South Park

Season 5 Episode 14

Butters' Very Own Episode

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2001 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

It's "The Butters Show", which features Butters Stotch and his parents (Chris & Linda) at home. It's his parent's anniversary and Butters' mom asks him to spy on his father who is out buying an anniversary present. Butters follows him to a porn theatre to see "Fisting Firemen 9" and then to a men's bath house. Not knowing what is really going on, he reports back everything with photos to his mother, who starts to goes crazy. The next night Butters' father goes "shopping" again. Butters follows his dad into the spa and finds his dad pleasuring himself.

Butters' father tries to talk with him about the need to tell little white lies, but his mother interrupts. She is taking Butters for a drive, where she plans to kill her son by drowning him in their car, while she goes back home to kill herself there. Back at the house Chris asks for forgiveness, telling Linda that he plans to get help. She confesses her that all this has got her confused and she tells him what she's done to their son. Meanwhile, Butters is drifting downstream in the car, which eventually comes to a stop.

To cover their tracks, the Stotch's claim to the media that their son was kidnapped by an individual of "average Puerto Rican height." Butters tries to make his way back home to South Park so that he can get to Bennigan's for his parent's anniversary dinner. The Ramseys come to South Park from Boulder claiming that the same Puerto Rican is responsible for their daughter's murder. They are joined by Gary Condit and OJ who make similar claims. They allow the Stotchs to join their support group, as they all hope that the Puerto Rican that has wronged them all can be found.

Butters' parents argue as he walks in the door. They tell him that he needs to tell a little white lie about where he's been, but he disagrees telling them that they just need to tell the truth. So the Stotch's come clean with the media, but make a few pointed remarks about secrets, seemingly directed at the other members of their support group (liar, murderer and confess are three words strongly emphasized). In the end, with all the truth exposed, Butters realizes that sometimes it's probably okay to lie.