South Park

Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2004 on Comedy Central

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  • perfect

    Cartman pretends to be a robot called Awesom-O, because he wants Butters to reveal secrets to him, so he can make fun of him. However, this plan might not be the best when Butters reveals he has an embarrassing tape of Cartman, and he plans on showing it to people if Cartman does one more mean thing to him. Now, Cartman must keep up the charade to try and find that tape. Will he?

    Good episode. Cartman as a robot was funny, and so was the ending. No real complaints, probably up there as one of my favorite episodes of the series, and so because of all of this my final grade is an A+
  • The revenge of Butters

    In this episode, Cartman once again tries to mess with Butters, this time by dressing up as a robot from Japan (it's just a bunch of cardboard boxes, people.) Butters actually believes Cartman is the robot "AWESOM-O" and unintentionally gets his revenge on Eric Cartman. It's pretty amazing how much Cartman will do for a joke on Butters. I mean, by the time they go LA to see Butters aunt, he was skinny and eating Toothpaste. And then, of course, how stupid the authorites were (Mr. Scientist, the movie executive) Overall, another one of my all-time favorites I'd reccomend. 10/10 A+
  • Um, okay. How about this? Adam Sandler is like, in love with some girl, but then it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever, or something. A classic South Park episode

    This is definetly one of the great South Park episodes no matter who you are and it's one of my personal favourites probably top 5.

    It all starts when Butters get a special delivery from Japan "Konichiwa"

    "It's not my birthday till September 11" & "Ive always wanted to have a big package" are a few of the opening lines and i think when I heard these I knew this was going to be a special episode

    Inside the box is the AWESOM-O 4000 aka Cartman dressed up in a robot costume made of boxes. Cartman is trying to get one over on Butters tricking him into believing he was a robot but Cartman has to keep the gig up when he realises if Butters finds out what he Cartman up to then he will release a video of Cartman dressed up as Britney Spears making out with a life size cut out Justin Timberlake.

    Butters takes his new robot friend to California where AWESOM-O is discovered by a couple movie studio executives who harness his talents to come up with movie ideas.

    The trouble is all of AWESOM-O's ideas feature Adam Sandler
    "Um, okay. How about this? Adam Sandler is like, in love with some girl, but then it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever, or something."

    Things get really wierd when one of the movie executives ask's if he is infact a pleasure model.

    The Military eventually gets hold of him in the hope of using him as a weapon. Eventually a stray fart leads the Military and Butters the find out the truth about AWESOM-O.

    The episode ends with everyone enjoying a screening of the movie Butters made featuring Cartman as Britney.

    Hands down one of the best episodes. It's got killer jokes all the way through it and doesnt get all complex with issues like south park often does. Matt & Trey just keep it simple and it pays off big time with this one.

  • Until SSWVP, this episode utterly ruined Butters' character.

    Butters is always the slightly clueless underdog because that's what makes us root for him, whether it was his numerous near-death experiences in Butters' Very Own Episode or his being mistaken for a stray dog in the season primere. With him now causing Cartman all the grief, he only becomes annoying. The only thing that could have made this episode worse was if Butters was actually knew it was Cartman disguised as AWESOME-O the entire time, though thankfully that didn't happen, which keeps this disaster from reaching the level of Wing or Christmas Classics.

    Personally, after this episode I'm surprised Cartman never pulled another Scott Tenorman on the little blonde kid. After all, Scott put Cartman through far less and humiliated him on a far smaller scale and we all know what happened there. It's amazing Butters is still breathing to this day.
  • To think Butters can blackmail Cartman at something Kyle could of done.

    In this episode Cartman turns into a robot call the Awesom-o 4000 so he call get Butters's sercets and blackmail Butters and Butters birthday is on 9-11 that was a bab day. The Awesom-O a.k.a Cartman found out that Butters got a video tape of Cartman dress as Britney Spears and sing one of her songs and making out with a cut-out of Justin Timberlake. Then Awesom-O tries to look for the tape. Then they go to L.A and Awesom-O sells ideas to movie guys makes a lot of money but Butters won't let him have any the Goverment takes Awesom-O to Pentgon and then Butters finds out that Awesom-O is Cartman and shows the Video to everyone back to South Park why did Cartman did that any way
  • Butters gets his revenge^^

    Butter gets a package from Japan,and then comes AWESOM-O, obviously Cartman in a Costume, out to make Butters more miserable once again, but after hearing hat Butters knows his (Cartman) deep dark secret, Cartman has to find that video tape at all cost, even not eating food to his delight, and even doing everything Butters tells him to do. I also love "My robot friend" songs, it's so cute^^

    And the ending is definitely Awesome, but not for AWESOM-O, his life lived in shame and guilt. Butters finally has his revenge! But oh well, poor Cartman.
    But who care everybody cheer for Butters! Hip hip Hurray!
    Hip hip Hurray!
  • One of the funniest episodes. The third time Eric is seen skinny and first time butters isn't beaten or in trouble.

    This has to be my all time favorite episode tied with "I'm a little bit country". Cartman plays a trick on butters pretending to be his robot but the joke turns around when butters tells the robot that he saw him doing something even more gay then butters himself. The first episode where Eric suffers and butters has the fun on him. While butters goes to the mall he is encountered by a big movie maker and tells him he will pay him for his robot to make movie ideas and 800 of which include Adam Sander and some girl, butters gets millions of dollar which he gives away to the poor. Military intelligence see's Eric and plans on taking him and rewiring for war purposes. This was the funniest episode ever and a must see.
    The story line doesn't get complicated but it is amazingly funny.
  • That was weird

    In this episode Cartman dresses like a robot to try and learn secrets from Butters, and after getting some good ones he finds out that Butters has a tape of Eric acting like Britney Spears. Then Cartman has to go on a trip with Butters. Funniest moments of the episode in my mind were how stupid some people were and how they could not tell that was a box.
  • okay

    The funniest part was when cartman started eating the toothpaste. Hysterical how southpark creators use reoccurring lines like \\\\\\\"weak...lame\\\\\\\" to create hilarity later on. Carterman and butters are the funniest combination. Cartman is manipulative, always pushing for what he whats, controlling and incredulous. Butters is always controlled in some way or another and is gullible. Hysterical. Cartman is frequently persuasive, Butters persuasive. Cartman isn\\\\\\\'t afraid of all that much either. That was hysterical when cartman said for god to strike him down if he did something just for the money and butters backs away from him at the \\\\\\\"faith rocerds\\\\\\\" deal.
  • This episode is so funny!!

    Cartman disguises himself has a robot and gets Butters to reveil his secrets to AMESOM-O and tells him that he is bullied by Cartman at school and tells him that he has a video tape of him dressed as Britney Spears dancing around a cardboard cutout of Justin Timberlake and Cartman has to find it before other people find out so he continues to follow Butters around still acting like a robot. Matt and Trey once again come up with another funny episode.
  • Despite the fact that the episode was featured around Butters and Cartman who work best with the other boys of South Park, it was a good episode.

    It’s funny to find that Butters was the only one who didn’t know that the robot wasn’t really Cartman. I guess because he is in dire need of a friend, he’d believe in anything. And the fact that the movie writers didn’t know about it was just to poke fun at the fact that Adam Sandler comes out with way to many movies, always about the weirdest things just like Schneider. But it was a great episode to watch and see Cartman eat toothpaste.
  • 116th Episode

    Any episode that features both Butters and Cartman is automatically entertaining, especially when Cartman's pranks go awry and the stupidity of authorities ("Mr Scientist!).

    Butters thinking that Cartman was AWESOME-O, a real robot is typical of his character, and he also gets his revenge on Eric at the end of this episode with the hilarious video of Cartman as Britney Speares.

    The fact that it was the fart and not the box cut out that gave away Cartman's plan was a great addition to the episode as was the 800 Adam Sandler movies Cartman came up with, really making the episode entertaining though not as good as some of the other Butters/Cartman plots.

  • a very good episode which we see a side of butters we wouldn't really want to see. cartman gets to put a suppository up butters butt and he acts totally gay. cartman gets messed up in the end and he has to wear the costume all the time and sweat.

    cartman wants to mess with butters so he plays like a robot and is about to reveal himself when butters tells him he has a video about cartman dressed like britney spears. so he has to find that tape or humilate himself when butter shows it and he does wow.
  • This is a very fine example of a great South Park episode!

    I watched this episode and I had a great time watching it. The episode is really funny because it is about Butters. For me, Butters is very funny always. On what he does and what he says. The thing that really put me on the edge is the ending. I really like to see Cartman get screwed and get embarrrassed in front of many people because of the bad things he does (SERVES HIM RIGHT!). That's why I gave this episode a high rating.
  • this episode is cool

    Cartman as a robot trying to fool butters is great. then at the end when Butters showed everyone the footage of Cartman dancing with himself with that Justin Timberlake cutout was so funny. Cartman gave it all away when he farted and Butters held his word and showed everyone the footage.
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