South Park

Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2003 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the smartest, most meta episodes of the show

    By reading the reviews of this episode I've come to realize most people didn't understand the episode. It's never about Earth being a tv show, it's always about South Park! "A show should never run over 100 episodes, it starts using ridiculous storylines and absurd settings" Says a jewish space alien tv excecutive in a intergalactic restaurant.

    This episode is one of the South Park's finest, and should be seen by anyone who calls himself a fan.
  • canceled

    The boys find themselves repeating events that have already happened and want to find out what is going on. They find out from aliens that Earth, and all life on Earth, is a reality show being watched by Aliens. But, when other people find out about this, Earth is doomed to be canceled (because if people know they are in a reality show it will not be as funny). Can the boys save Earth?

    Decent start to season 7 of South Park. It is not perfect but it was a pretty good premiere I thought. Grade- B. decent opener methinks
  • part two !

    Cancelled.people found it funny,some found it interesting, so found it stupid and a waste of time,but i found it very is one of those episodes where you say "what an adventure!" bad thing is,the jokes are mild and the episode only stands on action to support this kick off episode to season seven.i found Cancelled an adventure about cartman and the plot is all on cartman.i have to say the first part cartman gets an a probe was slightly better.even thought i found that episode stupid,but it was a lil bit more clever than cancelled.great work thought.especially the professor who says weird things than gets back to a subject !
  • Not that great considering it's a season premiere.

    I didn't think that this episode of South Park was very good, the main story about how earth and everyone on it is a set up and a television show for aliens from space. I think the story was pretty good because you never know, it may be right. It kind of makes you think. Anyways, the story was good, but it wasn't really executed all that good. It's one of those things that looks good on paper but doesn't come out right once it's all said and done. Although this episode took place when the show was in it's prime, this episode was not one of the best.
  • Clever way to get creepy porn on cabel

    The conspiracy that earth is a set-up reality show by evil producers from an unknown galaxy, and anal probes being TV transmitters. Hysterical. That was a very clever way to get strip clubs, drugs, creepy gay sex, and prostitutes on TV without getting in a lot of trouble. not only clever but funny. I loved this episode it was a great opener and defiantly worth the wait to be able to see on TV. That premise of a repeat at the beginning was funny, and so was the fact that the kids realized that they were in a "repeat"
  • This is one of my favourite South Park episodes. "Cancelled" tries at first to make a remake of the very first "South Park"-episode, but then they twist it, so that it all the whole episode turns out to be revealed that Earth is a reality-show.

    Though the show ends with that no one learns anything (I.E. erased memories), then it is still a cool episode. But what I love most of the episode is the references to all the pop-culture. They make fun of Jeff Goldblums character in "Independence Day" and i think for the 4th time make fun of the Movie "Contact", where they never show the alien, because it takes human form. Also the reference to "The Dukes of Hazzard" is cool.
    But the coolest reference, though not intently, is the reference to the Danish Horror/monster cult-movie "Reptilicus" from 1961. When the big wrecking-ball-spaceships come to smash earth, then they show footage of people running over a bridge. That footage is from Copenhagen. I really enjoyed, when i found out about it. I love when such cult and esoteric pop-culture gets a place in mainstream culture.
  • Do you guys know how it feels when you take a HHUUUGGGEEEE dump, ahhhh.

    In this episode the entire town goes through Deja Vu as it repeats the first episode. Cartman has the dish up his ass again and results in a great scene where the dish shoots out of his ass. And the boys go on a flying saucer to discover Earth is a Reality Show, and it gets canceled when the Earthlings find out it was a show, but the boys blackmail the network heads into getting it back on the air... Only on "South Park"!
  • A behind the scenes look of what was really going on with Pilot - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe, without all the behind-the-scene premise crap.

    "Oh, YEAH! Suck my Jaggon! Now you suck MY Jaggon! Oh yeah! Stick your finger in my thrusha!" - Alien Network Executives
    "Dude, I have no idea what we're seeing right now... but I have a feeling that it's really, really wrong." - Stan
    Now imagine that you're actually watching this scene...or not. It sounds worse than it looks, but it's still really, really wrong in a really funny way.
    A mock-up remake of a rerun, a taco that craps ice-cream, one of the guys making fun of Missy Elliot's work it song, aliens, Jeff Goldblum's ridiculous six degrees of seperation,and a bunch of self-aware metaphysical humor on part of the characters. This episode is just a classic! :D
  • Return to the Very Same Day They Started their Series

    While waiting for the bus and singing, Ike tries to follow Kyle to school once again. Cartman was talking about his weird alien dream last night. Stan realizes that this whole thing happened before. Chef pulled over his car and greet the boys as usual, and Stan asked what's going to be for lunch today. Then Chef asked have they seen an alien spaceship last night. They're in a repeat, Deja Vu! Cartman had to go see the proctologist to examine the inside of his rectum. The alien satellite dish is more realistic and bigger than before. I like the part when Cartman continues to fart on Kyle while trying to reactivate the alien metal hoop-a-joop. Kenny laughed with Cartman.

    The truth about this episode is that it's really the 100th episode of the series. Trey and Matt must have played a funny joke about the whole thing. Anyway, this reveals why Cartman got an anal probe. To broadcast Earth live on other alien planets. The boys also promised to keep up the war and violence in order to keep the series alive.
  • 97th Episode

    Well, I've never seen the pilot episode, but this de ja vu episode was entertaining nonetheless, though I'm sure if I watched "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" I would get more of the jokes.

    I love the self-jabbing jokes that this episode makes such as saying shows get stale after 100 episodes, an accomplishment South Park would have that season, and Chef saying that the farting scene stopped beingh funny forty seconds ago, which is also true.

    Some of the scenes are hilarious, in particular the alien changing forms and the scientist rambling on to get the answer he was thinking but some failed to be funny such as the jargon scene which was quite lame.

    All in all though, this episode is very funny and makes me want to see the pilot even more.
  • Chef and the boys find out that life on Earth is actually an intergalactic reality show about to be cancelled, shocking them.

    The seventh season of the popular satirical cartoon begins with a bang as Cartman and friends are kidnapped to space, realizing that life on Earth is actually a reality show on intergalactic television. A taco that defecates out ice cream tells the boys that the network president of the alien’s TV network cancelled it, and it is hard to persuade him to change his mind. After what could be the worst season of South Park ever – season 6 really sucks in my opinion – this isn’t bad! In fact, when on the spaceship, there are hilarious parodies of celebrities like Bill Cosby, Missy Elliott, and Woody Allen when the alien wants to take on a different form as not to scare the boys. Later, the episode becomes an unpredictable, dramatic life-or-death episode where the fate of all beings on Earth is up to the hands of Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. I congratulate Trey Parker and Matt Stone for making a great start for the seventh season! This will give you a very good impression of what’s to come next for season seven; I’ve seen two other s7 episodes and they’re cool.
  • Earth is a reality show! (Spoilers)

    In the first two minutes you'll think it's a repeat of "Cartman gets an Anal Probe" but it isn't. The boys and Chef find out that there in a repeat. After a wild dukes of hazzard chase with chef VS aliens the boys are taken into space. Here they learn that earth is just a reality show that is about to be cancelled. Now its up to them to convince the network heads of space to keep the show on the air.

    This episode was aired in the first half of season seven is one of season sevens best. There are some awsome jokes in this episode but one joke inparticular goes on to long (Cartman farting) but its hard to find flaws with a great episode like this.
  • I am in love with this episode.

    Oh my god oh my lovin god this episode was the bomb. it was very very very very very x3 funny. i laughed alot at the part when they said kyle had jewsen ancestry, . . . . . . which you can plainly see the worf " Jew " in it. then carman says " tell me abouit it "
    also buttsex was funny. you can watch this while playing duck duck goose. let me see you 1 2 step. this was not the best though. actually i didnt really like it al. this episode sucks very very much.
  • Hilarious episode!

    I can't remember laughing harder during a South Park episode than when the two Jewzineks are having a three way with the hooker. "AW YEAH, SUCK MY JAGON!" It pokes fun at reality TV and takes a pretty good shot at the movie "Contact" when the host alien is trying to find a form that will make the boys more comfortable. Classic Cartman moment: When the boys are eating with the Jewzineks (aliens based on Jewish stereotype), Kyle loves the food. One of the aliens says, "You must have Jewzian ancestry." Cartman replies under his breath, "Tell me about it." Hilarious!