South Park

Season 16 Episode 5


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 11, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • south park

    this episode sucked when compared to previous seasons; cartman should be the star of the show, and the ending 'jacking it 'really. too much singing, make cartman kill someone
  • Butterballs

    I thought this was great. What i liked- the bathroom gags (Especially the last one with Jesus, and the one with Stan and Kyle), the ending (the song and... you know what else I'm talking about), the music video, Butters talking to his grandmother about why she bullies him near the end, etc.

    I haven't seen every episode of this season but this was really funny and good, definitely my favorite of the season from what I have seen. It hit all the right notes for me. A+
  • Great Concept

    This episode had an amazing concept, I love how Trey and Matt point out that Hollywood is trying to make money off of bullying while pretending to care. I also love the interaction between butters and his grandmother, it's sheer genius.
  • GREAT episode! glad to see trey and matt care about..uhh..nevermind

    This was a funny episode. i loved how this was a stan and butters episode. i loved butters in how he finally stood up for himself (like beating the crap out of someone)
  • average..despite

    Just wasn't all that good despite the important topic--that South Park really could have done so muc hwith..School Bullying. Despite some original ideas and a very cool ending..the bulk of the episode just didnt make me LOL--yeah there were songs, there was Butters grand mother bullying, and a VERY good comeback speech by Butters to his grandma "you'll be deas very soon": lol but somehow it all didnt add up to PURE genius jus t a 7 out of 10. SHould have been funnier.
  • This episode was so good

    I seriously love episodes with stuff that you wouldn't even think of happening, like Butters grandmother bullied him (I thought it would've been a kid at his school) and when Butters's grandmother is his arch nemesis! I was so speechless no lie! It was so genius I could even taste the genius out of it. I love the Bully plot and the parody of Kony, I'm so excited to find out what they'll make fun of next week!
  • TO COMIC CON Wonder what I'm gonna do there... (Jackin it)

    After 4 very weak Episodes Season 16 is finally on track and we have a new Classic. Stan stands up for bullying in a hilarious parody of Anti Bullying Propaganda and the Kony 2012 video.. The Episode was chock full of Hilarous moments, Cartman cross dressing, Everybody bullying everybody else. Butters continuing to be tormented. and THE END which will go down as one of the best endings in South Park history.

    I have a strong urge to go to San Diago now.....