South Park

Season 11 Episode 2

Cartman Sucks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Cartman is showing Kyle, Stan and Kenny the pictures he's taken of various practical jokes that he's pulled on Butters when he spends the night. Just as Cartman is about to brag about his plan for tonight, Butters arrives. As he leaves Kyle tries to warn Butters, to no avail. The next morning at the bus stop, Cartman shows off his new picture, which features Butters' wiener in Cartman's mouth. Cartman thinks it means that Butters is gay, but he is informed that it actually makes Cartman gay. To reverse the "gay polarity" of the situation, Kyle tells him the only way to cancel it is to have Butters allow Cartman to put his wiener in Butters' mouth. Cartman tries to implement this plan, when Butters' dad catches them in the act. His dad decides that Butters is just bi-curious and as always, naïve Butters has no idea what his father is really talking about. Butters and his dad go to see Father Maxi, who recommends that Butters be sent to a camp where bi-curious and confused boys are put together. Cartman tells the other boys that he's learned that he is not gay, as long as he throws away the picture, no one will ever know it happened, except for Kyle, Stan and Kenny. Cartman tries to get them to promise not to tell, which they won't do if won't promise to be super-nice to them everyday from now on. Knowing he can't do that, Cartman decides he is going to Photoshop Kyle into the picture. At Camp New Grace, Butters is going to learn to "Pray the Gay Away." At camp Butters is going to be assigned Ryan as his "accountabil-a-buddy", but when Ryan is found having hung himself, Bradley is called into service. The boys are playing HORSE when Cartman comes on the scene accusing Kyle of having stolen the incriminating. He accuses them all of being Jews.

At camp Pastor Phillips, a very flaming priest, tries telling the boys how he became "normal" but as the sermon wraps up another boy takes his life. Meanwhile Cartman registers a complaint at the Park County Police Station about the photograph that he believes Kyle has stolen. When the cop asks him what the photo looked like Cartman spins a tale about how the photo came to be taken. Back at camp Butters and Bradley are before the administrators for having contraband in their room, a Sears men's underwear catalog. The administrator tells them that this is what is leading to their confusion. Cartman decides to come clean with the truth and tell his mother about Kyle and the photo. His mother reassures him that she'll have a talk with Kyle's mother. While doing their penance Bradley finds out that Butters "like likes him" and he realizes the only way out of the situation is to kill himself. He runs from the room, with Butters in pursuit.

Liane calls Sheila and Sheila assures her that her son doesn't have such a picture. Liane tells this to her son, but Cartman's convinced that the Jew's are lying. His only recourse is to steal Kyle's victory over him by showing the photo at show and tell himself, before Kyle does. At camp Butters is before the administrator, Bradley is missing and Butters' dad has been called in for a conference about Butters' insubordination, unwillingness to change, and having lost his "accountabil-a-buddy". Bradley has been found on the side of a bridge, preparing to jump. Back at school, Cartman volunteers to go first for show and tell. He starts to show off his "artsy" photos. Back at the bridge Butters takes a stand; when he realizes that he wasn't confused until others starting telling him that he was. Butters says that if he's bi-curious then God must be a little bi-curious to. It seems to be enough to get Bradley off the side of the bridge. Finally Cartman gets to the photo he really wanted to show everyone and they are a bit shocked. He says the photo is a statement against the war in Iraq. Mr. Mackey stops by the room to deliver an emergency message from Cartman's mother; she found the missing photo under his desk, so he need not show the picture.
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