan probably learns three things: There are others like him, i.e. he's not crazy or alone, the shit will continue, booze helps.

    The duck is replaced by O'bama implying that some things get better, and the final message is that the world is shit, you will lose the wonder and curiosity of youth, but that's life. It won't always be easy, hell for some it can be depressing and even worse, but you endure.

    Well that's how I saw the episode. It really spoke to me and this is my personal take. I understand that others my see it differently.

    Now the real question is how to we get rid of all the shit and make Stan happy again?

    As a side note to hpfan, I wanted to say that yeah, the end of South Park as we know it and Stan drinking is definitely depressing, but just like the point I think the creators were making, it was real. A blunt heavy episode, and fearless as they always are. It was actual art, instead of watered down art (art with some BS mixed in) made familiar just to please the fans. If you're a real fan, applaud them for making a stellar piece of work. I will admit, this line of action could ruin South Park if they continue it; it would be VERY hard to maintain Stan's problem as dramatically as this in their world day to day. Either this gets watered down or disappears, or they totally revamp the show, or they near the end. Either way I'm glad about the episode so independently I give it a 10.

  • perfect


    what i liked- the scene with stan and mr. mackey, the ending of the episode with stan taking another drink, the whole 'Asperger's isn't real' thing (couldn't stop laughing at that for some reason), Kyle realizing the secret ingredient in Cartman's burgers, kyle and cartman actually getting along, amongst other things.

    this was pretty good. the ending kind of bugged me with how quick everything was resolved, but i thought as a whole this was a hilarious episode. i laughed multiple times, and even though i thought the resolution of the episode was kind of weak, i still thoroughly enjoyed it. A+ episode, nice to have you back South Park!

  • I would like to ask you all, please don't just disregard this review because I gave it a 5 - read it first and then disagree if you don't like what I'm saying.


    Now, I don't usually write reviews on, but I felt it was necessary to comment here. I would like to start off in saying that I am a HUGE South Park fan. Virtually everything that Trey and Matt put out there (except for a select few episodes), I enjoy watching. However, I was not the happy about "Ass Burgers".

    Don't get me wrong - I understand the genius-nature of this episode. Matt and Trey are geniuses themselves, and everything they write is carefully thought through before its release. But while I do understand why this episode is so smart, I just don't enjoy the dramatic nature of it. When I watch South Park, I want to watch hilarious, current events-bashing comedy. I want to see Cartman's racism, criticism of people/stories in the news, the stupidity of the adults in South Park when only the children seem to understand something, etc. I just didn't enjoy feeling depressed by a South Park episode - it was okay the first time (You're Getting Old), but I just feel that two times is one time too many.

    I hope that South Park returns to some sort of form next week, without Stan needing to take a drink every time he wants to enjoy something - that's just plain depressing.

  • Matt and Trey Do it again


    It was so good I'm watching it again, and I'll watch it Friday when the uncensored episode pops up on the south park website.

    We have a really down beat episode then this one comes along and cheers us all up. I LOVE IT Stan's an Alcoholic! GREAT and Aspergers (I never thought Aspergers was a real thing either) FINALLY gets put in it's place by South Park that's just the icing on the cake. This is just about as perfect a South Park Episode as you can get and I can't wait to see what's next. I was wondering where they'd take it if things really would change and while you might be disapointed, what can you expect!

    Personally I was hoping it was a dream a cheesed out Kenny had or a nightmare Butters had

  • After 15 seasons. Thank you, you're still here.Stan's crysis in fact continues, delivers quality storytelling and leaves viewers speechless.


    I am using this site constantly for the last years and never wrote a review. But with all the recent TV series disappointments this fall, it seems that I have to write one for another series that stands out surprisingly. South Park. After 15 years. Thank you, you're still here.

    Despite the dramatic ending from the last episode I was afraid everything would be back normal this night. But the creators kept the tension of Stan's life crysis. A respectable decision, rarely made in comedy programs. And from the start, it's storytelling at it's best. The usual references to political, social and popular matters were funny (Terra Nova), obscene (HPV) and subliminal (new bus driver) as in good old times and always fitting with the story of Stan's ongoing depression. And there were also some nice intern jokes like the kids in the school hallway talking about Wendy's manic relationship problem.

    Furthermore Matt and Trey dare to put another serious subject to the matter. Alcohol abuse. And damn they hit it in all it's aspects. Helpful and harmful.

    Of course the episode is suddenly going back to normal in the end and everything will go on like nothing of this had ever happened. But it did happen. As Stan opens his drawer, it did. And it kept me speechless with amazement.

    May the impacts not be visible in further episodes, the viewer now knows that the kids of South Park are developing characters with their very own problems, which may be much more serious than anyone would have thought.

    You Know, I Learned Something Today.

  • You knew it would end like this, you knew they were trolling, but in the end it was f****ing hilarious.


    What a great episode. The Parker Stone team really turned the season around with these two episodes. The whole commentary about cynicism and alcohol was brilliant and I was hysterical when Stan got drunk, dressed up as Neo, and was mindlessly shooting a machine gun in the air. Now I know ALOT of you are sore about the ending. If you know anything about how Parker and Stone write you should know that they intended to let the audience down. I mean its written all over Stans face and I find that hilarious. Its like the Terrence and Phillip Non Without My Anus episode. So keep complaining if you want. I'm just looking at the episode in a whole other perspective.