South Park

Season 15 Episode 10

Bass to Mouth

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Cartman tells the guys about the latest news on the school's gossip website, "Eavesdropper." One of the kids at the school, Pete Melman, shit his pants during social studies, much too Cartman's delight. Cartman is brought to the principal's office, the faculty of Principal Victoria, Mr. Mackey and Mr. Adler want Cartman to go easy on Pete Melman. Cartman's campaign of making fun of a student for shitting their pants last year led to the kid committing suicide and they are still dealing with fallout from that event. They want him to help Pete Melman get through this event and turn public opinion around and to get his help, they offer to make it worth his while, which immediately gets his attention. The kids are watching video of Pete Melman's mom bringing fresh underwear to school, which they think is funny, while Kyle does not. Cartman tries to make nice with Jenny, one of the girls in his class. He offers her one of his cupcakes. In class Jenny starts having abdominal pains. She needs to go to the bathroom now. She doesn't quite make it and shits her pants in class, causing Cartman to point out that is much worse that Pete Melman's episode. In the Principal's office, Cartman is told that Jenny barely survived her fall, jumping from the school roof like she did. They need Cartman to fix this, otherwise their deal is off. Since nobody can be made fun of for crapping their pants and nobody can die; he comes up with a plan. He suggests that they get pizzas coated with ex-lax and Arby's Horsey sauce, so that everyone in school craps their pants after recess. If everyone does it, no one can be singled out. The faculty agrees with the plan. Meanwhile some of the boys are laughing over the latest postings on Eavesdropper. Kyle points out to Stan he wouldn't think it was funny if one of the stories was about him. And damned if Kyle is right, a story about Stan causes him to get everyone together to find out where Eavesdropper is coming from. Kyle suggests they track the IP address. They track it to the music room. They see what appears to be a rat, typing away at the keyboard, with a video camera attached to its head. They chase it around the music room, but it gets away. In looking at the computer, Kyle discovers its name in Wikileaks. Elsewhere, Lemmiwinks is minding his own business when he receives a visit from the specter of the frog king, who tells him that only he can stop his brother Wikileaks.

Wikileaks keeps spreading gossip and he stays on the run from the kids who are chasing him. The faculty and Cartman starting to administer the plan that was concocted by Eric Cartman. Cartman wants his payment now. The faculty brings in Selena Gomez and per Cartman's wishes, the faculty starts beating her up. Wikileaks sees what the faculty is up to and prepares to make the story public. The frog king and the sparrow prince confer and decide they need to bring in outside help to get Lemmiwinks to deal with his brother. The kids receive a visit from specter of a fish, who asks for their help bringing Lemmiwinks to the school. The fish rambles on about how Wikileaks once printed a story about him and some underage fish doing "Bass to Mouth". The faculty get together try to come up with a plan to save their jobs. Adler knows that they made their beds when they decided to do a deal with Eric Cartman. They realize they need a bigger story and decide that another student's suicide might just do it. They decide to throw Eric Cartman under a bus.

The kids get Lemmiwinks from the kid who has him. The kids just manage to get on a bus that will take them back towards school. It's the very bus that the faculty decides to throw Cartman under. It brings the bus to a halt. Mr. Mackey reads a badly worded suicide note, M'Kay. The kids ask Mr. Mackey if it can wait, they have the means to stop the story that is going to break at any time. The faculty gets the kids and Lemmiwinks to the school. In the music room, Lemmiwinks is let free. Lemmiwinks and Wikileaks do battle and Lemmiwinks is victorious. The Wikileaks threat is no more and normal life can resume. Mr. Mackey apologizes to Cartman for throwing him under the bus, Cartman says he is over it. Mr. Mackey also thanks Cartman for the cupcakes he gave to the faculty. The effect of the cupcakes on Mr. Mackey is quick as he starts shitting his pants all the way down the hallway. As for Lemmiwinks, he seems to be devastated over the loss of his brother.

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