South Park

Season 13 Episode 9

Butters' Bottom Bitch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Butters is a douche bag and a dork and he is taking abuse because he hasn't yet kissed a girl, but that all changes when he finds out that he can kiss a girl today. Sally is selling kisses for $5. He gets ready and goes to see her. He pays his $5 and gets a kiss and now he is man in the other boy's eyes. And now that he feels like a man he feels he needs to become responsible and get a job. He decides to start helping Sally out with her kissing business. For every $5 kiss, he gets a $2 cut. He realizes that together they could make even more money if they expand. He decides they need to add more girls and start a kissing company. At the Park County Police Station, they hear about a new prostitution company starting up in South Park. They decide to set up a sting. The undercover cop takes the job seriously and gives the John a blowjob first, and then he arrests him. The boys find out about the "Butters Kissing Company". Kyle tells Butters that he is nothing but a "common pimp". Butters looks up pimp on the Internet and finds out about their convention and decides he needs to go. At the pimp convention he starts to learn how to "know the game," you know what I'm saying. When he returns home and his parents ask him about the little girlfriend they hear that he might have. He tells them Sally isn't his girlfriend; she's just his "bottom bitch".

The undercover cop is still really getting in his work. He really satisfies another John first and then he finally arrests him. In Butters tries to recruit Bebe and Wendy into his business. When Stan threatens to kick his ass, Butters hires Clyde to protect him for $100. Kyle tries to talk with Butters about how his business is wrong. Butters turns it around explains to him that although the kisses guys get from their girlfriends are free, they are ultimately paying for it in some way, which is more expensive then the $5 his company is charging. At a fraternity party, the undercover cop pops out of a cake and then after taking all the fraternity brothers inside him, he finally has them arrested for oral and anal sex. Some of the officers are a bit worried about the undercover cop taking his role to far. The undercover cop takes a call from "his daddy" and he needs to go see him right now. Real prostitutes find out about how respectful a pimp that Butters is and they start going to work for him.

Butters goes to ACORN to see if he can get housing loan opportunities for his bitches. Butters mentions who some of his customers are, including one of the ACORN employees, which gets him approval for two housing loans and tax exempt status. One of the real prostitutes wonders why Sally is Butters "bottom bitch". The undercover cop "Yolanda" comes into Butters' office (his bedroom) and might be ready to bust the operation when there is a commotion outside. Yolanda's pimp has come looking for her, he wants to get married. When Butters sees how happy they are together he "changes the game" by not standing in the way of Yolanda's happiness. He decides to leave the company and let his bitches make money on their own. Later after they've been married, at their chateau in Switzerland, "Yolanda" finally arrests his pimp.