South Park

Season 17 Episode 7

Black Friday

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2013 on Comedy Central

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  • PS4 o Xbox One?

    Un epica sfida tra i bambini che vogliono comprare la PS4 e quelli che invece vogliono comprare la Xbox puntata dove viene anche menzionato Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain,che secondo me non arriver prima della fine del 2015.
  • Black Friday

    What I Liked- Randy as a whole was pretty funny, Stan joining the PS4 faction, the Garden of Betrayal scene, the 'epic' tone to it, the cliffhanger.

    Decent episode.
  • Best episode this season ! (As it always is for 3 parterts in south park)

    1) First thank you south park creators for explaining what is black friday (For us non Americans), i heard about BF only 2 - 3 years ago from my friend in USA and i didnt belived first when she told me about black friday ! And i like when south park can pull of such a theme and thing and make it funny for us non americans as well.

    Waring spoilers ! If you havent seen yet, than dont read !

    2) Fantastic episode , Mocking on game of thrones, elmo doll ad joke, Randy taking guard job for selfish reasons, Kenny double crossing everyone, PS4 and Xbox. Butters complaining about GOT and guy weiners in it. Cartman wasnt anyoying 2-3 episodes this season almost made me hate my one of most favorite SP charachters - Cartman.

    For guy who rated 6.0 (Lol they mocked on game of thrones which i loved it since i dont like game of thrones at all and i loved south park creators opinion on it)

    . Sorry for my bad english its not my native languge so i still need to learn a lot !!!!
  • While South Park has been slacking since the season premiere, this episode was great!

    The season got off to a rocky start, but this episode makes me take back all the horrible things I said about season 17. Haha. The Don't Touch Me There Elmo commercial had me and my brother in tears.

    Can't wait to see the next installment.

    To be honest, I acutally thought season 17 of South Park has been good so far but I didn't see an perfect episode in this season until I saw this episode. This episode was just amazing and so far this episode is the best of season 17. It's even more amazing than World War Zimmerman and Informative Murder Porn (the other better episodes in season 17). I loved everything in this episode and there were no flaws in this episode. The plot was very interesting and enjoyable that I didn't get even bored a little. All characters in this episode were great, especially Kenny (Lady) McCormik. It was great to see Kenny more in a new episode because he is my favorite character and he doesn't appear in newer seasons much. Also some of old characters like Clyde and Tweek returned too. I loved that this episode had a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see the second part of this episode but I hope this is a trilogy like Imaginationland series. This episode was very funny. Even though I don't think It's one of the funniest South Park episodes, It's still funny to make people laugh. Now I'm gonna say some of the funny parts in this episode Butters complaining about guys' weiners in Game of Thrones was hilarious. "That's why Xbox people are" line really made me laugh. Cartman's "You know what you get for preorderin a game? A dick in your mouth" line was really funny. Cartman and Kenny walking in an old man's garden cracked me up and that is my favorite part of this episode. The whole conversation between Cartman and Star Trek kids was hilarious. "Stop touching me Elmo" commercial cracked me up. The ending was hilarious too. For me, this episode is the first perfect episode of season 17 and I defineltly recommend this episode to everyone, even the people who doesn't like South Park anymore. If the second part and the last 2 episodes of season 17 are just amazing as this episode, I will like season 17 much more than season 16. 10/10
  • The Best Episode in Years!

    I thought this was the best episode since "Medicinal Fried Chicken" back in 2010, now three years ago! I loved how the characters wore The Stick of Truth outfits, and also outfits from The Lord of the Rings episode. This episode made me laugh out loud multiple times. "Brack Friday Bunduru" was hilarious, making fun of Japanese pronunciation. Randy was great as usual, and so was Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and PRINCESS KENNY! There were lots of Game of Thrones references, such as "Winter is Coming" and the passing of the torch when the man passed on his fake eye to Randy. Hopefully, this will be a 2 of 3 part episode, because we still don't know what will happen on the actual Black Friday.

    10/10 - Plenty of laughs, and clever writing. I look forward to the next episode!
  • EP - 1707

    Definitely the strongest episode of the season, Black Friday delivers with a clever plot that is always in motion. It's never delayed by jokes that last a bit too long. Gags are cleverly placed, such as the waiting customers talking to the news reporters, the Elmo doll, and the XBox and Playstation rivalry.

    This one's a classic.
  • IT;s only 2 parts (not 3) Season is over

    They aired part two the other . Really-this was funny and when you get through it all to the creator of Game of Thrones is a big ass DOUCHE as we all suspected. he is pretty much a low rate george Lucas with his fantasy world.. Mind you ALL the networks "jumped on board" that ship. IS there really much difference between "GOT, and all the others Once Upon a Time and Faity tale shows

    \\ There was a good INCEST joke in this one (not expecting) and the Japanese Kenny Princess was have liked to see more of that premise. Well this was NOT a 10, nor was last week. Even if you play Play Station or PSP or X BOX or whatever--that doesnt make it a 10. I I was hoping to see Cartman push into the store on Black Friday and kill everyone

    the enfing was weak. I give this an 8 and last week a 8,5 still better than MOST of this season,. High point for me def. Was WW ZImmerman and GINGER COW. But the other episodes sucked so bad make this one of the worst SP seasons ever.
  • Where at Comedy central do these reviewers work?

    Ok, so this wasn't a bad episode, but 10 out of 10? REALLY? Is it just because they mentioned Game of Thrones a few times? I was wondering when they'd do a GOT episode and it could have been great. It could have been like "Make love not warcraft", "The return of the fellowship of the or "The Coon". I was expecting Trey and Matt to rip into some of the more ***ed aspects of GOT and the fans of the series, but a few mentions do not make a funny parody. It was still one of the three episodes that have some of the old South Park left in them. Maybe I'd go as far as to call this episode "good" if I hadn't been expecting it to be great. As it is, I'd call it good for this season, or average overall, or downright poor compared to the average episode of 6 or 7 years ago.