South Park

Season 7 Episode 13

Butt Out

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • Rob Reiner Character is my Favorite Left Wing Nutjob Stereotype!

    I absolutely hate breathing in cigarette smoke ... and this episode is awesome! The Rob Reiner character is my go-to stereotype of a left wing liberal nutjob. I always think of this episode whenever I hear about nanny Bloomberg, Obama, Boxer, Jackson Lee, trying to shove their will down the throat of the American people, or spewing lies because it will bring about a result that is good for the poor people who just don't understand what they really need. I especially like Cartrman's hero-worship of Reiner because he gets to go around imposing his will on everyone. Cracks me up because it's such an accurate reflection of the worst left wing nutjobs in politics and news media.
  • A ridiculous attempt to defend smoking??

    I've enjoyed a number of South Park episodes, but this one is pure BS!

    First of all, smoking in public does not in any way, shape or form raise a question of "tolerance"! Putting up with someone else's cigarette smoke is not being "tolerant", and no one should have to do so. It is an insult to true issues of tolerance to allege that likeness.

    They make a statement that no "hard" evidence has ever been found that anyone has died from second-hand cigarette smoke. If we can assume that their statement about evidence actually is true, that should not be such an unlikely situation, as such evidence would be pretty much impossible TO gather. What certainly has not been proven is that no one has died from second-hand smoke!

    At any rate, what is self-evident is that cigarette smoke is damned obnoxious to be around, and is certainly not something that anyone has a "natural right" to produce in public places. Furthermore, smoking should NOT be equated with unhealthy eating habits, which will harm the perpetrator, to be sure, but does not get inflicted on those around them.

    And this doesn't even address how blatantly unfair it is to suggest that Rob Reiner would try to kill a child to promote his point of view. How clueless have people become that they think a "good satire" is worthwhile in the face of its damaging falsehoods?
  • Another effort by Matt and Trey to preach to anyone who watches Comedy Central!

    Matt and Trey do it again- they preach. And oh, how do they preach. They really do think they are the be-all end-all of edumacating us poor ignorant folk who don't buy into their philosophy of everything. The show has grown increasingly preaching and condescending, going so far as to putting their own personal views into the show, and using the South Park vehicle to present them.

    Whatever stance you have as far as smoking goes (if you think it's dangerous or don't care), Matt and Trey completely ignore the fact that people have serious issues with smokers in public places. People who have allergies, respiratory problems, or even if people have a nauseous reaction to smoking (which is perfectly legitimate), should have the right to NOT breathe in that air. It is a public health hazard to at least SOME people, if not most (i.e. even if you don't think second hand smoking is deadly, it still disrupts the enjoyment of the space by other people).

    In any case, that's MY view on it. However, Matt and Trey don't open anything to debate. They make Rob Reiner look like a power hungry monster (the most random person possible, since there really aren't many famous people so adamantly against smoking they had to make a scapegoat)
  • This was the first episode of south park I saw.

    This was the first episode of South Park I saw and is also one of my favorites. It starts when a really stupid band comes to the school they are against smoking. Then they say "If you don't smoke you could be just like us." Then the boys get caught smoking then they blame the smoking corporations. So then Rob Reiner comes who is a very big antismoker guy. So then he tries to say that the cigarette companies influenced them to smoke. Stan, Kyle, and Kenny leave. But Rob Reiner becomes Cartmans hero. This is definitely one of favorite episodes.
  • Another great lesson by Matt & Trey about tolerance!

    When I was younger I didnt understand why smoking was bad because all I remember was a bunch of lectures much like the Butt Out! stage show about not smoking or you'll die. They never explained all that stuff about lung cancer, addictions, and stuff. The boys find the Butt Out gang as mentally impaired beings and start smoking in order to avoid becoming them. This leads to another plot roller coaster in which the boys try to hide what they did by letting something else take the blame and chaos ensues. In the end the lesson learned is that people should take their own responsibilities for the bad health choices they make be it smoking or obesity. I love that ironic scene with Rob Reiner in his office!
  • Kennys eating his own hand.

    This episode was making fun of the Anti Smoking people and king of the fatass whiners, Rob Reiner and his plot to kill Cartman to make people beleive smoking kills [how do they come up with this]. It starts off with some Anti Smokers who are... super gay saying that if you don't smoke you can wind up like them, causing to boys to smoke and burn down the school, they then blame Tobbaco and Reiner tries to take the Tobacco down, the Boys discover how Tobaco helps and kill Rob Reiner by stabbing him and making his goo come out.
  • A great satire of the effort against smoking, though not quite like the book "Thank You For Smoking"

    A motivation team "Butt Out" visits school, and the boys don't like them, so they disobey their "Butt Out" campagin and smoke, accidentally destroying the school in the process. As a result, anti-tobacco hero Rob Reiner makes Cartman do an antitobacco ad, then wants to kill Cartman in order to prove his point. This episode is a fine parody of the effort to stop smoking in the United States. I like the part where Rob wants to kill Cartman as proof that he will die from secondhand smoke. In fact, people, it IS a bad idea to smoke, and the way the people say they'll die from breathing smoke in PSA's is probably just pulp fiction. So you antismoking people like me check this out for a good laugh.