South Park

Season 5 Episode 14

Butters' Very Own Episode

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • They should make a spin-off

    Butters is amazing.
  • perfect

    Butters discovers a secret about his dad, and when he tells his mom, she is so distraught she plans on killing Butters and shortly afterward herself. His dad walks in on her about to hang herself, and he convinces her not to. But now the couple is worried about the whereabouts of their son, because they think he is dead (he didn't die).

    Pretty good, perhaps my favorite role of Butters, or at least definitely one of them. Funny episode with a decent plot, what more could you ask for? Final grade from me would be an A+. Perfect episode
  • We are introduced to Butters, who becomes a main character (for seven episodes)

    Butters can't wait. In a few days, he gets to go to Bennigans. His mom asks him to spy on his dad to see what he's getting her for their aniversary. Butters tells his mom what he found out. His mom realizes his dad has been going to gay places and having sex with guys. Butters mom goes crazy and drowns Butters in the car. Butters lives, and tries to get back to South Park. Meanwhile, Butter's mom and dad say some poraterican guy took Butters. O.J. Simpson and a few others make Mr. and Mrs. Scotch join their group. Butters makes it home and tells his parents lies are bad. Butters mom and dad tell everyone what really happened. Butters also learns what happens and tells Stan, Kyle, and Cartman he'll be ok. Then, he said he really won't be.
  • Everyone knows its Butters! THATS ME!

    Finally a episode to get Butters in the gang. The show starts with a cute little theme song for Butters but slowly becomes a very disturbing look at Butters life. Butter's mom and dads anniversary is coming up and Butters Mom tells Butters to follow his dad to see what he is getting her, Because she feels her gifts are always not as good. But after spying he tells his mom and finds out later on that his dad was gay Butter's mom goes insane and trys to kill him. Butters eventually try to find his way home and Butters parents get go through a whole adventure of their own.
  • One of my favourite episodes.

    For me, Butters has been introduced in a big way over the past season and I'm very glad he got his own episode. This episode had a superb storyline, not to mention it took a stab at a group of suspected murderers. I thought Butters' naivity was hilarious. I ezpecially like how he always expects to be grounded. This episode was a great follow up to 'Kenny Dies', because it wasn't straight back into the comedy, this episode also had a dark side, which is a welcome change in my opinion. The appearance by 3 of the boys at the end was fairly funny, too.
  • Butters character gets unleashed in a big way with... you guessed it, Butters Very Own Episode!

    Looking back at Butters I always thought he had so much potential to be a really great character. I think in the earlier seasons outside the core 4 boys they used Pip but he was never really great.

    In Two Guys Naked In A Hottub Butters was great and it was the first real chance his character got. But this episode was really thebig break for Butters cos after this he features heavily and get's more air time outside of Kyle, Cartman, Stan & Kenny.

    As far as the episode goes it was really good. I loved how Butters followed his dad Chris and ended up tracking him down to a gay men's bath house. Then his mum Linda going crazy and painting everything.

    The poarents discription of the man who kidnapped Butters "Some Puerto Rican Guy" was hillarious. And Butters trying to make his way back to South Park was also good.

    Overall a great episode and one of my personal favourites because it really kicked thinsg off for Butters. It even had a nice moral to the story at the end about lying... what more could you want!

  • VERY weird... Enjoyable at times but nothing too special. I just feel more and more sorry for Butters :(

    Poor poor Butters. He's so disturbed! I feel so sorry for him. As for the rest of the episode... very weird but I can see the move references. Hmm... favourite parts... I guess when Butters comes back and they have the news conference is good, and when they talk with the other people who killed their spouses/children etc. is pretty funny. It wasn't fantastic but it was... bearable. I am glad to see some character development in the Stoches, since they're the most interesting and messed up family in South Park and I hope to see some more on them.
  • boring

    the whole plot was funny but the stupid \"everyone knows its butters\" thing got on my nerves. this episode contained some cursing witch we like and itwas kinda scary. also this episode marks the return of that guy \"yep theres a lot of history down that road\" well thats my review all i wanted to say is that the \"everyone knows its butters\" thing pissed me off

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  • 79th Episode

    An episode dedicated to my favourite character (tied with Cartman who has a great appearance at the end, agreeing that he'll rip on Butters at school for having a gay dad and a mum that tried to kill him) is a brilliant plot and one of my favourite episodes.

    Bennigan's is a hilarious idea for Butters to be focused on, while being oblivious to everything else going on.

    The end is very amusing with Butters teaching his parents a lesson about lying which he later regrets after his father's speech with great visual humour, the camera pointing to the obviously guilty parties.

    Overall, after this episode, whenever anyone sees a small, nieve boy with a tuft of blonde hair, everyone knows it's Butters!
  • A great alternative to a regular South Park episode, more of "Butters". Please note that Butters is NOT the only character in the show, as mentioned in the episode even!

    Butters takes over the show to make a crime story of him running away and his parents believing he ran away. Oh yeah, a new form of "South Park". It's a really hilarious and unpredicatble and twisted story of tragedy. Butters learns how to be an immoral person and pervert and stuff like that. However, this is not the true South Park - if you want the best eps, look for season 1-3.
  • Butters - You are my favourite character!

    I usually don't like these types of episodes! I mean episodes that are devoted entirely to one character who isn't one of the main four boys.

    But this is definately the exception, Why?, because it's about Butters! My favourite character.

    Its funny how that in a town like South Park every kid at school is so educated when it comes to disgusting things that kid their age shouldn't know about. Things like violence, swearing and many worse things that I cannot mention in this review!

    Butters stands out amongst the children because he is nothing like everyone else. He is always completely oblivious to everything that goes on! There isn't a bad bone in his body! No matter how much forms of filth are around him, he remains untainted and completely innocent!

    In this episode devoted to him we find out that his parents are completely screwed up! He thinks he has the perfect loving parents!

    The actual truth is that his father has been hiding the fact hes gay. After Butters follows him to find out the perfect anniversary present to get him, he unwittingly discovers his fathers secret and when his mum finds out things really get messy!

    His mum plans to kill herself and Butters too. She leaves Butters floating down the river in a car and he has no idea whats going on!

    All Butters wants is to get back home in time for his parents anniversary dinner so they can all go to Bennigans - A restraunt he really loves!

    There are many bizzare twists after this. His parents say a Puerto Rican killed Butters. When Butters comes back he is obviously shocked at his parents behaviour, but it was a happy ending in the end!

    The little tunes in between scenes that went "It's Butters!!! - thats me!" were funny in a cute sort of way too!

    A fantastic episode - One of my all time favourites!
  • Has its moments, but overrated.

    This episode departs from the show's standard formula and focuses around a secondary character, rather than the four main boys. Butters is a hilarious character, but he can't carry entire episode himself. He's best used as comic relief or in a subplot. Nevertheless, this episode does have some funny moments.
  • One of my favorite Episodes of South Park

    I think that this is my favorite episode of South Park ever. It was really funny and I was laughing at every scene. I liked the parts with the reference to The Freaks, OJ Simpson The Ramsey's and hte old man from Pet Semetary. I haven't seen many episodes of South Park but this is my favorite episode that I have seen.
  • A terrible, mellodramatic mess

    I watch South Park to laugh and have a good time, but if you really want to laugh and have a good time, by all means, skip this episode. The episode is boring and mostly disturbing, as we get a deeper look into Butters' family, a deeper look I really didn't need to see. Butters' mom asks him to go out and find out where his father has been all night, and he stumbles upon a gay men's club. His mother immediately becomes worried, and soon she becomes a disturbing, psychotic, suicidal mother who plans to kill Butters to make everything better. This is a deeply disturbing and unfunny episode that takes mellodrama to a new level and made me hate the Butters character. Awful, unessecary, disturbing dramatic episode that should have no place in 'South Park.'
  • Poor naive Butters.

    Another cleverly written episode with the theme of people who have a lot of evidence against them for killing someone they keep denying. I really thought the emotional interaction between Butters' parents discussing the wife's killing of her son was great. It was so sponteneous and real sounding, it sucked me in like a soap opera. I had to think twice to realise I was only watching a cartoon! As usual, the story was compelling all the way through. I loved the way Gary Condit was drawn with that smirky politician's smile. Great satire and cynicism of famous people who got away with murder.
  • The Epitome of every murder story

    Although this Episode was not one of the best, it was still pretty good. This was an episode in which was suposed to introduce Butters as a main character. In this episode we find out just how screwed up Butters life is, his fater goes to private mens clubs so his mother decides to kill him and herself. They lie to the media and say that they saw a puerto rican man try to abduct Butters. Soon, O.J. Simpson, The Ramseys, and Gary Condit visit South Park and say they saw the same man murder their loved ones. In the end Butters finds his way back home, and makes his parents tell the truth, which he later regrets hearing. But he still gets to go to bennigans in the end. 8.3