South Park

Season 5 Episode 14

Butters' Very Own Episode

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 12, 2001 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Chris Stotch: You see, I've learned something today, and it took the knowledge of my young son here for me to realize it. Recently I'd been lying to my wife; I've been going to gay theaters and bath houses and having sex with anonymous men.
      Butters: What?
      Cartman: Whoa!
      Linda: And when I found out about this I went crazy and I drove my son into the lake, I drove my son into the lake to kill him.
      Butters: WHAT!
      Chris: You see, we'd both been lying to all of you. And I know though many of you supported us, some of you also doubted us. You'd look at me and you'd say "Hello" but really you'd be thinking…
      (camera pan's to Gary Condit)
      Liar! You're a liar! You know something you're not telling us you slimy scumbag liar! Or you be talking to my wife but secretly you'd be thinking…
      (camera pans to OJ)
      MURDER! You got away with murder you stinking scumbag liar!
      And that's what people would be thinking, or sometimes people would be talking with both of us and they would think…
      (camera pans to the Ramsey's)
      MURDERER'S! You know goddamn well what happened to your kid so stop playing the victim and just confess you lying murdering liars!
      (camera pans back to OJ)
      (back to Gary Condit) LIAR!
      (back to the Ramseys) CONFESS!
      (camera pans over all of them) MURDERER, LIAR, CONFESS!
      So the people we owe the biggest apology to is OJ, Jon and Pat Ramsey and Senator Gary Condit, because we gave them false hope of catching who ever hurt them this badly, and that's not right. We're sorry. And that's what people would be thinking. So who we really owe the biggest apology for is to OJ, Jon and Pat Ramsey and Senator Gary Condit, because we gave you false hope.