South Park

Season 6 Episode 11

Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2002 on Comedy Central

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  • Great take on what happens in puberty and how it effects others

    Eeeww they're all hard and oogey...
    Wendy's pal Bebe is the first girl in the fourth grade to "develop". Her tiny buds of womanhood inspire an almost primate-like reaction from all the boys in class that threaten their friendship and society in general. Great take on what happens in puberty and how it effects others. What I like a lot about this episode is that the boys react so stupily to Bebe's breasts, they don't react properly. The boys act like caveman and sit out her house waiting for her to come out. The idea of them acting like caveman makes me laugh everytime
  • One of the better Seaons 6 episodes.

    Season 6 is probably my least favorite season but this episode was pretty good. Bebe starts getting boobs so all the boys start staring at her and start liking her. Later on the boys start acting like dogs over this. It's kind of stupid that they made such a big deal but then again this is South Park. Wendy becomes jealous and she eventually grows boobs (and big ones at that.) from a surgeon. She comes to school with her new look after the boys start thinking boobs are and they start laughing at her. Overall this was a good episode for Season 6.
  • This episode is awesome.Want to know why go to my review!

    This is a classis episode bebe grows boobs. All the boys in her class are attracted to her and want to be around her and suddenly think she is cool. Stan even invites her to play with him althoough he has his girl friend Wendy! Wendy and her gang decide that bebe is a s***. They ignore Bebe and make fun of her at school. After Bebe tell her mom about her mom her mom says that this is a natural part of life in a woman. After a while the guys are obssesed with Bebe. Wendy makes her Boobs bigger at the doctor! At school later Bebe wears protection on her body and the boys are over it. Then wendy walks in with big boobs and everyone makes fun of her!
  • Eeeww theyre all hard and oogey.

    As you can tell, that line from Butters was my favorite line of the episode. In this episode Bebe grows "ah-tahs" and the boys become obsessed with her, Cartman is kicked out of the group, and the boys just turn into apes. Also Wendy was great in this episode. Though you should see the uncensored one since the Syndication blows it to hell.
  • Are you sure a woman didnt write this?

    The plot of this episode is FAR from pointless. It gives a good point....once men see boobs they go crazy. How is that pointless? I find it to be the truth. Im surprised that Matt and Trey wrote this, definetly something I was not expecting. I liked this episode. :)
  • 89th Episode

    The boys acting like apes wasn't funny in the first scene let alone nearly every other scene in the episode and it is just a ridiculous concept, which usually work in South Park but only if the episodes are funny, this episode lacvking any real laugh out loud humour.

    Cartman reenacting Silence of the Lambs with dolls was funny the first time but it too was overplayed.

    Despite this, the episode does have its moments such as the end and the plastic surgeon's conversation with Bebe.

    Overall, the episode is better than some but can't be compared to some of the classics South Park is known for.
  • Silly plotless garbage from the worst season ever of South Park that is not recommended.

    Bebe is the first in Mr. Mackey's class - Mr. Mackey became the temprorary substitue following death of ms. choksondik - to reach puberty. Everyone at school notices it and Bebe soon becomes the most popular girl at school. (Sigh) I was expecting a hilarious and sexually explicit episode, despite the fact that it's a season six episode (Season 6 is the worst season of SP in my opinion), BUT, given that season 6 sucked, this episode was quite a disappointment. I hate the FCC, who I thank very much for ruining this episode if I'm correct, despite the fact that the show is normally rated TV-MA and shown late at night on cable, they can't go very far?? Besides, the plot is lacking in depth and hilariousness and humour, and it starts okay but ends garbage.

    That being said, I absolutely do NOT recommend this episode, and most other season six episodes, ESPECIALLY EDITED-FOR-SYNDICATION VERSIONS, which were sadly how i saw this episode. Watch seasons 1-5 instead.
  • Classic Films referenceגd episode!

    This episode reveals the truth about Men and Boobs. Throughout the episode you will notice some movie refrences such as:
    Kids grunting like animals around Bebe with Stan acting exactly like in "2001: A Space Odyssey".
    Refrences to "Silence of the Lambs" as Cartmen holds a doll hostage and acts a memeorable scene.
    There is a reference to "Planet of the Apes" with The astronouts killing themselves thinking they are in the same situation like in the movie. Wendy's breast implant operation, was gorey and great!