South Park

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2002 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The Stotchs have the Marsh and Broflovski families over for dinner, grateful that there son seems to have some great friends to play with. The Stotchs pitch the parent's on a deal where they can all go to Aspen and stay at a condo for free, they only need to attend a 30 minute time share presentation. They tell the boys and everyone is excited as they make their way to Aspen. The next morning everyone is getting ready for skiing when the pitchmen arrive. Cartman gives Butters a "Hitler" by drawing a Hitler-style mustache on Butters' upper lip using material obtained from his butt. The parents leave the boys on their own while they go to attend the time-share condo's required 30 minute presentation. Butters keep noticing a strange smell, still unaware of his fecal matter drawn mustache. The boys take ski lessons from "Thumper" who tells them about having a "bad time" and the use of "pizza" and "French fry" for going fast and slow on skies. Meanwhile the parents are being subjected to required meeting, that turns out isn't the actual required meeting; that one will actually be held at the luncheon. On the ski slopes, like a bad teen ski movie, Stan is challenged by Tad, someone who is much older and more experienced on skis than he is. At lunch, the parents are almost treated to a nice lunch of steak and lobster. The lunch is "time shared" on them as the pitchmen keep up their assault which is keeping the parents from enjoying the ski slopes.

On the bunny slope, the boys are having a good time and only mildly wonder where their parents are at. Stan keeps living the bad ski movie, as Tad challenges him to an extreme ski race. Stan hopes that Tad will go away after he accepts Tad's challenge to an extreme ski race. Tad easily wins the race as Stan "pizzas" and "French fries" his way down the slope. Despite losing, Stan is still invited to attend a party at the youth center where all the cool teens will be hanging out. The parents finally get to head to the slopes and are given a special pass that will take them on a chairlift past the crowds and quickly up the mountain. Instead the chairlift takes them to another presentation where the pitchmen are waiting with a new offer. Still only mildly wondering where their parents are the boys are now all living a bad teen ski movie when they go to the party and find out that Tad's father plans on tearing down the youth center. Tad is there and sings a song about Stan. Fed up, Stan asks him what his problem is. Tad takes it as a challenge for a rematch. The fate of the youth center is in Stan's hands as Tad's course of choice is down K-13, "the most dangerous run in all of America." Despite the risks, Stan decides he must take part in the race.

The parents finally leave the presentation, only to find themselves in it again; they just can't seem to escape. Randy Marsh threatens to call the police. Stan asks "Thumper" for lessons to help him with the race. This leads into a montage showing everything that is gone on, what is at stake, etc. There is even a song about the montage, playing during the montage. At the end of the montage, Stan appears to be ready. Back at the presentation, the police are there, but it turns out only help with the sales pitch. Everyone, the police, mayor and even the President are said to be working for "Time-Share." Under the threat of guns, the parents continue to listen to the pitchmen and the police.

The race down K-13 begins. Stan is slow and steady as Tad (who's far ahead) tries to make sure that Stan can't make it all the way down the hill by putting the distractions in his way. Instead one of the teens distracts Tad and Stan skis down to victory and the youth center is saved. The parents finally catch up with their children, telling them that they finally came to their senses and purchased a time-share that will allow them to come to Aspen two weeks out of every year. The boys (especially Stan) aren't interested as they've found that skiing is confusing, knowing when to "pizza", when to "French fry" and when to do all the things that happen in bad teen ski movies.
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