South Park

Season 7 Episode 13

Butt Out

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • During the scene in which Cartman runs out of the recording studio there is a small red dot on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

    • Help me out with this one… When the kids have to make a decision between being grounded for three weeks or getting help from the tobacco companies, which would make everyone, come up with torches, why would they choose the second one? Because after they chose that, they were still grounded… It's like either be grounded or do all that work and still be grounded.

      Response: The kids didn't really KNOW that they would get grounded at the time! They were just PREDICTING that that would happen; no one knew for SURE. And besides, they're kids, and kids (usually) don't think too much about consequences.

    • From previous episodes it has been shown that Kenny isn't afraid to try anything from gasoline to alien drugs. It's a wonder why he never tried a cigarette before.

    • Shadows are shown where the boys are smoking. They are on the south side of the school, judging by the shadows.

    • Why are the firefighters the size of gnomes? The perspective doesn't change any, but the firefighters look smaller than the students.

    • There was much discussion about the commercial that showed Butters being subjected to heavy peer presssure by Butt Out! and pissing his pants. That was missing from the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Rob Reiner: I'm Rob Reiner! You've just been Reiner'd!

    • Cartman: I thought you guys were my friends, but I guess I was wrong!
      Kyle: Yea dude, you were totally wrong.

    • Cartman: Oh! I get it Kyle, that's your Serbian Jew double-bluff!

    • Rob Reiner: What kind of backward hick state is this!?!

    • Rob Reiner: We're gonna use these children to bring the companies down!

    • Stan: Dad, it was just…
      Randy: I don't have a son!

    • (The kids are stuck in a lame anti-smoking assembly)
      Cartman: You guys, Kenny's eating his own hand.

    • Mr. Mackey: Well hey, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you boys have been smoking!
      Cartman: No, no, Mr. Mackey. We don't have any cigarettes.
      Mr. Mackey: [while school is burning down] Well you'd better not! Because let me tell you some'n' about smokin'! Uh, smokin's bad, m'kay. And uh, if you start smokin' at an early age, m'kay, it's gonna be bad. M'kay, because, uh, smoking can lead to all kinds of health problems like cancer. M'kay, and let me tell you something about cancer, m'kay. Cancer's bad. M'kay, and, uh, eh, what? What the? [notices fire] Holy shit, m'kay!

    • Stan: Well, I guess we learned our lesson.
      Kyle: No we didn't, dude! No we didn't! (walks away)

    • Rob Reiner: Oh, God Dammit, do I have to explain this again? Smoking is bad, people! So if we have to be a little extreme to stop it, it's okay!!
      Kyle: No it isn't, you fat turd! Because, I've learned something today. You just hate - (to Stan) See, I knew it.
      Stan: Yup.

    • Rob Reiner: Sometimes lying is okay, like when you know what's good for people more than they do.
      Cartman: Oh my God, that is exactly what I think!

    • Factory Workers: (singing) With a hidey lidey lidey and a hidey lidey lay,
      We work and we make cigarettes all hidey lidey day.
      So folks can get a breaky from their stressful lidey lives,
      And relaxy with the cigarettes we make all day and night.
      Worker #1: (singing) I like to have a cigarette every now and then,
      It makes me fee-l calmer when the day is at an end.
      Worker #2: (singing) And if it gives me cancer when I'm 80 I don't care.
      Who the hell wants to be 90 anyway?
      Factory Workers: (singing) So with a hidey lidey lidey and a hidey lidey lay,
      We work and we make cigarettes all hidey lidey day.
      So folks can get a breaky from their stressful lidey lives,
      And relaxy with the cigarettes we make all day and night.

    • Cartman: Handle it? For two billion dollars I would handle my Grandpa's balls, sir.

    • Cartman: I don't idolize you anymore, asshole!
      (he stabs Rob Reiner with fork, forcing goo to come out of him)
      Rob Reiner: My goo! My precious goo!

    • (Rob Reiner gets stuck in the car door)
      Rob Reiner: Dammit. Butter. Butter!
      Mr. Garrison: What did he say?
      Rob Reiner: Butter!
      (the driver comes out to butter him up so he can get out)

  • Notes

    • First time the fact that Stan, Kyle and Kenny really aren't Cartman's friends is revealed to his face, although Eric doesn't really notice.

    • In it's original airing, the episode ended right when Cartman groans in agony of being grounded. In later showings, there's a new scene where Stan asks Kyle if they've learned anything, and Kyle storms off.

    • This episodes alludes to the South Park movie many, many times. For instance, the entire principal's office scene is almost a remake of the office scene in the movie, right down to Cartman acting freaked out so he can get out of being grounded at the end. The rest is also similar, a fat, obnoxious, bullying individual stands up aganist the so-called "enemy" (in this case it's Rob Reiner), which in turn, the enemy is a peaceful one until it has been threatened. (Big Tobacco here) The boys are shoved through all of this, and their lives are almost done away with. (only Cartman's in this episode) Another allusion is the fact that the boys are trying to dodge from getting grounded for three weeks, just like in SP:BLU. Kyle even realizes all of this, claiming that this is all going to become one gigantic mess and they should abort it ASAP. Unfortunely, Cartman leads them to tell the moral and follow the formula, and just like in the movie, there's an ultra-happy ending with pretty much everyone, both sides.

  • Allusions

    • Yul Brynner:

      Cartman's commercial was a spoof of one starring Yul Brynner, who died from lung cancer.

    • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory:

      The depiction of the workers in the cigarette factory is a reference to the Oompa Loompa's in "Charlie/Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."

    • Animals:

      Cartman: You guys, Kenny's eating his own hand!

      This is an allusion to how trapped animals will gnaw at their trapped limbs to escape a truly desperate situation.

    • Punk'd:

      Rob Reiner: I'm Rob Reiner, and you've just been Reiner'd!

      This line refers to the 2003 reality TV show "Punk'd," hosted by actor Ashton Kutcher. In it, they would play a prank on a celebrity, and then at the end, Ashton Kutcher would say to the celebrity "I'm Ashton Kutcher, and you've just been punk'd!"