South Park

Season 6 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 13, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    What I liked: Cartman dipping the sleeping Butters' hand in warm water and then peeing on him, Stan dealing with that older skier, the older skier's son about him just saying "Stan Darsh" over and over, that older girl the skier 'stole' from Stan, the ending with the kids complaining about how stupid skiing is, "You're gonna have a bad time!", the parents not being able to leave the timeshare presentation.

    I did not like this episode a lot the first time I saw it, but I rewatched it and it was really funny. Lot of great moments and very few things I did not like (aside from Cartman giving Butters a so-called Hitler I loved everything). A+ episode
  • some episode this is

    In this episode the boys and their parents go to aspen in this ski place. Cartman,Stan, and Kyle bring Butters since Kenny dies in this episode but we don't see it. Then the parents get trap and or force to get some timeshares then Cartman pulls a Hitler on Butters it when Cartman puts some poop on Butter's upper lip to look like that evil Hitler And I hate this butthole who calls Stan "Stan Darsh" what an dumbbutt. And I learn a better way to ski. do pizza and then fries my favorite types of food then Stan beats the butthole and this girl has mouth opening boobs thats werid
  • This episode inspired the site where you can buy a square inch of real south park for 99 cents.

    This episode is so incredible, it inspired the creation of - where you can buy an actual square inch of the real South Park for 99 cents. No true fan can be without one.

    No kidding - we inherited land in for-real South Park in Colorado (the setting for the show), and we couldn't figure out what to do with it. It's far away from, well, everything. Some friends thought it would be cool if we'd sell a piece to them so they could own a piece of South Park. Then other South Park fans they knew wanted them since it turns out there's no other way for a fan to buy real land in South Park (without spending thousands of dollars). When I looked at the map of the land I saw it was on "Kickapoo Road" and snorted pop through my nose -- so that sealed the deal and we set up the site. You get a deed certificate and maps showing where your land is, you can see photos of the are a, and people say the faq is fun to read. You can go visit your land in person even. :)

    Check it out and spread the word -
  • Best episode of season 6.

    This has to be one of my favorite episodes of all time. The boys go on a ski trip to aspen meanwhile the parents get pressured into buying a condo. The boys all learn how to ski and a hot shot skier named Tad continues to annoy Stan.
    Tad challenges Stan to a race were he loses hands down, but after he finds out he has to save the youth center. He races Tad again on a giant hill he wins the race because the dorky yet hot chick let out her ummmm things? So Stan wins the race and the parents buy a timeshare and everything turns out fine.
  • the boys go to aspen , colorado

    ( note : im now doing my reviews on a plot then sum plot then general review ok :P )

    plot: butters's parents take the boys and thier parents to aspen , colorado , where stan gets in a brawl with tad .

    sub-plot : the condo investors prevent the parents from skiing to presents these " 30 moniute ads " .

    review : two of the jokes were very kinda stupid ( which is why i rate this 8.8 ) but overall the rest was great !especially how those real estate dudes prevented the parents from skiing that kinda made laugh .
  • Greatest episode ever.

    A series classic the boys go on a trip to Asspen. The adults are being hassled by agents trying to sell them time shares. While the boys are skiing that meet Tad and challenges Stan to a skiing match. Stan loses but is still invited to a party where everyone is going at the Youth Center. Then Tad arrives and reveals that his dad is tearing down the Youth Center and no one can do anything. No one but, Stan. I don\'t want to ruin the end for you but Stan gets help from two of his girl friend\'s friends.
  • One of the best episodes in one of the best seasons. This episode is great.

    This episode is just hilarious from start to finish. All the families from south park go on a vacation to aspen, for a great deal but they must agree to go to a short timeshare meeting (well thats what they think) They end up getting trapped with them the whole vacation while the boys attempt to ski. Stan meets a hotshot named tad who challenges him to a ski competition. Overall this episode has many great little jokes throughout the whole thing that makes it very entertaining. Cartman gives butters a hitler while hes sleeping which is absolutely hilarious. Definately watch this episode, because it will definately be up there with your favorites.
  • The boys go to Aspen all-expenses paid by two time-share condominium salesmen.

    This episode is simply classic. Definitely one of my favorite episodes, and without a doubt the second-best in the sixth season. Some of the humor seemed old, like Cartman wiping his excrement on Butters' upper lip, but most of the humor was fresh and satiric. Tad, the hotshot skier, is who makes this episode so accurate. This episode laughs at movies such as Rocky, and sports movies in general, and the South Park guys hit it dead on the nose. Also, this episode was a great representation of time-share salesmen, because they all piss us off and try to make you feel bad for leaving. The best part of this episode by far was the sports-training montage that Stan goes through so he can overcome the "K-13" ski run. The montage sings about how you can get better at anything really quickly by going through a montage. Vintage South Park
  • This is so Great! I love South Park.

    How could you not like an episode where Cartman pees on Butters? That’s just friggin’ hilarious. But also the fact that the kids are basically left alone during the duration of their ski trip in Asspen, while the adults are stuck in an endless promotional meetings to by a condo. It’s amazing how Stan got so caught up in the whole – have to ski for the girl, even though he doesn’t know whom any of those skiers are! Plus they had that all-American hit! Stan… Darsh! Darsh! Darsh! Stan Darsh!
  • A lame, slow episode from the worst episode ever of South Park.

    The boys are having fun skiing while the parents are trapped in a chain of never ending time share meetings, but one of the local skiiers in Aspen gets into a rivalry with Stan. This episode doesn't use the original South Park theme, but rather it says "South Park in Aspen!" as the opening, while the episode title is officially "A**pen." (Go figure what the two stars stand for). Sigh. What a very very bad episode from the worst season ever of South Park. The sixth season has other junk episodes like "My Future Self n' Me", "Child Abduction is not Funny", and "A Ladder to Heaven". Avoid it entirely except for cool episodes like "The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers". I'd originally have given this ep a score of 3.6, cuz theres a few laughs here and there, but since it's the broadcast television version that beeped out one use of "a-hole" near the end, i deduct half of it. Enough said. If you want south park, watch the first five seasons instead of this worthless junk.
  • The South Park crew head to "Asspen" for an 80s trip

    Excellent episode. Trey and Matt show their intellecutally detached humor in a fantastic parody of the 80\'s teen flicks like Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer. A brilliant mock-up with all the expected plot nonsense formula from those movies cropped into a 22 minute episode. Watch this episode, you\'re gonna have a good time.
  • Not the most laugh out load episode, but Asspen was pretty good. The funniest parts were with the ski instructer and the weird teens.

    Butters' parents talk the other parents into spending a weekend in Aspen for a ski trip. They say that it is all free as long as you go to the half an hour meeting. So Butters, Cartman, Kyle, and Stan go with their parents to Aspen. On the first day Cartman gives Butters a 'Hitler', which he explains is when you stick your finger in your butt and wipe it above someone's lip. The parents go to the meeting where it goes for way over 30 minutes and when ever they try to leave, every door leads to anouther room that has the same people trying to sell them a condo in Aspen. Meanwhile, the four boys and Ike are taking ski lessons, when this weird guy comes up to Stan and challeges Stan to a race. They won't leave Stan alone so he finally races and loses. But the teens don't stop their and Stan is challenged to re-match on the legendary mountain that is the most dangerous in America. Stan wins because his opponent is destracted by something discusting. Also, the parents finally by a condo after they are threatened with guns, even though when Kyle, Cartman, and Stan hear the news they all go, "Awww!" In dismay.
  • Send-ups to the 80's movie genre.

    You gotta love the send-up to the 80s movie Better Off Dead. Also, the pizza, french fries skiiing method is funny.

    That montage song really killed me. This is the same song they used in the Team America, World Police Movie.

    Those guys who are trying to sell time shares are also very funny, especailly the part where the parents get on the chair lift with their special passes and the chair lift takes them straight to a lodge with another time share presentation.
  • i laughed my ass off. very funny

    i liked this episode, it took the lame concepts from a stupid 80's movie and made a joke out of it. the whole time share thing did become a little repetitive, but as usual, the boys have an interesting adventure... tad makowski, great character.. and what the hell is a darsh?
  • Boring...

    "Asspen" has it's moments, but after those brief moments of slightly funny material, this episode plummets into awfulness. The subplot with all the children's parents starts off well, but drags on and on as the episode goes on and gets extremely tiresome. Same can be said with the main plot, involving a pro-skier who repeatedly challenges Stan to a race when Stan doesn't want to. There are some moderately engaging features of the main plot, and the whole thing is a spoof of cheesy sports movies from the 80's, but the "jokes" in this episode are scattered and confused and the episode is ridiculous and doesn't really go anywhere by the finish.
  • this is oone of the best episodes there is. If they made all the episodes as good as this one is i would be glued to the t.v. watching it all day.

    This episode is a well plotted one. I like the fact that there isnt a part where it isnt funny they are always doing something stupid and funny
    . I think this episode is one of the top ten episodes ever made. Good Job with the episode and keep up the great work
  • Asspen with Music from the 80's

    The episode opens with a A-Ha's "Take On Me", as the famalies go to Asspen. Cartmen humiliates Butters by peeing and gives Butters a "Hitler", moustache of poo.
    Another section of the episode is a parody of typical american 80's "Teenage Movies".
    K-13 mountain bit is great!
    T|he episode featurres The Montage song later used on "Team America"' and don't forget about the crtisicm on sales men who try any trick to get you to buy something.
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