South Park

Season 5 Episode 14

Butters' Very Own Episode

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Even though there is no Christmas theme in this episode, when Mrs. Stotch drives up to the dock, "Jingle Bell Rock" is heard, which hints that this episode takes place in late November or earlyDecember, and is the only Christmas reference in the episode with the episode being released just before Christmas.

    • When Butters's father calls him into the room for a talk, Butters leaves the door open. in the next shot, the door has closed.

    • When Butters is searching the sauna for his father, he opens one door and a voice says, "This room's taken". That voice is Mr. Slave's, him and Mr. Garrison must have met at that sauna because Mr. Garrison was there in the steam room.

    • This season-ending episode made season 5 the first season without a Christmas themed episode.

    • When Linda paints Butters' face, the paint is the color of the wall instead of the color of Linda's paint.

    • The owner of City Wok is heard but not seen in this episode; he is the cashier/towel-man at the White Swallow Bathhouse.

    • Mr. Garrison is in the men's bathhouse; although not seen he's in the sauna engaged in…activity with another man.

    • According to Butters' pictures he's defintely past "curious."

    • Even though Chris reveals here that he's gay, in "Cripple Fight" he voices his opinion that he doesn't want his son to have a gay scout master.

  • Quotes

    • (Chris Stotch is walked in on by Butters while masturbating in a gay bathhouse private room)
      Chris: AHH! Butters!
      Butters: Hi, Dad!
      Chris: Oh, god! Oh, ohhh!
      Butters: I'm glad I found you! I think I know the perfect anniversary present for Mom. What are you doing with your wiener out there, Dad?
      Chris: Butters, you need to leave here right now! You need to get out of here! Go home and wait for me to talk to you.
      Butters: Oh...well, alright then. Well, see you at home!
      (Butters closes the door, and heads back home)
      Chris: Oh, Jesus no... oh, what have I done?

    • Reporter 1: Mrs. Stotch, what did the kidnapper look like?
      Linda: Puerto Rican.
      Repoter 2: Was he tall, short?
      Linda: He was... average Puerto Rican height.

    • News Reporter: Tom I'm standing outside the home of Chris and Linda Stotch. They're living every parents nightmare right now, as last night while Miss Stotch was driving with her son in her car, a man stopped her, put a gun to her head and took her son away. When asked who the man was, Miss Stotch replied "Some Puerto Rican guy." Naturally the police are on an all-out man hunt for some Puerto Rican guy.

    • (O.J. Simpson, Congressman Condit, and Jon Benet Ramsey's parents meet at a fancy Chinese restaurant to induct Mr. and Mrs. Stotch into their secret society when they are suspected of murdering Butters)
      All Singing/Chanting: One of us,
      One of us;
      Gooble Gobble,
      Gooble Gobble.
      One of us,
      One of us;
      Gooble Gobble,
      Gooble Gobble.

    • Chris: Damn you Internet!
      (Butters' dad blames the Internet for his alternative proclivities in this scene with his shocked and disgusted wife)

    • Linda: Must…paint…clean…paint…paint…must…kill…Butters…clean….

    • Stan: Wow, your dad's a perv and your mom tried to kill you.
      Butters: Yeah, you guys sure are gonna rip on me at school.
      Cartman: We sure are.
      Butters: Yeah, but as soon as we get to Bennigan's and I get my mozzarella burger I'll forget all about my dad being queer and my mom trying to kill me.
      Stan: Really?
      Butters: No, I'm lying.

    • Chris Stotch: You see, I've learned something today, and it took the knowledge of my young son here for me to realize it. Recently I'd been lying to my wife; I've been going to gay theaters and bath houses and having sex with anonymous men.
      Butters: What?
      Cartman: Whoa!
      Linda: And when I found out about this I went crazy and I drove my son into the lake, I drove my son into the lake to kill him.
      Butters: WHAT!
      Chris: You see, we'd both been lying to all of you. And I know though many of you supported us, some of you also doubted us. You'd look at me and you'd say "Hello" but really you'd be thinking…
      (camera pan's to Gary Condit)
      Liar! You're a liar! You know something you're not telling us you slimy scumbag liar! Or you be talking to my wife but secretly you'd be thinking…
      (camera pans to OJ)
      MURDER! You got away with murder you stinking scumbag liar!
      And that's what people would be thinking, or sometimes people would be talking with both of us and they would think…
      (camera pans to the Ramsey's)
      MURDERER'S! You know goddamn well what happened to your kid so stop playing the victim and just confess you lying murdering liars!
      (camera pans back to OJ)
      (back to Gary Condit) LIAR!
      (back to the Ramseys) CONFESS!
      (camera pans over all of them) MURDERER, LIAR, CONFESS!
      So the people we owe the biggest apology to is OJ, Jon and Pat Ramsey and Senator Gary Condit, because we gave them false hope of catching who ever hurt them this badly, and that's not right. We're sorry. And that's what people would be thinking. So who we really owe the biggest apology for is to OJ, Jon and Pat Ramsey and Senator Gary Condit, because we gave you false hope.

    • Linda: Well, did you see what he got me for our anniversary?
      Butters: Well first, he went to see a movie.
      Linda: A movie? Hmm, I wonder why he'd wanna see a movie by himself.
      Butters: I don't know. But it wasn't the movie theater at the mall. No, it was that, really old theater downtown. The Studcat. I didn't know it was open.
      Linda: Wait a minute. What was the movie called?
      Butters: Fisting Firemen 9. I've never seen 1 through 8.
      Linda: Oh my God!
      Butters: Uh, but it must have been a real short movie, though, because Dad came out, like, ten minutes later. And it must have been a sad film, too, because, he had a bunch of tissue paper with him when he came out. Poor old Dad, the movie really got to him.
      Linda: Butters, where did Daddy go after the movie?
      Butters: To the gym.
      Linda Stotch: To the gym.
      Butters: Yeah. The White Swallow Spa. (Linda screams) Yep. He went in there and wrestled with all kinds of guys. He wasn't too good, though. This one black guy had him pinned down for fifteen minutes straight!
      Linda: Butters! Are you sure about this, you have to be absolutely sure.
      Butters: Inspector Butters gets all the facts. I even got some neat-o pictures. (Linda looks at the pictures) The only thing I can't figure out is why dad told you he was going shopping for your present, when he was going out seeing movies and wrestling. (Linda collapses) Oh did you have a nice trip mom? See you next fall! (laughs) Mom?

    • The Ramseys, OJ, and Gary Condit: One of us, one of us… gooble gobble, gooble gobble.

    • Butters: (After being thrown out by the truck driver) He must like TGI Fridays.

    • Butters: I have to get to South Park. If you give me a ride I can pay you the four dollars I made at the titty bar.

    • Trucker: Too bad you're not a broad because I need some goddamn poontang.

    • Chris: Sometimes telling a little white lie is okay. Like when you catch your dad jacking off in a gay men's bathhouse.
      Butters: Who's Jack?

    • Stan: Butters was missing?

    • Chorus: Everyone know it's Butters!
      Butters: Well that's me!

  • Notes

    • When Butters is searching the bathhouse for his father, the music playing is "It Feels So Good" by Sonique.

    • The theme song "Everyone Knows It's Butters" is a takeoff of the 1967 hit "Windy" by The Association.

    • After the opening theme song, the headline on Mr. Stotch's newspaper says: "Towelie Ban Lifted." This is a reference to the earlier episode "Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants".

    • Stan, Kyle and Cartman appear in this episode, and Kyle never speaks.

    • This episode does not feature the regular opening credit sequence.

  • Allusions

    • Current Event: JonBenet Ramsey Murder:


      JonBenet Ramsey was found dead in her basement, and no one knows who killed her. People still say that the parents killed her.

    • Current Event: Susan Smith:

      Mrs. Stotch: I'm am going to get out of the car Butters, I want you to stay put with your seatbelt fastened.

      Susan Smith did the same thing but she had two younger chidren in the car that went in the lake.

    • Freaks:

      The Ramseys, OJ, and Gary Condit: One of us, one of us...gooble gobble, gooble gobble.

      This an allusion to a classic and weird film called Freaks from 1932.
      In a circus, a normal woman marrying a little man for his money. The freaks sing this to the woman, letting her know they accept her. In fact I think the guy who started the chant much later played "Master" in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

    • Pet Sematary:

      Old Man: A lot of history on that road.

      The character of the wise old man who explains to Butters about the history of the road, is actually a parody of the character of Jud Crandall in the 1989 film Pet Sematary.

      In the film, Jud, explains the history of the path to the cemetery, using the sentence "A lot of history on that path"

    • Predator:

      The infrared perspective and the three laser dots that appear on Butters' head when he's in the forest are taken from the 1987 film Predator.

    • Gary Condit:

      Chris Stotch: (as Gary Condit is shown) You're a liar! You're a liar! You know something you're not telling us you slimy, scumbag liar!

      Gary Condit is a congressman who dated an intern named Chandra Levy. Chandra disappeared and was later found dead. Gary Condit was the prime suspect.

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