South Park

Season 16 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

In the school cafeteria Cartman is talking about today's music videos by pretty girls are always about their va-jay-jays. Butters joins them without a lunch, he's been bullied again for his lunch money. The other boys suggest ways he can report it, but Butters isn't a "Tattle Tale," "Anonymous Andy," or a "Cliché Conflict Resolution Kevin." He's told to just ride it out and it will pass, but Stan decides he needs to do something about bullying. Kyle suggests that Butters talk to his family about it, Butters' grandmother is in town, why doesn't he talk to her. We quickly learn the answer to that question, when we find out the main bully in Butters' life is his grandmother. At school the next day, a Captain Kangaroo haircut looking guy named Bucky Bailey is in Mr. Mackey's office talking with him about the bullying situation in today's schools. He is offering his Bully Buckers™ service to help stamp it out in the school. Mr. Mackey is reluctant to replace today's assembly on positive thinking with one on bullying, until the guy from Bully Buckers™ bullies him into it. A girl tells Butters that his grandmother is waiting to meet him outside behind the school. Butters makes a run to the boy's bathroom, only to find his grandmother in there waiting for him. She says he narc'd on her and that's why the school is having an anti-bullying assembly. She locks the bathroom door and the picks up "narc puck" (urinal cake) and starts to stick it into his mouth, when the door is knocked upon by Mr. Adler. She makes up an excuse for being in there and Mr. Adler takes her over to the girl's bathroom, but not before threatening Butters with death if he ever narcs on her again. At the assembly Bucky Bailey is doing his anti-bullying presentation by bullying a student and then the entire student body into getting someone to volunteer to be in charge of an anti-bullying video for the school. Stan volunteers and the next sequences are Stan's video "Stop Bullying," which features amongst other things Cartman dressed and singing about va-jay-jays like a female pop star. The ending is interrupted by Butters, who decides he no longer wants to do the video, thinking it is gonna make it worse for himself. Stan wants him to finish it and asks Butters if he wants to be bullied his whole life. Kyle just tells Stan flat out that Butters' just doesn't want to do it. Kyle leaves and Stan follows him out. Kyle believes that Stan's video is more about Stan than about bullying. Kyle warns him not to wind up naked and jacking it in San Diego, whatever the hell that means.

At the Stotch home at dinnertime Butters is a lot uncomfortable, his grandmother is sticking him with a fork under the table. She also sticks some of her boogers in his mashed potatoes. There is a knock at the door and Kenny, Cartman and Stan have come over with some good news, their video is going to be bought a Hollywood movie company. With that news, Stan is very popular at school, until he goes into the boys bathroom and is confronted by Bucky Bailey. Since it was his idea, Bucky wants his cut of the video and starts bullying Stan and makes him cry. At home, Butters decides to face his bully in the guise of Professor Chaos, but his plan is soon thwarted when his grandmother has a super-villain costume of her own. She attacks him with her "gummy bears." At school, Bucky Bailey goes into the boy's bathroom, where he is confronted by the president of the movie company that bought the video. The president bullies Bucky Bailey into giving up his rights and makes him cry. Cartman and Kenny are putting up movie posters for the premiere of the video, Kyle tells them that he doesn't want one on his locker. Kyle goes into the boy's bathroom, where he is confronted by Stan. They argue for bit when Kyle comes back with the statement that if the video needs to be seen by everyone, why doesn't he put it up on the Internet where everyone can see it for free. Stan doesn't want to hear that, and Kyle again closes his argument by telling Stan that when he is naked and jacking it in San Diego, don't ask me for help. Stan wonders why he keeps saying that.

Stan and Butters appear on The Dr. Oz Show. Dr. Oz tries bullying Butters into saying things against his bully. The pressure becomes too much for Butters who finally lets loose on Dr. Oz's face. Stan is in the office of the studio owner, who is afraid the negative publicity from that appearance is going to hurt their box office. The executive goes to the bathroom, where he is confronted by Jesus. Jesus threatens to send him to hell. At the Stotch home, Butters goes into his grandmother's room and confesses that he now understands where she's coming from, and he reminds her that when she is old and sick, he's gonna come visit her to remind her that he is who he is. At school, Stan is booed when he returns to school. The studio has backed out of the deal and ABC and Dr. Oz are suing him and the school. Stan realizes now that there is only one thing for him to do. He flies to San Diego, gets naked and starts jacking it in the streets via a musical montage.