South Park

Season 15 Episode 11

Broadway Bro Down

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2011 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Randy mocks one his fellow co-workers when he finds out he took his wife to a musical; however when he finds out he got a blow-job as a reward, suddenly Randy has an interest in taking Sharon to Denver to see the hit show. At the performance of "Wicked" he's taken Sharon to see, Randy isn't sure he is going to get his reward. A fellow patron tells him about the subtext of the show, where a blowjob is mentioned every 10 seconds. Randy returns to his seat and the subtext becomes very obvious to him. Randy and Sharon are driving home and Sharon is just raving about the show. She realizes the show was a real treat and she gives Randy a real treat. Randy raves about it the next day at the aquatic center, where he is supposed to be coaching the kids on diving. Other dads there make recommendations for other shows that Randy should go and see. It gets Randy so excited, he gets plane tickets and a hotel room for himself and Sharon to go an visit the Great White Way, Broadway in New York City. While their parents are gone, Stan and Shelley are forced to stay with the Vegans. The Vegan family are of course vegans and they also all wear lifejackets all the time. The Vegan father keeps spouting out his vegan agenda, but Shelley offers counter opinions, much to the delight of the Vegan son, Larry, who encourages Shelley to say more. Stan tries calling his dad for help, but Randy and Sharon are in New York, seeing plenty of Broadway shows and Randy is getting a lot of subtext as a reward. Back home in South Park Randy raves about the trip to the other guys. They talk about how Denver is the only place to see a show and Wicked will be going to Seattle soon. Randy comes up with the idea that they need to bring Broadway to their town, how hard can it be to write a musical. Sometime later, Randy is watching the rehearsal for his blowjob musical. After he's eaten his first Slim Jim ever, Larry Vegan comes to Marsh home and offers Shelley a flower as a reward for her standing up for him.

Randy is watching another rehearsal, when he is interrupted. It seems the Broadway greats want to meet him including Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Stephen Schwartz, Sir Elton John and Stephen Sondheim. They've heard about his musical, they are afraid he is going to ruin it for everybody. They know that Randy doesn't know about subtext, Randy lyrics for his musical "Splooge Drench Blowjob Queen" are quite textual about the topic. Randy isn't prepared to hear any of it. Over at the Marsh home, Larry Vegan is out front serenading Shelley about the changes she brought to his life; he even removes his lifejacket. At another rehearsal Randy is interrupted by the guys who bring him news that Stephen Sondheim wants to challenge him to a "Bro Down." Randy thinks he is ready for the challenge. At the Marsh home, Shelley and Larry are playing X-Box 360, while their mothers are talking about the fact that each of their children has come out of their shell. Out in a nearby parking lot, Randy and Stephen Sondheim are having their "Bro Down." When the "Bro Down" is over, the celebration begins with a "Bro Out." Sondheim and the others offer to help Randy with the subtext of his musical, starting by renaming it "The Woman in White." They welcome Randy to "Brod Way." Randy returns home and finds Sharon up, waiting for Shelley to come home from seeing her first Broadway musical, a performance of "Wicked" with her friend Larry Vegan. Knowing what that is going to mean for Larry, Randy races out of the house.

Randy is racing towards to Denver. In the car he explains to Sharon what the secret message of Broadway musicals are. She's skeptical at first, but as the evidence is mounting, she knows it to be true. They get to the theater and Randy goes in after Shelley. He is thrown out of the theater. At a costume shop near the theater, Randy breaks the front window and grabs a costume, to put an end to Broadway theater once and for all. The costume he puts on is Spiderman. He interrupts the performance of "Wicked" with his Spiderman abilities. He crashes into a water main causing it to open and start flooding the theater. The show is brought to a halt. There is only one reported casualty of the evening, Larry Vegan, who would have survived had he been wearing his lifejacket. Randy comes into Shelley's room offering his condolences to her on the loss of her friend Larry. Randy tells Sharon that he's going to expose the Broadway conspiracy. He offers her his apology for trying to brainwash her. She doesn't know if she can be mad at him for something every guy does. She likes the shows and it causes her to something that makes her man happy once in a while, so be it. Together they wonder what the next is that is coming to Denver and the answer just may be "The Book of Mormon on Broadway." Whatever it might actually be, it will be worth the ticket price for couples everywhere.