South Park

Season 15 Episode 11

Broadway Bro Down

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2011 on Comedy Central

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  • One Joke Horse


    Randy episodes have generally been very funny. I will always remember MEDICINAL MARIJUANA as a great episode. Unfortunately this one just doesn't work. Randy is a funny character and it is usually how DUMB he reacts to things "People who ANNOY you... I know it..but I don;t think I should say it..OK--N..ggers! LOL" etc. however , tonight's episode focuses on some rather shocking visual sight gags about oral sex. I was surprised this even aired. But somehow randy';s attempt to put on a Broadway play just falls FLAT. it just isn't all that funny. There isn;t much bite after the first few minutes and the episode sort of just repeats the same joke over and over (Women get subliminal messages seeing musical plays). But the BOYS are absent (where are they?) and randy doesn't really have that many good jokes. this is only a fair episode and not one I really want to have repeat viewings.

  • Did you know broadway plays have subliminal messages?


    When I heard about this episode I thought to myself an episode like this was inevitable but suprisingly this episode is not about ''The Book Of Mormon''!? Instead we get something very different about broadway plays. This was a decent episode, the main plot is about husbands taking their wives to go to broadway plays so they could get blow job$(I dont wanna give away too many details.), the side plot is almost non existant.

    plot: 7 out of 10, This is a randy episode. I liked the main plot it was interesting but it wasn't consistant it seemed unsure where to take the idea. The side plot was very boring and undeveloped they shouldve picked a different one or even not had one at all.

    jokes: 6 out of 10, Though very funny at first it became tiresome after all the only jokes in this episodes are about blow job$.

    closing comments: Overall this episode is okay but we have seen better episodes this season, however we've also seen worse.

  • I feel I need to clarify the brilliance of this episode for those who missed the point... (Spoilers Ahead):


    There are a couple of reviews that are complaining about the fact that there was only one joke used to carry this episode (that women are presented with subliminal messaging in Broadway shows in order that they should want to perform oral sex). However, the point of this repeated joke is that the ENTIRE EPISODE is a subliminal message to us, the South Park viewers, to go see "The Book of Mormon". This is evidenced by the brief, 2 second promo at the end of the episode. Trey and Matt are geniuses, and their brilliance continues with "Broadway Bro Down".

    I think that the half-season started out poorly, but has now taken a very positive upturn. I truly hope that the remaining episodes can either match, or top, this brilliance.

  • perfect


    what i liked- the repeated blowjob jokes (which got kind of old near the end, but still pretty funny), the 'bro off', Randy as Spider-Man (i didn't know that was a reference to a broadway show, since i do not watch broadway shows), Randy's reaction when he finds out Shelley and her friend are at Wicked, the Book of Mormon joke at the end of the episode, Shelley sticking up for that boy in his house, the boy writing a song for Shelley and Shelley invited him inside to play x-box, etc.

    this was a pretty great episode, i felt. the only thing i did not like was the ending when it was revealed the boy had died inside the broadway show. i dunno, i felt that was a bit much. but i decided not to let that bring down my score. so, my final grade is an A+.