South Park

Season 13 Episode 9

Butters' Bottom Bitch

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Oct 14, 2009 on Comedy Central

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  • After paying $5 for his first kiss, Butters senses a business opportunity and soon has a number of girls 'working the playgrounds' for him. Meanwhile, Sergeant Yates is determined to do anything to crack down on prostitution – ANYTHING. Well *I* liked it.

    This review contains spoilers.

    After reading most of the previous reviews which seemed to either think this was either a mediocre or downright terrible episode, I wasn't expecting much from this story when I came to watch it. How wrong could I be – I know others disagree, but personally I found it hilarious, and rank it as a lower-end classic.

    As much as I like those episodes, it's good to see a story where Butters doesn't have to be teamed with Cartman; he holds the story perfectly well on his own. It all starts off so innocently – starting a company for boys to pay $5 to kiss a girl (or $2 for a hug!). As with many great 'South Park' stories, it takes a simple (and naive) premise, and takes it to an extreme.

    The b-plot, which wraps up with the main story, is also hilarious – Sergeant Yates goes quite literally all out to crack down on prostitution in South Park (BTW, I didn't realise Sergeant Yates was his name until I looked it up on Wikipedia just now). In recent seasons, I wonder what's happened to Officer Barbrady – a regular of earlier seasons, he's hardly ever seen nowadays. But it didn't matter, as I found Yates posing with a prostitute – complete with moustache – who insists on completely 'going through the motions' before arresting clients really funny. It's pretty much a one-joke plot, but instead of finding it repetitive, I personally found it laugh-out-loud amusing, and with some good voice acting to boot.

    In the end, after witnessing 'true love' (Yates and his pimp), Butters realises he can't sell kisses anymore. I felt it wrapped up the story really nicely, without having to go for the forced 'closing morals' of earlier seasons.

    I know many will disagree, but personally I found this to be an excellent episode. While I didn't dislike last week's 'Dead Celebrities', I enjoyed this one infinitely more. And a good test of how good it is – I think I will be able to watch this one over and over again. If the rest of the season keeps up this kind of quality, I'll be very happy.
  • What the...

    Theres never anything wrong with a 'Butters' episode in principle, however this one was well a little too odd.

    I didn't dislike this episode, but even having seen it twice now, I still dont exactly get it. Episodes like this are why I think animated shows and American comedies in general should run for a extra 5 minutes. This was a perfect example of why 22 minute comedies cannot pull of big storylines. In many ways the funniest part of this storyline was the undercover copper, however this 'B' story was what made this episode feel rushed and incomplete; it ended too abruptly without a satisfying ending that should has comically concluded the coppers bad disguise and odd behaviour. It's abundantly clear that they simply ran out of time and had to wrap things up. Because of the unfinished ending this episodes becomes very weak because of the lack of a solid concluesion to many things are left hanging in the air.

    This doesn't negate the fact that this episode had plently of classic humour. However for an episode that had clear direction and tried to make plenty of points the poor round up ment that the viewer became a bit confused and any poiniancy was lost. All of which could have been solved with a few more minutes.

    My score is certainly harsh, but then so are Matt and Trey. I'm not giving these guys any slack, They make these episodes within a week, and if they can accomplish that imagine what they could do with a bit more time and kick up the backside!

    Nevertheless the last half of this series is shaping up to be a massive improvement, and I honestly am smiling more than I am moaning.
  • Awesomely hilarious!

    I haven't watched any south park since the first episode of mid-season (last episode) so i'm gonna watch them all in the next few days. Let me tell you, this episode was hilarious. It was one of the better episodes of the season and it was funny as hell. The whole episode was great. Butters starting his kissing company and learning to become a pimp was awesome and the cop taking his prostitution job thing (or whatever its called) way to seriously was disgusting and hilarious. When the guy farted out the evidence i nearly threw up. Im not sure if its because i was laughing so hard or if it was because it was so disgusting. South parks needs more great episodes like this!
  • great

    The other boys torture Butters because he has never been kissed. He learns that a girl is selling kisses for 5 dollars. He goes to her, and convinces her (and soon other girls) to sell hugs and/or kisses for money, and Butters soon becomes too caught up with being a 'pimp.' Will Butters ever go back to normal

    Good episode. Butters is a great character and I thought this was a pretty funny episode. Not the best obviously, but it was an enjoyable way to spend 22 minutes. My final grade for this episode would be in the "B" range.
  • Butters is being tortured in the schoolyard because he has never kissed a girl. The guys remedy this for him by paying a girl to kiss him. He likes it so much he starts his own business which of course ends up going way beyond reasonable proportions.

    This starts out to be a pretty funny episode until the detective gets involved and the show goes a little weird on us. So the basis of the show is Butters starts a kissing business which is going well at first. He adds some girls and starts doing really well. Then of course things get out of hand when he goes to a Pimp convention. Eventually he is getting loans for his business by coincidentally (by accident) doing business with gentlemen who are frequenting his girls. This part of the story was your usual funny Butters stuff even though it gets way out of the reasonable range. Remember this is South Park.

    The weird part of the story is the police detectives hear there is a new prostitution ring in town. They can't figure out who the pimp is so they go after the John's. The lead detective dresses up like a call girl and then entraps men. The weird part is he gos thru with the acts even though he can arrest them for the solicitation before hand. The other cops notice, but are to embarrassed to say anything and of course this part of the story really gets out of hand.

    The Butters part was funny and the scene in the class was hilarious as he's trying to pick up more girls. Once again they just blow away the funny bits by taking the whole story beyond bizarro land.

    I enjoyed the Butters piece and could have done without the police bit. Overall it was enjoyable though. Thanks for reading...
  • At last, Yates is back!

    I was never a huge fan of Officer Barbrady, I felt there wasn't a lot the writers could do with him, considering how stupid he is, but Sg Yates, voiced brilliantly by Trey Parker, is so much more of a stereotype for Trey/Matt to develop and in this episode, I was stunned that he betrayed his beloved Irish wife Maggie (What happened to her?!). Yates' transformation was a bit out of the blue but it's a comedy show and it works perfectly. He is responsible for one of the most sickest scenes I've ever seen in South Park, with the evidence bag. And for that, this episode deserves a 9.
  • not the best butters episode but still decent.

    So what do we have here, the episode starts off with cartman and craig bullying butters because he never kissed a girl in his life. then the gang hears that a girl called Sally is selling kisses for 5 bucks. After butters kisses her he thinks he matured and starts a kissing business and that s his story.
    i cant say this episode was bad but i cant say it was great. it was good episode. had some classic jokes like butters acting like a pimp and the police officer saying freeze !! Especially the ending was hilarious. the police officer giving a BJ to the people and all that moaning was sick,but the look on the other police officers when they were hearing the incident and the look on their faces were hilarious.

    Even though cartman,kenny,kyle and stan are not included in this episode that much, it s still a decent episode.
  • Butters becomes a pimp

    There are so many things wrong about this episode it scares me. But then again, South Park goes were few people really dare to. The thing I found interesting but not surprising, is most of the time I'm laughing at this episode, I'm also shaking my head, wondering if South Park might have finally hit a "no-no" button. Not to say that they haven't before and not that the episode gets that explicit, but is it too much to say that children and prostitution should never be in the same sentence, let alone being joked about? I guess it's all really a matter of opinion. Not to say that this episode isn't enjoyable and leaves you with a few good hard chuckles, you be the judge.
  • Butters decide to become a pimp when he sees that it can make him money.

    Enjoyable but definitely not for everybody. They've done episodes with Butters having interactions with prostitutes and pimps, but this was an episode where he becomes a pimp.

    The idea to become a pimp comes from a harmless idea, Butters have to make money. Cartman said they created a monster, but actually the idea to become a pimp probably came more from Sally who was making money selling of kisses.

    When Butters starts his own business selling kisses, the police get the idea that a prostitution ring is starting.

    There are a couple of hilarious but disgusting scenes involving a cop whose either gay or at least not mentally all there. I am not sure where they were going with this part of the episode. However, I found the pimping parts with Butters to be right on the money.
  • This is a side of butters we thought we'll ever see

    In this episode the boys learn that butters never kiss a girl in his life then Butters finds a girl name sally that gives kisses for 5 bucks to some people they think it's weak or like a kissing booth. Then Butters thinks he is a man the starts a business to sell kisses and hugs that he gets other girl and somehow Butters is now a Pimp and this dumbass cop becames a prostitute and he has sex him guy is is 100% gay Then Butters's business becomes a huge deal and then after seeing this other Pimp marries the gay cop and this part is fuc*ing stupid and stuff what kind of sick-twist mind guys are Matt Stone and Trey Parker are
  • Butters as a Pimp is a good story, good episode and better than the last but not great.

    This really was one or two gags taken more and more extremely to the point some bits had me laughing really hard. the fault was with this episode that while at first both jokes were hilarious and I wasn't able to stay in my seat during the first half, by the second it was obvious that since the surprise was out of the joke all that was left was how much further the joke could go to keep you laughing.

    Like I said in the summery the jokes make this a good episode, almost on par with the last just Butters episode. But compared to some of the better stuff at least since last half of the season it wasn't as good.

    still like all South Park Episodes it's good for one watching, and if you like it enough like I did you can watch it again and come back to it every now and then if you get it on the random episode clicks at
  • Butters becomes a pimp.

    awesome episode! I just love butters, especially when he tells kyle that he's not his little buddy anymore. It's fun to see him growing up (btw his parents should ground him for all that he has done in this episode). The Cop story seemed a little misplaced but was still funny. I still miss officer barbrady because he would have been perfect for this job.^^ I also had a good laugh at how the college students where portrait (with the popped up collars and stuff). After last weeks rather disappointing episode, this is another classic and I gladly gave it 10 points.
  • While Butters is being naive again, the county police does whatever it takes to put a stop to prostitution.

    Normally, Butters' episodes are the highlights of the season for me, but this time, something was wrong. It was still a decent episode, but Butters' naietivity went so far he didn't come as shy and uncertain anymore, which is where the character's charm comes from. The story was funny though, and I would've like to see the parents or teachers interventing in some way or another. Do you know what I'm saying?

    The police was quite disturbing, even for South Park. Although it wasn't as funny as it probably was meant to be, the cop going to far provided some clever moments and it reminded us how far SP can go sometimes.

    Anyway, decent episode, quite the same as last week, but I'm still hoping for another episode with the same quality as 'Margaritaville' and 'Fishsticks'.
  • I enjoyed this way more than last week, nothing personal.

    I just love how this episode breaks all your expectations very fast. It really makes you question what love means... after all, is a relationship (a bad one) just a culturally accepted form of prostitution? There's kissing booths that are legal, and if an eight year old could theoretically beat the system if he wanted to, whats so bad about it? ... assuming STD's are not involved...

    Anyway, its also very funny (though in true South Park fashion, the joke made nearly too apparent) to have the cop giving the oral and then busting them. That's also very ironic. But what really made this episode especially great to watch was how the dovetail ending (sticking both plots together) didn't end in a surprising way at all... It was seeing real love (again, ironically, from a pimp to a bottom **** that makes Butters want them to keep doing what they do on their own. Its the pimp that makes it prostitution; if girls did it on their own time, what'd be so wrong about it? This episode trusts the intelligence of its audience, and delivers something very beyond the traditional 'prostituted love is cheap to the real thing' sort of message, which was very much expected, and very true. On the surface it delves into it, but it really pushes the ironies into the forefront. Ironies actually so obvious, it almost makes you angry at society for not letting us notice them before. Though when do you blame society, and when do you blame yourself? That's good TV if it gets ya going there! Though a bad review is one that simply re-enforces ones opinion of something. So only read this if you hated it ;) From South Park all you can do is expect the unexpected, but at least from that, you'll always be surprised.
  • The second worst episode of the season so far

    I honestly hope the rest of the season is not riddled with episodes like this. This is the worst episode they've done since Pinewood Derby. The episode felt scattershot and felt like it had no direction. South Park lately seems that if you take a joke and repeat it over and over it will get funny, when in a sense, it just gets stale and old. While the joke can be somewhat funny at first, they drill it into your head.

    And I thought this was South Park we were watching. I'm not saying I want to see these scenes, but come on, for offensiveness and crude humor, show Yates farting out semen, show the crazy frat sex scenes, show Yates going down on some dude, for shock humor. This episode just felt muddled and slopped together on a Tuesday morning.

    I've loved this season so far, but the second half is not making any strong impressions so far. The first half was superb, but if episodes like this keep occurring, this season will be a total letdown. I hope to god there isn't another crappy two parter as well.

    In the end, with a few amusing moments, this episode was a letdown, the worst since Pinewood Derby.
  • Butters becomes a pimp

    First, I'd like to say that this episode had a very promising story, it seems like something that would work well, I mean, Butters becoming a pimp? However, this episode failed miserably at garnishing any laughs.

    Basically, the storyline with butters with butters was simply not funny. It's almost like Matt and Trey think that they can make a plot line so outrageous that it becomes funny by default, however the entire time I just felt like the episode was awkward. Usually, one crappy storyline gets saved by the other one pulling through, however the police officer having sex with men then arresting them was somewhat funny the first time, but became super predictable by the second time.

    Other than the queefing episode last half, this is the worst episode of the season for me. I have loved all the other episodes this season, but this one was just a dud. At least there's another episode next week.