South Park

Season 9 Episode 14

Bloody Mary

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 07, 2005 on Comedy Central

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  • i didn't get this show

    this was not a funny show plus why bloody mary anyway.this was a boring show for me if you liked it well i'm sorry i didn't.for some reason some of this shows are getting lame.but i hope they make better ones also i didn't get some parts of this show i hope i don't forget what was funny about this show.could someone help me and tell me what happend in this show i only saw half of it cause i thought it would be so boring.but explain it to me better than the episode please and thankyou.see you all later
  • Bleh. It was random and not funny.

    I don't know I didn't think it was funny. They seemed to try too hard to make this episode funny. It was funny when they made their sly commentary on alcoholics and how they don't have control over themselves or at least their commentary on AA and how AA tells people that they don't have control and that it's a disease. I kind of agree with that but I understand alcoholism. I did like that part of the episode but the butt bleeding was stupid.
  • a dissapointed end of the ninth season of SP

    Mary starts bleeding from her vagina,and people start believing its a miracle,but an expert says that woman always bleed from there vaginas,Randy has some promblem drinking,so he joins a alcoholic club,stan tries to comfort and help his father,and very dangerous when he driving the boys around.a very dissapointed end of The ninth season of SP i wanted something better,Trey and Matt are bet to have something better in the 10th season opener
  • bloody mary

    randy gets a DUI and attends AA meetings, where he is taught alcoholism is a disease and he himself cannot stop. however, when a statue of the virgin mary begins to bleed, randy sees this as a chance to be cured. will he be cured of his disease?

    pretty good episode, it gets kind of boring for me near the end, but it is still a pretty enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes. not the best but certainly not the worst. my final grade for "Bloody Mary" is a A+. last few minutes is kind of boring but most of it is great
  • All I can say is:

    this episode is freakin' awesome! I think Stone and Parker just wanted to mock people who believe a piece of rock is able to cry. I live in Italy, a country full of sanctimonious, obtuse persons, and what I hate is the Church, not the Catholic religion. And I love the fact that this episode mocks the Pope, too.
  • Matt and Trey attack the notion that Alcoholism is a disease and not a act of irresponsibility.

    "I've got a few beers to keep my buzz going!!!" LMAO

    Great episode very funny. This is why I love South Park, Matt and Trey's ability to tackle a subject like Alcoholism and give their take on it.

    Their take basically which I agree with is that Alcoholism isn't a disease but rather a conscious choice and act of stupidity and irresponsibility.

    Enter Randy into the picture. Randy thinks he is dying when the AAA group he's in tells him that Alcoholism is a disease.

    Naturally, this gives Randy the excuse to booze even more leading up to many hilarious situations like Randy shaving his head (like if he is a cancer patient), using a wheelchair to move on, and spreading that notion to other drinkers.

    Then when a miracle is witnessed at a church statue, everybody comes to see it because of Bloody Mary's special gift to heal the sick.

    This part of the story wasn't necessary but it falls into the main story about Randy boozing himself to death.

    This is a hilarious episode, and I like the fact that Matt and Trey basically debunk the myth that Alcoholism is a disease but rather a conscious choice by the individual.
  • Hi, I'm Randy and I just really like beer.

    After receiving a DUI, Randy attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where he realizes that he is powerless to control his drinking problem. But when a statue of the Virgin Mary begins to bleed, he sees it as a miracle that can cure him of his 'disease.' Ok, at first, I thought this episode woudl be really kind of out there but still be good. I was once again, wrong. This episode turned out to be really out there and really great. This was one of my favorite episodes of this series. I watch it over ands over again. The begginning is boring but the end is really good. Tagline:"Hi, I'm Randy and I just really like beer."-Randy Marsh
  • Another great Randy episode.

    I absolutely love Randy Marsh. Did that sound gay Uh, forget it. Randy once again proves that just when you thought he could not get any dumber, he does.

    After Randy is arrested for DUI, he has to give a speech to Stan's class. I thought that this scene was great. As embarrased as Stan and Randy are, Ms. Garrison rubs it in even harder. The Virgin Mary plot in the story is pretty funny too. The statement that the Pope made left me sleeving off tears of laughter.

    Another thing that made this episode great was the lesson we learn in the end. I won't give it away, you will have to tune in!
  • this episode teaches the lesson to me.

    well it's about being drunk,mkay?

    it's about what happened to randy after drinking while driving a car.

    you can connect that to the 'dont drink and drive' sign.

    this teached me a lesson about family. about how to take care of them and never be a bad role-model because if you become a bad role-model to them,your child is going to go in a drunken-beer-bar and drink beer until he gets drunk and drive on a road and pay a fine.

    i recommend everybody of all ages to watch this episode.
  • Perfect Episode

    The boys are at their karate class where their instructor reminds them about the need for discipline. After class they are waiting for Stan’s father to give them a ride home. Randy shows up, but he’s been drinking and has a couple of beers with him to “keep his buzz going.” Stan is worried, but his father assures them that he is only “driving while he’s drinking.” While trying to show the boys a skill they will need in the future (peeing into a bottle while driving) Randy gets pulled over and fails the sobriety test. He and the boys are taken to the police station where they spend the better part of the whole night. At school the next day Stan is embarrassed and tells the Kyle and Cartman that he doesn’t want anyone to know about his father’s behavior. Much to Stan’s embarrassment, as part of his punishment Randy is going to elementary schools telling about the dangers of drinking and driving and Mrs. Garrison adds a few comments about being like “Stan’s dad.” Randy also attends his first AA meeting and is horrified to learn that he is powerless and has a disease. Knowing that he has a deadly disease that he can’t cure himself Randy starts drinking, hoping for a miracle to cure his disease. In a nearby town called Bailey there is a statue of the Virgin Mary at St. Peter’s church. The statute has started bleeding out of its ass. Randy is watching the local news coverage of the event and becomes interested when he believes the statue will help cure him of his disease.

    At an AA meeting Stan comes in and asks who’s in charge, he wants to know who was responsible for making his father think he has a disease. Stan tells them that his dad only needs to learn the discipline to control his drinking. Stan is shown to the door. Meanwhile at St. Peter’s, a cardinal is on the scene to confirm the miracle and after being splashed in the face with blood, he does just that. Randy gets behind the wheel of his car with intention of going to the statue to get cured of his alcoholism. Stan winds up driving him there. There is a long line of people waiting to be cured and Randy is a “butter and a dirty line cutter” and manages to work his way to the front of the line. He gets splashed in the face with blood and decides that he won’t drink anymore and throws his bottle away. He declares his cure a miracle.

    Back at home five days later and Randy is praising Christ. He invites Stan to come with him to an AA meeting at Whistlin’ Willy’s. While there Randy catches sight of a Channel 4 newsbreak. The new pope, Benedict XVI, has come to see the statue and after being sprayed in the face with blood declares that it is not a miracle. He says that the statue wasn’t bleeding out its ass, it was bleeding out of its vagina and since chicks do that all the time, it’s no miracle. Randy now knows that he wasn’t cured, feeling powerless he orders some drinks and others from his meeting quickly follow suit. Stan finally gets his father to see that all he really needs is discipline to drink responsibly.
  • Broadcast dates chosen to add to the insult.

    The dates that the episode, \\\"Bloody Mary\\\", was aired were probably intentional, and add greatly to the insult felt by Catholics. The episode\\\'s airings coincided very closely with two of the Roman Catholic Church\\\'s ten Holy Days of Obligation, days other than Sunday that believers are obligated to attend Mass. \\\"Bloody Mary\\\" first aired on December 7, 2005 on the eve of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. It was next aired August 2, 2006 within 2 weeks of the date of the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (August 15).

    Similarly, the conclusion of \\\"Cartoon Wars\\\" was aired April 12, 2006. Not coincidentally, that was the 2006 date of Mawlid al-Nabi, the day celebrated by Muslims as the birthdate of Muhammad.
  • To Matt Stone and Trey Parker: WE GET IT ALREADY! YOU HATE RELIGION!

    I love South Park but I think that this one of their more dumber episodes. It seemed that the whole point of this episode was to make another stab at christianity before wrapping up the season but now it seemed like theyre beating a dead horse.

    It doesnt make any sense either. If AA is a religious program then why do the courts make alcoholic drivers go? Shouldnt they have been aware of this a long time ago? What happened to separation of church and state?

    I\'m an atheist but I just thought that the Bloody Mary was both tasteless and pointless. If you\'re gonna attack Christianity for the 1000th time at least be smart and tasteful about it. Why does it surprise people that the religious folk are attacking this show again? The creators had nothing to do this season except attack religions. Why dont we go back to more original plots please?
  • The season finale.

    I can't say that I have fully seen this episode so I can't really give you a review based on my opinions but from the recap I get the basic gist of it. Randy has a drinking problem and is sent to an AA meeting after driving drunk. A statue of Mary is bleeding and Randy thinks he needs to go there to be cured of alcoholism. In the end, Randy learns that he wasn't cured by that and the way to stopp his alcoholic problem is to discipline and portion his drinks. A creative episode to say the least but a little too over the top.
  • 139th Episode

    This episode was not permitted to screen in Australia and was banned from the US, which of course makes all the more people want to see it.

    While I can hardly be called a die-hard fan since I haven't even seen a quarter of the episodes so far (and no season one eps), I did want to see this episode purely because of all the hype it was getting and luckily one of my friends has it on his computer so I could finally see it and it isn't even inappropriate enough to be banned as it is all a joke anyway (as all SP episodes are).

    The episode is very entertaining though not my favourite season 9 episode (didn't see them all but Trapped In the Closet is my favourite) and has hilarious scenes, especially regarding Randy's alcoholism disease.

    Overall, this episode is one that should not have been banned though I can sort of understand why and is a hilarious episode for people that aren't uptight.
  • Randy Marsh's drinking problem gets him sent to Alcoholics Anonymous, which makes him think he has a disease that causes him to drink uncontrollably.

    Stan's dad has a drinking problem, which gets him in trouble with the law, and he gets sent to a rehabilitation meeting, where he suddenly feels hopeless. In order to feel whole again, he visits a holy statue to get sprayed with blood, and suddenly thinks he's cured. Unfortunately for him, it's all just a hoax (as disproved by the new pope), and he and the rest of the AA members go back to their old habits of drinking. Stan tries to explain things to his dad, and he finally sees the error of his ways.

    I found it pretty good at how they can make fun of Alcoholics Anonymous and religion in a single episode, while connecting them together effortlessly. My only problem is that I would've liked to see one of the other boys trying to help him, other than just Stan. 9.9/10
  • Boring!

    This has to be the most boring episode of South Park I have ever seen. The storyline is dull and there was not one funny joke. I turned on the TV expecting a great new episode of South Park, and I got this boringness instead. You call this a season finale? If everyone shared my opinion, it would probably be a series finale, because everyone would stop watching the show. The Catholic League wants this episode banned. They can ban it for all I care. The new episodes after this one are getting worse, too. What has happened to my show?
  • Religion is the root of all that is evil!

    I've always loved South Park, but every time they put the boot in on religion I love it a little more. People who moan about this kind of episode but claim to like the show are half wits who obviously never really got the show in the first place. On the bigger subject we must remember all religion is like astrology, it's made up by someone, whether it's intentions are good is not the issue, there is no real proof to back up any religion, and if it can't stand to be mocked all the more reason to mock it!

    If you question anything I've written here go read a Richard Dawkins book! or even better all of them.
  • one of the best episodes yet

    i have seen almost every single episode of southpark i even have vhs tapes of the first seasons but this is by far the best episode yet. this mad me laugh so hard i cried my eyes out. If you dnt like this epeiode u dnt have a sense of humor.
  • YES...Another episode bashing religion. The boys take karate classes. Stan's dad becomes an alcoholic. Religious (Catholic)(Christian)Whacko's see blood coming from a statue. The new? "POPE" inspects the statue and gets a face full of blood (Hilarious seq

    Another great episode, laughed my a%^ off again. Keep fighting the people trying to keep these great episodes off the air and the DVD's. I wish you would have put a cartoon George Bush in as the person getting a face full of blood, as well as, the new? "POPE".
  • Another Relgion Bashing Episode

    When Randy Marsh picks up the boys from karatie he shows up drunk. On the way drive home he gets stoped by the cops and gets a DUI. As a result he is forced to go to AA meetings, where he is convinced that he has alcoholism.

    I've never been a big fan of the relgious episodes of South Park and this is no eception. This is one of the weakest episodes in the last 2 seasons. I just find that the religion is not that funny. The show had one of the best South Park moments though. At the start when the boys are in the Dojo is one of the funnest moments of season nine. This episode goes on my 10 biggest South Park dissapointments list.
  • Stan thinks that a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary can cure his alcoholism.

    The previous episode was awesome but this was a pathetic ending to season 9. A season which opened with gross stupidity and ended with gross stupidity.

    It was also a hateful mocking of Roman Catholicism and the Pope. They shouldn't make junk like this unless they're asking for trouble. I think it's probably safe to assume the creators have $hit for brains. Literally! That seams to be all we're getting from the filthy swines. Sick and insane ideas that seem to have come out from a pig's @ss.

    I'm trying not to be abusive here but you fight fire with fire and old habits die hard.
  • A classic

    Well that was just a classic one from matt and trey...The Statue of Mary bleeding from the ass...yeah you gotta be insane to come up with this stuff. Well...they\'re insane, we allready knew that! :)

    I just can\'t wait what will they come up next with! =)) Hopefully the church will keep it\'s voice down, a litlle controversial cartoons didn;t hurt noone.
  • Not a classic, but not as bad as some make it out to be


    Just watched this episode and, although it\'s not the best episode this season, \'Bloody Mary\' isn\'t nearly as bad as some of the other reviewers here have made it out. This episode is another example of the SP boys trying to take the piss out of those that take themselves too seriously, and this time the fodder is miracle statues and alchohalism. I know there was a stink from the Catholic League regarding how the Virgin Mary is offensively represented here, but it\'s honestly no more offensive than any of the other targets of SP\'s usual comedy. The alcholism bits did tend to get a little too repetitive, hammering the point over and over, but I still got a kick out of Stan\'s dad taking centre stage. And big confession....I did laugh when the statue farted blood. Yeah, it\'s crude, but the shock alone was funny. Not a hilarious episode, but just as funny as a general episode.
  • The episode was about a statue bleeding out of it's rear-end. All the people think that it's a sign from god and they all go bilistic. Then the pope says that it is normal for ladies to bleed out of "Certain places".

    The Religious groups have to make a huge deal out of a cartoon. If you like south park and you are not offended about almost everything, you will enjoy this episode. they do not attack the Cathlics or Christians at all. They just think that a statue crying blood is silly.
  • they got big chocolate salty balls...

    Quite possibly another great reason why South Park is great to watch, they have the balls to say what many people think but never say or do so but wihin their own circles. If people don't like watching someone making fun of how stupid a bleeding statue sounds then there's the remote, chance is there's about another 50+ channels to watch and millions of books, magazines, newspapers, and other lit to read. As for me, I still like the mormon episode better...dum dum dum dum, dum, duuum, duuuuummmmmbb!!
  • ...It's just not funny.

    I'm continuously dissapointed by the newer seasons, and this is just one of those reasons. Yeah, maybe one chuckle, but I'm sick of stupid, unfunny shows. The plot was boring, unoriginal, and of course, extrodinarily offensive. While I could care less about offending people, I just keep feeling like the only reason the creators are offending people is because it forces astonished laughter and draws attention. I'm looking forward to eventually being able to watch simply designed (not reaching for laughter) yet funny episodes again.
  • Nothing's too holy to laugh at.

    Once again South Park has made us all laugh with another hilarious episode, this time making fun of catholics yet again. I myself am a Lutheran, not devoted though, so I can't get enough of the scene when the pope gets Virgin Mary's menstrual blood all over his face. The very first moment they showed the bleeding spot I looked at the screen and thought to myself; "Is that blood coming out of her ASS?" And boy was it ever.

    I love the way South Park makes fun with this thing called cosmic truth, like in the skientology episode. They just point out some silly part of devoted Catholic-Christian religion and have everyone laughing. Not anyone can do it that well, it must take some skill. Skill that Trey and Matt have.

    The AA meeting part was funny too. The way they tell Randy "you yourself can't make the decision of giving up drinking" was funny because the religious arrangements tend to be that way. In the end South Park told us another truth about life: If you spend your life avoiding something you like, then it's still controlling your life.
  • disapointed but I will still watch south park

    this was not a good episode, and i don't just say this because I am Catholic,I was really saddened by this one, and I took Catholic jokes well in the past, just a little over the line and not even funny I hope we rebound because South Park is a all time Fave.
  • this one is funny but no the greatest episode..they can do better

    this one is funny but no the greatest episode..they can do better.. when my father dies like that and drink and smoke and have sex with that all mothefucker well is exiting i am a latino guy i can´t write so well like all u americans but heyy i love u all specially girls..
  • Mr. Marsh gets in to an accident driving drunk and has to attend AA meetings. They convince him he has a disease, he takes it literally and acts like he is termanally ill. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary bleeds from its ass, and is called a mir

    I'm a catholic and i always stress going to church, and tell my friends to go. When they dont i call them heathens. Now i do admit i blaspheme as much as the next guy (even more), and this made me laugh my ass off. Classic episode, true SouthPark style.
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