South Park

Season 7 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 19, 2003 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • The head alien claims that their TV production company was founded "20 billion years ago". This would be more than the age of the Universe, which is only 12 billion years old.

    • In the theme song for all of season 7, Kenny says, "Someday I'll be old enough to stick my … in Britney's butt!"

    • Right before the aliens erase the kid's minds, they tell them to 'keep up the wars'. How are the kids going to remember this, after the aliens erase their memories?

    • Posters on the spaceship are Gelgamek, Antares and Klingonese.

      Gelgamek: The alien race that are members of the Catholic church, from "Red Hot Catholic Love."

      Antares: A star that is part of the constellation Scorpius.

      Klingonese: Is the language of the Klingons from the Star Trek universe.

    • Jeff said there were 60 episodes of Punky Brewster before it was cancelled. There were actually 88.

    • Within the episode a reference is made about 100 episodes. The production number of this indicates that this would the 100th episode that was produced by the series, but the 100th episode to air will be 3 weeks from this air date. Given reports by Matt and Trey that episodes are sometimes in still in production the morning they are supposed to be broadcast I think it would be hard to argue that this episode with the 100th production code is actually the 100th episode.

    • In "Cartman gets an anal probe" it's Stan who says "Whoa Cartman looks like you didn't get much sleep last night" but here it's Kyle who says it.

  • Quotes

    • Proctologist: What seems to be the problem?
      Chef: We just want you to take a look and tell us if you see anything abnormal.
      Kyle: Other than its monstrous size.

    • Nagix: Hello boys.
      Stan: Dad?
      Nagix: No, not really. I just read your mind and thought this form might be more pleasing to you.
      Kyle: Oh dude, don't do that, that's gay.
      Stan: Yeah, that's like that stupid movie Contact.
      Cartman: Ah, God that movie pissed me off.

    • Kyle: No Ike, you can't go to school!
      Cartman: (to Ike) Yeah go home you little dildo!
      Kyle: For the last time! Don't call my brother a dildo!
      Cartman: Alright, go home you little semen puking asshole dickhead.

    • Chef: Where did you learn to drive aliens?! Chinese auto school?!

    • (In the pods in the alien spaceship)
      Cartman: I'm trapped inside Helen Hunt's ass! Oh God! Help me you guys!
      Kyle: It's not Helen Hunt's ass, it's an alien spaceship.
      Cartman: Oh thank god, thank you Lord.

    • Cartman: (after the satellite pops out of his butt) Know what it feels like when you take a huge dump? Awesome.
      Proctologist: What is it doing?
      Chef: It's sending some kind of alien message. We just need to find out where it is. (Presses a button on the satellite and the satellite goes back into Cartman's ass)
      Stan: You okay, Cartman?
      Cartman: Know what it feels like when that huge dump goes back into your ass, OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY!!!

    • Jeff: Wait a minute! Butt sex!
      Chef: Butt sex?
      Jeff: Butt sex requires a lot of lubrication, right? Lubrication. Lubruh... Chupuh... Chupacabra's the, the goat killer of Mexican folklore. Folklore is stories from the past that are often fictionalized. Fictionalized to heighten drama. Drama students! Students at colleges usually have bicycles! Bi, bian, binary. It's binary code!
      Chef: Who's havin' butt sex?

    • Jeff: There's a huge ship of some kind in Earth's orbit! But why? Wait a minute! Chaos theory!
      Chef: Chaos theory??
      Jeff: Chaos theory, it was first thought of in the sixties. Sixty. That's the number of episodes they made of Punky Brewster before it was cancelled. Cancelled...
      Chef: Huh?
      Jeff: Don't you see? The show is over! The aliens are cancelling Earth!

    • Jeff: Whoever they are, if they're receiving messages, they might be sending them, too. Wait a minute. c-candy bars.
      Kyle: Candy bars?
      Jeff: Yu-you know. Candy bars. They usually come in a wrapper. Just like you... wrap a Christmas present. Christmas happens when it's cold. Cold, as in Alaska - that's... with polar bears. Polar bears... pola... polarity! I can switch the polarity to see what transmissions are coming from the location this one is being sent to!

    • Announcer: This jannemon at eight o'clock, it's everyone's favorite show! Earth! It's been one hundred Gelganighs since we first took species from seventeen different planets and put them all together, on the same planet! Oo-derp! They've fought and fallen in love! What will happen this Galgamog? Tune in jannemon at eight to find out. It's... Earth! On Fognl!

    • Chef: We have to find a way to stop those aliens!
      Jeff: Oh, their ship is massive! There's no way to stop it! Wait a minute, jackets!
      Chef: Oh no.
      Jeff: If people don't wear jackets they could get cold. A cold is caused by a virus. A viru- a computer virus! We could make a computer virus and send it to their ships to disable their computers!
      Chef: That doesn't make any God-damned sense!

    • Cartman: Ohhh no no nonono! Nobody is putting their finger in my ass again! Unless it's Kyle.

    • Stan: You mean there's actually people you dedicate their life to sticking their hands up somebody's ass?
      Chef: That's right.
      Kyle: What a dick!

    • (in reference to what he and the others are seeing in the hotel room)
      Stan: Dude, I have no idea what we're seeing right now, but I have a feeling it's really, really wrong.

    • (while the boys are trying to think of different forms for the alien to assume)
      Cartman: How about a taco that craps ice cream?

    • Alien: (after snorting alien coke and humping a hooker) Yeah! This is a party!!!

    • Alien: Dude, I can't believe I sucked your jagon.
      Other Alien: We did suck each others' jagons! You kids won't tell anyone about this will ya?

    • Alien: Yeah, suck my jagon!

    • Dukes of Hazzard-Like Narrator: Well, it looks like the boys are in more trouble than a June bug in molasses. And it's pretty thick molasses, too.

    • Cartman: Kyle, I swear to God, if I didn't have a guy's hand up my butt right now, I would leap across the room and kick you in the nuts.

    • Stan: Ok, ok. Take the form of something else!
      Alien: (as Santa) How's this?
      Cartman: Santa!
      Stan: No, that's stupid, too.

    • Alien secretary: Where are you visiting from?
      Stan: Uh, Earth.
      Alien: Ooh! I watch that show all the time!

    • Cartman: (in reference to his ass) Come on, Kyle. It won't bite.

    • Stan: Whoa, guys. Do you realize this is only the second time we've ever been in outer space?
      Cartman: This is like the fifth time for me.

    • Cartman: Repeats piss me off.

    • Kyle: Kick the baby!
      Ike: Don't kick the goddamn baby.

  • Notes

    • Kyle: "Whoa Cartman, Looks like you didn't get much sleep last night."

      - Stan is the one who said this line in the pilot episode, Cartman Gets an Anal Probe.

    • Beginning with episode and continuing for all of the season 7 episodes, during the theme song, Kenny sings: "Someday I'll be old enough to put my d*ck in Britney's butt."

    • The head alien (Nagix) turns into different formations. First, he's Randy Marsh. Second, he's a hideous monster (his true form), then Santa Claus, Michael Jordan, Don King, Mr. Roarke and Tattoo from "Fantasy Island," then George Burns, J.J. Walker of "Good Times," Saddam Hussien, then Missy Elliot, Frank Sinatra, and finally Cartman suggests that he should turn into a taco that craps ice cream.

    • When Chef says "Who's having butt sex?" the next scene shows the alien in the form of Saddam, as if to answer his question.

    • In yet another bit of self-deprecating humor, the network heads say that a show should not go past 100 episodes because then the plots and settings get awful and ridiculous. Although this episode aired as the season premiere, it was written to be the 100th episode.

    • The Gilgamecks from the "Red Hot Catholic Love" episode are mentioned in the reality show "Who Wants to Marry a Gilgameck?".

    • The opening credits for this season has the same style as the Season 6 opening credits but has Kenny singing where Timmy used to sing.

    • The "Marklar" species is mentioned in this episode.

    • In the restaurant, you can see many aliens from last season's episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe".

    • Kenny (who reappeared at the end of last season) has returned to the show. This time around he won't be dying every week, unless perhaps they think of a good idea.

  • Allusions

    • Double Allusion: The Dukes of Hazzard and Independence Day

      The car chase with Chef and the boys eluding the aliens contains elements from both works. First, its a car chase, with country-tinged back up music, a narrator using colorful metaphors, and the aliens at one points use a police car in pursuit, ending up in a chicken coop a la "Dukes." It also has elements of "ID-4" as they are being chased by aliens, successfully eluding them, forcing them to crash and Chef even trash talks the aliens as Will Smith's character does in the film.

    • Reptilicus:

      The live-action Panic footage seen in this episode, where you see people running over a bridge, is taken from the infamous Danish Cult Monster/horror movie Reptilicus from 1961.

    • Star Ocean: Til The End Of Time:

      The plot of this episode bears parallel to the Square Enix game "Star Ocean: Til the End of Time."

    • Michigan J. Frog:

      When the alien, as Saddam Hussein, is wearing a top hat, swinging a cane, singing and dancing, it alludes to the former WB mascot Michigan J. Frog.

    • Contact:

      When the alien picks the form of Stan's father because it would be easier for him, it is similar to Jodie Foster's experience in the 1997 film Contact.

    • Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy:

      The idea that Earth is not just another planet, but a specially manufactured one, and also one of the most important in the universe, reminds Douglas Adams' legendary "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy", in which Earth is a computer designed to find the 'ultimate question'.

    • Men in Black:

      Nagix: Alright Earthlings, if you step over this way, we'll erase your memories and get you back to Earth.

      This is very similar to the thing the agents J and K did to humans in the 1997 film Men in Black. They erased the memories of the people who experienced situations with aliens involved.

    • The Man with the Golden Gun:

      One of the shapes the shapeshifting alien turns into is Scaramanga and Nick Nack, the main villains in the 1974 James Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun. This is the one right before Cartman says, "Oooh, very nice."

    • Alien:

      When the boys and the aliens are inthe restaurant, you can see an Alien Queen from the Alien movies with Sigourney Weaver.

      You can see it sitting on the left, when stan says "look we just want to talk you about the show"

    • The Dukes of Hazzard:

      The car chase, its music, narration and the car horn are reminiscent of the television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • Jeff:

      The character of Jeff is based on Jeff Goldblum's character David Levinson in the 1996 film Independence Day. Direct reference is made to the character when Jeff proposes creating a computer virus to destroy the alien wrecking crew's ship.

      The character is also based off of Dr. Ian Malcom, a character that Jeff Goldblum played in the 1993's Jurassic Park. Dr. Macolm specialized in Chaos Theory. Jeff's constant word association is based off of this idea.

    • Taken:

      Jeff: Oh No! They're coming in!

      When the aliens burst into Jeff's office, the scene is similar to scenes in the Steven Spielberg miniseries, Taken, when aliens would create a bright white light, and be slightly silhouetted against the light while try to abduct (or "take") the humans. It might just be a coincidence, but it is very close.

    • Missy Elliot:

      One of the forms the shapeshifting alien changes into is Missy Elliot, who sings a horrible rendition of "Work It."