South Park

Season 1 Episode 1

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 1997 on Comedy Central

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  • First episode for South Park

    While waiting for the bus, Cartman relates a "dream" he had about being abducted and anally probed by aliens. Kyle's baby brother, Ike, drops by and Kyle plays "kick the baby" until the bus arrives. Then, Kyle and Stan witness aliens abducting Ike while they ride away on the bus. At school, Cartman starts farting flames, but continually denies any actual abduction. Even when an 80-foot satellite dish emerges from his anus, he does not believe. The aliens find the kids by using the satellite dish, Ike escapes the mothership, and Cartman is taken away, only to be ejected later. This was a good start for the show called South Park. I liked/laughed at Ike's appearance, dildo part, Cartman having a nightmare, Kyle kicking Ike, the Mr. Hair puppet, the cows running away, Stan staring at Wendy, Cartman singing unexpected, Kenny getting killed, the thing looking like Cartman (he said that it looks like Tom Sizelour), a 80 foot satellite dish sticking on Cartman's ***, Kyle cussing at the aliens, and the ending. My score is lower because it is not my favorite episode, the animation is weird, and a there's a few parts that were dragged. Overall, this was a decent start. for South Park. 7.5/10
  • Cartman Gets an Anal Probe

    While the show focuses on boys in grade school, there will hopefully be more thoughtful jokes to complement the juvenile ones as the series continues. However, it is nice to see an animated show that makes a group of friends the set of main characters, rather than a family - in the tradition of "The Simpsons" and "Family Guy." As pilots go, this one shows definite promise.

    The Good:

    -Kyle and Ms. Crabtree literally scream at one another.

    -Stan throws up whenever he talks to Wendy. They eventually bond over the interesting things they find in Stan's vomit.

    -The joke involving Cartman's Mom, Kitty, and a dildo is shockingly funny, requiring just an extra ounce of thought to get the punchline.

    The Bad:

    -The jokes are almost exclusively under the realm of "bathroom humor." Some is funny, but it is clear that the writers are capable of weaving this kind of humor with more thought-provoking jokes.

    -There is a shadow created by the style of animation used. In other words, each character has an obvious shadow behind them, so it almost seems like there are two of every person. The effect is jarring.
  • Visitors from outer space and anal probes... what more can you want?

    I remember seeing a random South Park episode in the past, but now that I'm about to watch it again... It's less hard to keep up with than I thought.

    Anyway, this episode was really funny. I like aliens, and Cartman's denial about the whole night episode was hilarious. Even when he is standing tied to a tree with a 80-foot satellite protruding from his ass...

    Mr. Garrison with his "split personality" hand puppet Mr. Hat, Stan's issues with his girl Wendy... they all come together nicely.

    One of the best things is the whole side story with the cows running away from the aliens, and Officer Barbrady's attempts to catch the said cows since he's convinced there's no such thing as aliens...
  • where it all began


    A show of supreme quality, very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very (apologies, the former review has been moved to a new home, soon you will all be given the key) very very very veryvery very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very enjoyable. A must-see.

  • The start of a new era in television

    Cartman Gets an Anal Probe - The infamous first ever episode of South Park. Cartman is visited by aliens who insert an anal probe into him. He is told his experience is just a dream; but Chef believes otherwise. Meanwhile the start of Stan and Wendy begins in this episode. Stan is standing in the line for lunch when Kyle points out "isn't that Wendy Testaburger" and Stan looks at Wendy. Love hearts appear around him and his smile goes up. Wendy gives Stan a note to say meet her at Stark's Pond. They do and Stan pukes up on Wendy, the beginning of a running gag and a brillant tv show.
  • superb

    Cartman has a 'dream' where he is abducted by aliens. Kyle and Stan try to tell him it was not a dream but Cartman isn't buying it. When visitors come to take Ike, Kyle's brother, Kyle and Stan must formulate a plan to get Kyle's little brother back. Will they be able to?

    Decent pilot. It doesn't really introduce characters like most pilots do but it was an alright way to spend 22 minutes. Not an episode I'd want to watch a lot of, but it was pretty good for the most part. Overall my final grade would have to be somewhere in the B range.
  • The beginning of an era....

    So here's what started it all. 'Cartman gets an anal probe' starts off with kyle's brother Ike getting abducted by aliens....and Cartman gets an anal probe. So Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny set out to retrieve Ike. This is a good episode but compared to some of the later ones it is not as good. The animation isn't very good to todays standards so it feels a little dated. But otherwise, this is a solid effort and a great start to the program. Highlights include Cartaman shooting fire out his ass and Kenny getting killed for the first time. Very good.
  • Great start to a great show

    Great start to a great show. It was hella funny. Probably the best pilot out of every show made. Tied for best episode of the season. I liked all the d!ld0 jokes, the Ms. Crabtree thing. And the funny thing is that the original pilot is better!!
    Overall, it is almost impossable for South Park to have a sucky episode, but this is REALLY good. If you are going to watch South Park for the first time, I suggest this episode because, well, it's the pilot, and, it isn't to confusing. great great episode. Matt and Trey are absolute geniuse's for creating this show.
  • And so it began...

    I have to say before I get started, this isn't one of my favourite episodes of South Park. But like most people I have to rate this episode high because it is the episode which started it all and one of the only episodes which I know all of the words to. Cartman Gets An Anal Probe started off one of the greatest animated series of all time. I don't think that there is a single South Park fan who doesn't have undying respect for this episode and the fact that it was voted #4 in a list of all time top ten is no surprise to me. This episode introduces us to Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny and an assortment of other characters. When Kyle's brother, Ike, is kidnapped by an alien race Stan and Kyle try to get him back, and after discovering that Cartman has recently had an analprobe, they try to use him as bait to get him back. There is little more to be said about this episode that could convince you how great it is, but it started a legacy and will be admired for years to come.
  • Funny.........

    This is the first episode of South Park and its really Funny. This is the only episode Trey and Matt animated completely by themselves, along with a bit of help from Eric Stough (the current head of animation), which took three months to make using traditional cut paper stop-motion animation techniques. Almost all subsequent episodes, including the new scenes made exclusively for the pilot episode that aired on television, were fully computer animated. Additionally, due to time constraints, scenes had to be cut from the 30-minute pilot or be changed. For instance, instead of pulling the fire alarm, in the original, Chef gives the boys "special extra-hot tamales" to raise their body temperature to give them an excuse to go home. Also, a notable cut scene was the boys picking on Pip in the lunch line, which was later shown in An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig.
  • South Park when it was...well...good.

    Many people say that the newer episodes from about season 9 on are the best of all, but I think that the older episodes, the ones from seasons 1-5 are the best. It's just because of all of the hypocrite South Park fans nowadays. Fans that just jumped on the bandwagon after a couple of good newer episodes. I think the only people who can actually appreciate the older episodes are people who have been with the show from the beginning like me and others. Anyways, it was a good episode and it really got South Park out on the right foot.
  • Great start.

    This episode is pretty good. It may not be a masterpiece like some of the later episodes, but it's still entertaining and fun to watch.
    The humor in this episode is pretty basic. Age has taken a few blows to this one, but there are some parts that never get old, including Kitty bugging Cartman, Kyle kicking the baby, and that really funny scene where Kyle swears at the Visitors, followed by Stan's "Hey Wendy, what's a ****?"
    The animation is done mostly using cardboard cutouts. It actually looks impressive considering the budget. The characters have a lot of different animations and the backgrounds look detailed enough to give the viewer a basic idea of the area. In other ways, the animation in this episode is unique and it kicks ass.
    Overall, this episode may not have aged that well, but it still has enough comedic value to satisfy anyone.

    GRADE: A-
  • South Park Cartman gets an anal probe. the whole show was made out of cardboard. So they are on there walk to the bus stop and ike is following them so the get on the bus and see he was abducted so kyle trys the whole day to get him back

    South Park Cartman gets an anal probe.
    Episode 101 The whole show was made out of cardboard.
    So they are on there walk to the bus stop and ike is following them so the get on the bus and see he was abducted so kyle trys the whole day to get him back. Before that Cartman said he had a dream of the aliens but they didnt belive him. So chef helps them get out of school. So its a great episode for cardboard if you never watched south park you have to start with this episode so you now how south park took off
  • One of the greatest episodes of all-time on South Park turns out to be a strong pilot episode of the series.

    "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe"

    GRADE: A*

    Ah, Cartman Gets An Anal Probe! The first ever episode of South Park (excluding the other pilots of course!). Now, this episode has been a long time favourite of mine. It's the original, and still is one of the best episodes of South Park. Sure, the animation looks rather crappy now but this is the first ever episode!

    The story is simple. Kyle's brother Ike gets abducted by aliens and Cartman says he had a crazy dream that some aliens were operating on him. It turns out, that it really happened to him and Kyle thinks Cartman's the key to getting his little brother back. Stan has a crush on Wendy and she tells him to meet her at Stark's Pond.
    Meanwhile, Officer Barbrady is investigating some cows and what's killing them. The farmer tells him that UFOs are taking his cows. He simply says "That's the silliest thing I've ever heard!". The aliens lure the cows away from the farmers, and Officer Barbrady tries to arrest them. At the end of the episode, Officer Barbrady gets controlled by the alien mind control device and sings "I love to singa" which the cows now have in their possession.

    All the main characters are in this episode of course. Cartman, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Chef, Mr Garrison, and even Officer Barbrady. Wendy has an appearence in this episode as well. What would a pilot episode be without the four boys being in it? Oh, you can also expect Kenny to die in this episode as well.

    Now for the highlights!:

    -The crappy animation
    -Cartman says "I'm not fat! I'm big boned!"
    -Officer Barbrady's cow investigation
    -Mr Garrison and Mr Hat's original appearance
    -"You go to hell! You go to hell and you die!"-Mr Hat
    -"I love to singa, about the moona and the tuna and the springa"-Cartman's alien control song.
    -Kenny's first death. "Oh my god! They killed Kenny!"
    -Cartman saying "Hey! That kind of looks like...Tom Selleck" when it's clearly him on TV. lol!
    -Kyle's constant profanity towards the visitors (aliens)
    -The visitors and the cows long chat. Moo! Moo!Moo!
    -Cartman ending the episode with "Ah! Son of a b...h!" Well, I couldn't believe how strong this episode was! This is simply an all-time classic episode, and if you don't see this episode, you can't be considered a South Park fan at all! So many funny moments and what a great start to the series. A series classic indeed, and one of the best pilot episodes of any show to date.
  • Why is it that everything today has to do with things either going in or coming out of my ass?

    And so it begins- possibly the greaetst tv show of modern times started with a bang. Although the animation and humour was even cruder than usual, this is easily one of the better earlier episodes and served as a greeeat introduction to the South Park universe. Although the plot is simplictic, it garners its far share of laughs by putting its own unique spin on preceedings. In this case, it would be the satelite sticking out of Cartman's ass

    But most of all thee episode introduced us to these great characters and from the begining, it was easy to see that they were one of the show's greatest strenghts with a wacky cast we'd already fallen in love with. Many staples are established here- Chef and his love for sweet love, Stan and his love for Wendy, Cartman being a spoiled brat and of course, the first of many Kenny deaths

    So in conclusion, any fan should definetly go back and see how it all began. It may not be as sophisticated as it is nowadays, but it's just as hillarious
  • "Cartman, there's an 80 foot satellite dish sticking out of your ass!"

    Thus begins South Park, the undeniably clever comedy by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This first episode sets the stage for many of the running gags and themes that still persist throughout the series. While the episode does play it safe by choosing the benign topic of alien abduction, Cartman's staunch denial that he has been given an anal probe and Kyle's quirky quest to save his brother Ike from the "visitors" still makes for quality entertainment, paving the way for a show that will be edgy, controversial, and insanely hilarious. South Park is a winner as soon as it comes out of the gate.
  • 'Now why does everything today have something to do with things come in and out of my ass'

    Would not change anything in this episode for the world. Yes the animation is crap and the boys are all 1 demensional but the boys are so true to kids of that age, more so than in any other show. Cartman is clearly the dumbest of the boys. I mean he dosen't even notice an 80 foot satelite dish coming out of his ass convinced that Stan and Kyle are playing a joke on him.

    Kyle was realtively funny too with his 'kick the baby' then trying to fight an alien spaceship with a rock LOL. Plus after the aliens ignoring his cries for his brother, his swearing rant. Noone would expect that.

    All Stan was really bothered about was making 'sweet love' to Wendy, his love interest but keeps throwing up every time he talks to her.

    Kenny didn't really do much execept make a few raunchy jokes.

    Barbrady was funny too. Already you can see he's pretty stupid.

    The humour was smart and funny espeacially the whole Cartman thinking that the whole story is a joke agaisnt him.
    8/10 for humour

    Plot was good but aliens/analprobing wasn't the most original storyline. 5/10 for plot

    Animation was OK since it was just created by constuction paper but very outdated even then. 4/10

    Kenny Death involves first being shot by the aliens then ran over by cows and finaly being run over by Barbrady's Police Cruiser. 7/10

    What was made fun of: Well nothing in particular really

    Celabrities: None

    Characters introduced:
    Ms Crabtree
    Mr Garrison/Mr Hat
    Officer Barbrady
    Ms Cartman
  • An ok start.

    What Cartman thinks was just a dream, actually happened. The night before Cartman was abducted by aliens and has a satellite going in and out of his ass to prove it. Meanwhile, Kyle has alien problems of his own as his brother Ike, has also been abducted. This episode was a well, ok, start to South Park. Not the best, not the worst. The animation and quality could have been better but, I guess on such a tight budget, it was good for construction paper animation. I liked the second try at the bus stop scene in Canceled better but I guess we'll never see the first episode with good quality. Or will we.... You never know.
  • Very great start of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's career that started the show that got many children to say "School sucks!" Spoilers are contaminating this review.. this is a warning.

    Ever since this wonderful episode that took months to produce, South Park has been making wonderful episodes that takes only a week to make. This makes it that South Park can parody the latest news unlike Family Guy which parodied Ashlee Simpson at the Superbowl way after the incident. This episode started it all, and this episode is still entertaining to watch and interesting to awe or look at at the characters knowing that all of them are just made in cheap construction paper, not computer animation.

    Cartman claims he had a dream that aliens were operating on his anus, and then the boys realize it wasn't a dream. Cartman is still in denial, even when an 80 foot satellite is somehow sticking out of his anus and when Kyle's little brother Ike is taken away. Kyle is now determined to get Ike back from the aliens or else he would be grounded or even an act worse.. Disowned. Wow.

    This episode was very great to watch. I enjoyed the scene when the boys confront the aliens and Kyle cusses them out for taking Ike away. That was hilarious, although after seeing this episode a few times it has gotten quite not hilarious, but still interesting to watch and entertaining.
  • Not a great start to the South Park series.

    Overall, "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" was not neccesarily a great episode. It introduced the characters quite well, but just was not a very funny episode. It was the only episode made entirely out of construction paper and the storyline was not very well set up. The episode did start continuous trends such as Kenny dying, Chef singing, etc. Now, do not get me wrong, this episode had its funny moments: Kenny's death, Ms. Crabtree's abuse of the children, Chef singing, and the swearing, but overall, the very first episode of South Park was definitely not one of my favorite episodes.
  • The very first episode of South Park, in which Cartman has a strange dream about aliens placing a probe up his ass. He finds out that his dream is true and a very strange day follows...

    This episode is the very first episode of South Park (well, the first ever full-length episode that was aired on Paramount's Comedy Central anyway), the pilot episode, and it centres around a little fat boy named Eric Cartman. Cartman has a very strange dream about aliens one night, and in the dream they placed an anal probe up his ass, so he tells his best friends Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick and Kyle Broflovski the next day when they are waiting for the school bus. The boys inform him that his dream is real, and Cartman doesn't believe them until he begins to have a VERY weird day (which finally ends when they go to try and find Kyle's abducted brother Ike, after Cartman has farted fire out of his ass and the anal probe comes out)...

    All in all, it was a very good pilot episode.. something I have come to expect of all episodes of South Park!

    Rock on! Oh yeah!
  • This one is a must see.With many moments to keep you laughing.

    A very good start!Though it doesn't have the best animation.It is definitly a must see and I recommend you sit down an watch it.I think the part where Stan pukes on Wendy was a great running gag that will be used in a lot of the later episodes.This episode had a lot humorous things,such as Kenny knowing what a **** was.The part where the aliens took Cartman on their ship had me laughing for a good 15 minutes.The aliens befrinding the cows was another great moment.All in all this is great episode and has enough hillarious moments to keep you laughing for a while.
  • A very nice start to the series.

    I love this episode, it's a very special television program, and although i'm not really a fan of the first season of the show, i thought this one was very nicely done. I was LMAO within seconds of the show starting, it was great opening dialogue. Also the abduction secquence was good, too. And kenny's death: 'The Majus!' Also the series was kinda different back then, it was... different humour, the humour only got the way it got today, at the movie. This isn't as good as some of the later episodes, but it's still one hell of a half-hour.
  • The beginning of South Park (as TV viewers know it).

    Not necessarily the first episode, but it was the first aired episode... and a great beginning at that! This episode centered around Cartman having a "bad dream" about going aboard an alien craft and getting something inserted into him. We later find out that it wasn't a dream at all and that it really happened. The story was good, the character introduction was there, the mood for future episodes was (definitively) set, and I couldn't have been happier to see a fresh show that obviously was not afraid to push an envelope and take a rash of $h!t for it. Here's to beginnings (and if there's a God, no "ending" in sight)!
  • Cartman Gets An Anal Probe

    The first ever episode of South Park must of taken the two creators (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) a very very long time to make. Scene by scene, animation by animation. This sure must of been a nightmare to make, but I think Matt and Trey would've just kept on going.
    The start opens up with a short introduction to the episode and an interview (Fireside Chat)with the creators who pretend to be in a serious relationship for extra laughs. It goes on to the theme tune which itself must of taken them about a week to make - then the story starts off. The plot of "Cartman Gets An Anal Probe" is brilliant. Basically, Cartman has a strange dream about aliens (or visitors as the other kids say) and it leads on to more adventurous memories such as aliens communicating with cows and Wendy and Stan discussing vomit.
  • A interesting plot, but kinda wierd.

    I love this episode, it had a original plot, funny moments and quotes. It also made a character devolop in this episode, which is the pivotal aliens.

    Humor: Perfect: Hilarious moments and funny quotes.

    Plot: Originality: The plot had a originality in it, it made sense, it had a good plot with the aliens. There's also the plot of Stan and Wendy, which are cute as a couple.

    Design/Animation: Dull: The lips movement, graphics and animation are horrible. But since its the "first" episode of South Park, I need to give it credit.

    There you go, episode 1 gets a 7.6. If they had better animation, the episode would have gotten a higher rating.
  • Could'ent have started any other way!

    Cartman gets an anal probe was the first ever episode of South Park. The basic plot is presented, which revolves around the lives of four elementary school kids (in third grade). Cartman, Eric, Stan and Kenny. One night, Aliens come to South Park and anally probe Cartman. From there, they steal Kyle's brother Ike and the whole episode follows the group trying to get Cartman to admit that he did indeed have an anal probe up his ass. The epidode introduced many different and interesting types of humour and story/plot techniques which really had never been pulled of in the way that South Park have, which in the future would bring fans running in. SEXUAL HUMOUR
    There were many refernces to cartmans anal probe. The use of the word Di*do all throughout is another refrence. Making love was also in there somewhere.
    the flashbacks to alien invasion add an extra depth of fantasy to the show.
    The angry bus driver, and the useless police officer fuel and reinforce stereotypes in society that all bus drivers are low lives and that all cops are generally useless.
    AVOIDING THE TRUTH Cartman asserting hes not under alien control, that he isnt fat. Cartman asserting that kenny isnt dead, Cartman avoiding himself on tv. Cartman asserting that there are no such things as aliens. All of these examples shed light on everyday human nature, we all avoid the truth to some extent and in South Parks case make a very funny storyline.

    This concludes my review I had fun watching the episode and it really sparked off the whole South Park thing, honestly could you ask for a better pilot epidode its truley golden comedy.
  • Great start to South Park.

    This was the first episode of South Park. It starts with a boy named Cartman telling his friends Kyle, Stan, and Kenny about a dream that he was abducted by aliens and given an alien anal probe. Kyle thinks it was real. Then they play kick the baby with Ike (Kyles brother) and he gets abducted by the aliens. Meanwhile Cartman is farting fire and Stan has a crush on a girl named Wendy but always throws up when he is around her. They get help from Chef played by Isaac Hayes who is a "Ladies man". Overall this episode is very funny and started South Park.
  • A great first episode of South Park

    South Park would have to be the most stupidest (in the good way), racist, inapproite show ever.

    Well, I would laugh is so 5 year old saw a preview of this episode and dicided to watch it the day it came out, he would swearing to his parents... hahaha.

    But seriousally, this episode as always had alot of swear words, but it was so weird how stupid Cartman can be. How can he dream he was abducted by aliens if it was so real. Also, how could he not belive it also when the Anal Probe can right out of his ...! Anyways, this episode of South Park, even though it was the first episode of South Park was very good.
  • The show obviously improved along with time.

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. Chef singing "I'm gonna make love to ya woman!" was a pretty good Chef song, like most, if not all of them. Poor Cartman, having to deal with all that alien stuff up him. It was a funny episode. Stan couldn't even talk to Wendy without throwing up. Kind of sends the wrong message when you're trying to impress a girl, doesn't it? The plot was very creative and is a great example of how ridiculously good the South Park plots can often be. Ike takes a lot of pain with the games him and Kyle play.
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