South Park

Season 8 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 14, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • We learn in this episode that Butters' birthday is September 11.

    • When the crowd forms around Butters and AWESOM - O in LA, the boy who Kyle had hoped was his cousin in "The Entity" can be seen.

    • When Butters tells AWESOM-O about the time Eric prank called his Dad, he was probably referring to the episode "Jared Has Aides".

    • Butters: One time he (Cartman) made me think a meteor had hit the earth, and convinced me to stay down in a bomb shelter for three days.

      This event occurred in the Season 7 episode Casa Bonita.

    • Ms. Cartman: Eric is still supposed to be grounded for trying to exterminate the Jews two weeks ago.

      This is a reference to the South Park episode The Passion of the Jew, which aired two weeks before this episode aired.

    • The log ride that Butters and AWESOM-O ride while in L.A. is extremely similar to the log ride seen in Cartmanland.

    • After Cartman farts, Butters says "Hey!, robots don't fart" but it's not his voice. It's Kyles voice!

  • Quotes

    • Butters: (singing) I like to brush my teeth in the morning and at night.

    • Butters: Hey, I gotta put in my suppository. Can you help me?
      AWESOM-O: What?
      Butters: Remember I said I put that medicinal suppository in my anus? It'll be so much easier havin' you do it from now on.
      AWESOM-O: Um. Actually, AWESOM-O was not programmed for that function.
      Butters: Haw, it's real easy. I'll show you. You just take this little thingy out of the plastic paper, and… and I'll, I'll pull down my pants …and just slide it up in my anus there. (pulls down his pants)
      AWESOM-O: … No way.
      AWESOM-O: Lame!
      Butters: AWESOM-O, I thought you were programmed to do whatever I tell you.
      AWESOM-O: Weak! (turns and faces Butters' anus)
      Butters: Yeah, that, that's pretty good. Get it up there good and deep.
      AWESOM-O: Lame!

    • Butters: What Cartman doesn't know is that I have one of his secrets.
      AWESOM-O: …What?
      Butters: When Cartman is playing all alone in his backyard, he likes to dress up like Brittany Spears and pretend he's her! He sings and dances around with a life size cut-out of Justin Timberlake!
      AWESOM-O: …You saw that?
      Butters: Yea. And I video-taped him doing it!
      AWESOM-O: …Nuh-uh.
      Butters: I've got the whole thing on tape, even him making out with the Justin Timberlake cut-out!
      AWESOM-O: …No way.
      Butters: Yeah! And if Cartman ever messes with me again, I'm gonna show that video to everybody! Then I'll have my revenge, boy howdy!
      AWESOM-O: … Um, where is this videotape, Butters?
      Butters: Huh? Oh, I dunno. It's around here somewhere. Hey! So what do you wanna do now, AWESOM-O?
      AWESOM-O: Uh, Butters, maybe you should give AWESOM-O the videotape?
      Butters: How come?
      AWESOM-O: Well, because… AWESOM-O can, like, back it up for you, and make copies and stuff. I am AWESOM-O.
      Butters: Oh, that's all right, AWESOM-O. Come on! I have a lot of things to teach you.
      AWESOM-O: … Oh, son of a bitch!

    • AWESOM-O: You can trust AWESOM-O. In fact, you should tell AWESOM-O all your most personal secrets. AWESOM-O will not make fun of you or tell your secrets to other people and stuff.
      Butters: Hey yeah! Well I can tell you anything, huh? Well, let see… Well, for one, I have what's called a herniated colon, which means I sometime can't control my sphincter.
      AWESOM-O: Could be.
      Butters: Well, nobody knows it, but sometimes I poop my pants and I have to wear a diaper to school. (AWESOM-O starts to laugh) You okay, AWESOM-O?
      AWESOM-O: Yes. AWESOM-O is fine. Please go on.
      Butters: Well, I have to take medicine for it every day. It's a little suppository I have to… put up my rectum.
      AWESOM-O: (laughs) That, that's very interesting. Tell AWESOM-O more secrets.

    • Movie President: You are an incredible robot AWESOM-O, I was just wondering, are you by chance a pleasure model?
      AWESOM-O: What?
      Movie President: Have you been programed to satisfy the urges of humans?
      AWESOM-O: AWESOM-O does not understand.
      Movie President: Let me show you. (he takes off his tie and shirt)
      (the scene changes to the waiting room outside)
      AWESOM-O: Lame! Not Cool! Totally Lame!

    • Scientist: You want to tell me this isn't humanity? Who's to judge what makes something human anyway? (pulls out stomach) Does this make me human? (pulls out lung) Or this? (pulls out intestines) Or these? (dies)

      First Time
      Butters: (singing) Hey there have you heard about my robot friend?
      He's metal and small and doesn't judge me at all.
      He's a cyberwired bundle of joy.
      My robot friend
      I like to dip and daddle with my robot friend.
      He's smart as can be and emotion-free
      And he's computed his way to my heart.
      My robot friend
      My robot friend
      My robot friend
      My robot... friend.

      Second Time
      Butters: (singing) I'm hangin' out in LA with my robot friend
      We're havin' such fun in the hot hot sun
      We're two of a kind, that's me!
      And my robot friend.
      My robot friend.
      My robot ...friend.

      Third Time
      Butters: (singing, sadly) Hey there, did you know I had a robot friend?
      We used to laugh and play, but someone took him away.
      He was my ten gigahertz old pal.
      My robot friend.

    • AWESOM-O: (Farts)
      General: Did I just hear that robot fart?
      Butters: Robots don't fart!
      AWESOM-O: Initiating fart sequence.
      General: Eww, and it stinks, too!
      AWESOM-O: Initiating smell sequence.

    • AWESOM-O: Movie Idea #2305. Adam Sandler is trapped on an island and falls in love with a coconut.

    • Boy: Hey, Mr. Robot, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
      AWESOM-O: 17.

    • Liane: Oh, well, I'm not sure. Actually, Eric is still supposed to be grounded for trying to exterminate the Jews two weeks ago.

    • Butter: Oh hey fellas, I see you've met my robot.
      Stan: Uh.. yeah Butters, he's real cool.
      Butters: He sure is! We do everything together. Well last night we even had a slumber party.
      AWESOM-O: Weak!
      Butters: He can do anything I command him to. He's real smart, watch this. Hey AWESOM-O, would you go get my friends some Sunny Delight?
      AWESOM-O: Yes, of course.
      Kyle: Oh wait. Hey AWESOM-O, I'd also like some celery sticks chopped up two inches long, with peanut butter and raisins on top.
      AWESOM-O: Suck my balls, Kyle.
      Butters: He's made in Japan!

    • AWESOM-O: Um, okay. How about this? Adam Sandler is like, in love with some girl, but then it turns out that the girl is actually a golden retriever, or something.
      Studio Executive #1: Oh, perfect!
      Studio Executive #2: We'll call it "Puppy Love!"

    • General: Wow kid, you're a little faggot!
      Cartman: Lame.

    • Butters: (while opening his package) Wow! A package for me from Japan! Wow, what can it be? My birthday isn't until September 11th. Oh boy! I've never gotten a package this big! I've always wanted to have a huge package!

    • Scientist: It powered itself on.
      General: Stand by, be ready to destroy it.
      Cartman: (in AWESOME-O costume) Where the hell am I and why can't I move?
      Scientist: Are your systems stable? Run a systems check on your CPU.
      Cartman: The f**k you talkin' about, dude?
      Scientist: Ah, I'm sorry, robot, (in a whisper) they want me to reprogram you.
      Cartman: I'm not a robot, dumbass! I'm alive!
      Scientist: What did you say?
      Cartman: I said I'm a real person asswipe!

    • Butters: I'm gonna have to give you a spanking, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O; so that you learn better. (spanks three times) Just know, A.W.E.S.O.M.-O, that I did it because I love you. (suddenly happy) Okay let's go make some breakfast.

  • Notes

    • On the creator's commentary, Matt Stone states that the idea for this show came from the idea of Cartman saying "lame" in a robot voice.

    • This episode was made in three days, quicker than any other episode.

    • This season's Lemmiwinks episode was announced to originally air on this date, but due to a production delay its airing was postponed to a later date. Before the standard disclaimer appears, Trey's voice is heard making the following announcement:

      Due to this week's tragic events in Hawaii the "Lemmiwinks" episode of South Park will not be shown tonight. Instead, we present the all new and slightly better episode, AWESOM-O.

  • Allusions

    • Danbo
      AWESOM-O is a reference to the character Danbo, from the manga series Yotsuba&!, in which the eponymous character believes that a cardboard costume is a real robot.

    • Blade Runner:

      General: Sure, why not? Program the memories of some eight-year-old boy who doesn't exist, and make the robot think he's real!

      This refers to Blade Runner, in which Harrison Ford hunts androids, one of which was implanted with the false memories of an 8 year old girl.

    • The Courtship of Eddie's Father:

      The song Butters is singing is more of a satire of the theme song to the 70's t.v. show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". The theme song was titled: "People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend".

    • Castaway:

      Cartman: Maybe idea number 2,305: Adam Sandler is trapped on an island and falls in love with a coconut.

      That plot sounds very similar to the movie Castaway, starring Tom Hanks, where Tom is trapped on an island, and he begins talking to a volleyball like it's a real person.

    • The Crying Game:

      Cartman: Adam Sandler is in love with some girl, but it turns out she's a golden retriever.

      Change "golden retriever" to "man" and this is the plot for the 1992 film The Crying Game.

    • I'm Into Something Good:
      The song Butters is singing is more of a satire of the theme song to the 70's t.v. show "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". The theme song was titled: "People Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend"

    • Asimo/Amazo:

      AWESOME-O's name is a reference to Honda's humanoid robot Asimo, but it might also be a reference to the robotic DC Comics villain Amazo.

    • Paramount Pictures:

      Catamount Pictures is a parody of Paramount Pictures.

    • Ghost in the Shell:

      Scientist: What the hell? It... powered itself back on.

      This line, and the scene in general, is a reference to the scene in the 1995 anime film Ghost in the Shell in which the puppet master is restrained in almost the same pose as Cartman is. The puppet master begins speaking while running on its own power supply.

    • If You Leave Me Now:

      Butters: "If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me...ooohooh!!"

      This is the second time that Butters has sang the song "If You Leave Me Now" by Chicago. He also sang it while Cartman had him stashed in the well so that Cartman could go to Casa Bonita.

    • Punch-Drunk Love:

      Studio Executive: We can call it 'Puppy Love'/'Punch-Drunk Billionaire'.

      These two titles both seem to refer to Punch-Drunk Love(2002), Adam Sandler's most critically acclaimed (yet lowest grossing) film.