South Park

Season 15 Episode 10

Bass to Mouth

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • bass to mouth..giggle


    A new gossip website named Eavesdropper gains popularity among the students of South Park Elementary, by posting embarrassing information gleaned through unlawful access to the confidential phone calls and emails of the school and its student body. While Cartman is elated at the embarrassment of one such student, Pete Melman, who defecated in pants while in class, and required his mother to bring him a clean pair of jeans, the school administrators are displeased. Recalling that a year earlier, another student, Corey Duran, suffered a similar incident, and subsequently committed suicide after Cartman spearheaded a campaign of ridicule and torment against him, Mr. Mackey, Principal Victoria and Mr. Adler ask Cartman not to let the same thing happen to Pete. Though Cartman initially rebuffs their request, telling them that it is impossible to contain such an incident, they tell him that if Cartman sees Pete through this ordeal, and turns public opinion around in his favor, they will make it worth Cartman's while, which piques Cartman's interest.

    Cartman engineers a repeat of the incident by giving another student, Jenny Simon, cupcakes laced with laxatives, causing her to defecate in her pants in the middle of class. After Jenny attempts suicide, Cartman is pleased, feeling that he prevented Pete from doing so, but the administrators angrily explain to him that they did not want anyone to attempt suicide. After they tell him that he must fix this or forfeit that which they promised him, Cartman devises a plan to reward the student body for their recent state exam scores with a pizza party, at which they will feed the students pizza laced with laxatives and Arby's horsey sauce, thus causing the entire student body to suffer the same misfortune, diffusing the torment experienced by Pete and Jenny. Although initially outraged at Cartman's idea, they realize they do not have a better one, and decide to implement it.

    The student body continues to enjoy Eavesdropper, except for Kyle, who is offended at the invasion of privacy committed by the site. Though Stan does not initially share Kyle's outrage, he has a change of heart when the site publishes information from a private email of his, whose revelation angers his girlfriend, Wendy. Rallying the student body against Eavesdropper, the students discover from the IP addresses of the site's postings that they are being made from the school's music room, where they discover a rat with a blond head of hair at a computer terminal. The rat escapes, though they discover that his name is Wikileaks.

    Meanwhile, in the bedroom of a young boy, Vernon Trumpski, Lemmiwinks, the old school gerbil from the episode "The Death Camp of Tolerance", is visited by the ghostly Frog King, who previously guided him to safety in that episode. The Frog King tells him that Lemmiwinks' brother, Wikileaks, is spreading terrible rumors based on hacked emails. When Lemmiwinks exhibits reluctance to confront his own brother, the Frog Prince and his colleague, the Sparrow Prince, send another spirit guide, the Catatafish, to Stan and his friends, instructing them to go to Trumpski's house and take Lemmiwinks.

    As Cartman and the administrators prepare the pizza, the administrators uphold their end of the agreement by presenting singer Selena Gomez to Cartman, and then beating her up, much to Cartman's delight. Their actions are observed by Wikileaks, who announces to his site's visitors that he will soon reveal his biggest story yet. As the public reacts to this announcement, the school administrators, worried that they will be fired when their plan is exposed by Eavesdropper, devise to distract the public with an even bigger story, that of a student's suicide. Mackey decides that they will engineer Cartman's suicide by literally throwing him under a bus.

    The children procure Lemmiwinks from Trumpski's home, and take him to the school by bus, but on the way there, the school administrators throw Cartman in front of it, and declare that Cartman committed suicide. The students and administrators continue together with Lemmiwinks to the school, where he confronts and kills Wikileaks. Though the content of Wikileaks' tabloid website is deleted, Lemmiwinks is devastated at having to have killed his own brother. Cartman, who suffered only a broken arm and leg, gets revenge on the administrators by giving them laxative-laced cupcakes, causing Mr. Mackey to defecate explosively in his pants, propelling him through the hallway and into the ceiling.

    this episode was GGreatt!!!

    everyone was funny as hel and south park is god damn wrong

    but i loved this episode

  • Better than Last of the Meehecans, about same level as A-burgers.


    Overall a strong performance this week. Big pluses for me were Cartman joining forces with the faculty to help the school's PR and him getting thrown under the buss at the end...literally. Focusing on Wikileaks was unexpected but pulled off well. I thought the website was more TMZ like than anything but it kind had to be to keep the humor. Best moment would have to be the Stan vs. Wendy Crack moment.

    I was a littlehesitantat first about bringing Lemmiwinks back into the picture. I thought his first episode was a little dry, but I thought this one was better. The ghost frog and fish were a little buzzkill despite the Bass to Mouth bit.

    The big thing that needs to keep happening right now is new, GENUINE, plot devices. The Cartman-Faculty bit was epic, and they need more new bits like that to keep the show fresh and enjoyable.

  • perfect


    what i liked- the revelation that the hacker was a rat, the rat's name being Wikileaks, Lemmiwinks' return, the song that was playing when the boys and Lemmiwinks were going to the school, Eric being thrown on the street and the bus running him over, Eric giving the girl a cupcake and then us learning that it was part of his plan to get people to forget about the guy who crapped his pants, amongst other things.

    pretty great episode, i felt. it's not their best episode or anything but it probably is the best of the season, or one of them for sure. i laughed multiple times throughout and i thought it was really good. I was wondering if they were going to reveal who the hacker was near the start/middle or end, and what was going to happen. Great episode, gets an A+

  • A good Entertaining Episode


    I'm still waiting for south park to attack those Occupy Wall Street idiots but bringing back Lemmiwinks to take on Wikilinks was pretty damned entertaining plus the kids crapping their pants and Selena Gomez getting beaten up it was all very entertaining.

    Entertaining as it was it wasn't the best episode ever not the worst it was good and entertaining but not the most memorable episode this season.

    Still South Park maintains a streak of good episodes.

  • BASS TO MOUTH (What a GREAT title!)


    Last week's episode was an immortal classic. One of the all-time best episodes. This week, I am sure there will be a lot of mixed reviews and votes. Look, you either like " LEMMIWINKS" or you don;t. There's no middle ground. I love Lemmiwinks. I love Lemmi, the Frog Prince, the Sparrow, and The Cattafish ?

    Based on the recent 'social suicide" of a humiliated student who Poops his Pants, the school wants Cartman to come up with a scheme that would divert attention. They track down the EAVESDDROPPER worm..who turns out to be a RAT...WIKILEEKS, Lemmiwink's rat of a brother.

    Yes, it is ridiculous that a rat could type on a computer. Logic sort of went out the window here. The 3 spirit friends of Lemmiwinks (Sparrow , frog and that other thing lol) set out to stop Wikileeks.

    Meanwhile, Cartman devises a brilliant plan to erase the trauma of a kid who poops his pants but the school board decides it would be better to push Cartman under a bus.

    There is a fight between vermin , and you have to watch to see who is victorious. The School actually throws Cartman under a bus, which again seems quite out of logic or this show. I mean, with all the crap Cartman has pulled, they could have planned his death over a lot more evil antics. I thought that was way too reaching.

    The ending is rather weak. Very predictable. I would have enjoyed it more if Cartman had sued the school for millions or devised some ingenious revenge. Although this is fairly illogical , there are several good jokes coming from the most unlikely source (The Cattafish thing) and Cartman's reward for stopping the Spread of rumours was fairly priceless (watch and see what celebrity they trash). There was also a nice little song. Fairly decent , nowhere near the level reached last week.