South Park

Season 16 Episode 7

Cartman Finds Love

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2012 on Comedy Central

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  • cartman

    muy bueno
  • Great

    Lately South Park has really been slacking.. I was about to give up on it when the last episode came out but this one was really humorous! Cartman expressing his so called love for Kyle just made me LOL and when he sang on the jumboscreen hahaha. I also thought it was funny because usually people's parents want their kids to go with their own race like my parents... One of the funniest episodes in a long time.. Its good to see that Trey and Matt are stepping it up again...
  • perfect mid season finale

    what i liked:

    -game of thrones reference

    -cupid me

    -cartman hitting cupid me with a baseball bat

    -the ending with the halitosis girl chasing cartman

    -cartman on the jumboscreen announcing his 'love' for kyle

    -token and nichole getting back together

    "A nice white Jewish Boy"- for some reason Nichole's dad saying that made me laugh.

    great mid-season finale to a pretty decent season. i know some people think south park is going downhill but i have liked what i've seen from this season. 5/5
  • Cartman acts like Kyle's boyfriend

    This episode was very funny.

    A new character to south park comes and importantly to this episode, she is African American. With Cartman's corrupted little mind, he tries to get her and Token together, to match races, after Token refuses (and later you find he actually may've liked her anyway).

    Kyle somewhat gets in the way, when they find out she really likes him at first...but then, Cartman tells everyone that he and Kyle are a gay couple.

    All in all, it's a great episode with plenty of Cartman singing and his mind crazing us.

    Oh and... BRAD PAISLEY guest stars for the second time on south park and does a duet with Cartman.

    Great episode.
  • Ok so....

    This is by and far the most annoying Cartman Episode ever. There were some funny bitch but for the most Part Cartman was just annoying in this episode. It's not that the episode was horrible it just that Cartman being Cartman in the way he was being Cartman was just flat out annoying.
  • Meh........

    Apart from the Cupid Cartman and him professing his love for Kyle the rest of the show was a little slow and mediocre.

    Some chuckles here and there, but not up to their usual standard IMO.