South Park

Season 11 Episode 2

Cartman Sucks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Comedy Central

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  • What happened to South Park going against the grain?

    I've always liked South Park because it offered a non-politically correct view of events and often went against the establishment views. For some reason they took a big step back with this episode, which is overwhelmingly pro-gay and pro-Jewish. With so many targets out there, they go back to attacking the old tired standby, the Christian straw man. I'm atheist and have no religious affinity, but I'm just tired of seeing the same attacks on Christianity day in and day out. Surprise me and attack something else, like Socialists or the anti-business bandwagon. The thing where Cartman keeps ragging on the Jews is starting to go overboard to the point that it isn't funny anymore. They're almost doing it by rote now, which sucks out any potential freshness from these episodes.
  • superb

    Butters' dad catches Butters in a compromising situation and believes his son may be gay So he sends him to a camp where he learns how not to be gay Cartman meanwhile tries to get a picture of himself that he thinks Kyle has stolen. But has Kyle taken the photo? Or has it been misplaced?

    Good episode. Butters' plot was kind of boring but Cartman's plot was pretty good and pretty funny throughout, I thought so anyway. Not a horrible episode but not really perfect either, my final grade for this episode is a B or so, methinks is fair

    "Cartman Sucks" was an exceptional episode. It was really diffrent and out of this world. It was nothing like I expected. Cartman keeps doing bad things to Butters when he spends the night. Cratman keeps inviting him over night after night. Cartman thinks hes pulled the ultimate Getting Butters plan when he takes a picture with Butter's wiener in hsi mouth and later finds otu from Kyle that putting Butters weiner in his mouth makes him g*y. Or thats what Kyle wants him to think. So he attempts to get Butters to put his winer in his mouth. Butter's dad catches Btters in at act and thinks he is g*y and sends him to a bi-curious camp. Meanwhile,Cartman thinks Kyle and Stan are going to tell everyone at school about the picture and when he goes home to photoshop kyles head onto the picture but relizes its missing. In the end, Cartman shows the picture in show and tell. Great episode.
  • Proves that Cartman is the biggest stupid ass on the face of this earth

    Cartman is stupid, stupid, STUPID. Sticking someone else's dick in his mouth? So then Butters is sent to a correctional camp, and it turns out the heads of the camp are people who are self-righteous right-winged Christians, but sadly, Butters has no clue in hell why he's there. He probably doesn't even know what Bisexual means. This episode (like most episodes) has a very decent message, and it's that you are who you are and you shouldn't change. I'm sure camps like these portrayed in this episode exist, and that some of the events that happens in this episode happens there, it's sickening that people just can't accept each other and live in harmony.

    And yet, Cartman...sucked...Butters...ew...hilarious.
  • A great episode that made me watch the rest of season 11.

    Last year I was worried that South Park might be losing it's edge, but last night's episode proved me wrong. Cartman Sucks is one of the freshest and funniest episodes to date. The episode doesn't deal entirely in the realm of original social commentary, but instead focuses on putting a twist on the classic story of Cartman pranks Butters.

    Cartman has been having Butters spend the night at his house and while little Butters sleeps, Cartman does terrible things to him (like making him a mustache from cat crap, or sticking a tampon on his mouth). When Butters once again spends the night, Cartman does one of the stupidest things ever: he puts Butters' penis in his mouth and takes a picture.

    The boys inform him that this makes him gay and the only way to cancel this out is to stick his penis in Butters' mouth. While he is doing this, though, Butters' dad walks in with horrible assumptions. Cartman quickly flees, but Butters' father makes the horrible assumption that Butters is bi-curious.

    Meanwhile, Cartman can't find his photo and assumes Kyle took it and will show it to the whole class for show and tell. He spends the whole night trying to stop Kyle, but when he comes to no avail, he decides he'd rather expose himself.

    Butters is sent to Camp New Grace, where you "Pray away the Gay At the camp, each child is assigned an accountabillibuddy. Butters, of course, has no idea what's going on and takes everything with the cheerful optimism that makes him such a beloved character. The campers continually commit suicide as they decide they'd rather go to hell now then be persecuted.

    Cartman's storyline ends with one of the greatest laughs I've had in awhile, and the episode becomes one of the new greats. It really doesn't make any original statements on the issue of gays, though it has tackled this subject several times in the past. The basic message is that everyone should have the freedom of choice and religion is the great hypocrisy to freedom of speech: religion bans free speech.

    But what I loved most about the episode was how Cartman's prank turned on him, and he went to such desperate measures to protect himself until he decides to expose himself. The picture itself is eventually seen, but Cartman is placed strategically in front of the screen to block any graphic elements. You get the idea though.

    This is also the first episode to strongly suggest Cartman's sexual orientation. In past episodes we've had several indicators as to what his preference is: In the Condoms episode he watches Butters put on a condom; in the Simpsons episode, he claims to have gotten semen by meeting some guy in an alley, closing his eyes, and sucking it out of a tube; having tea parties with his stuffed animals; dressing up like Britney Spears and making out with a cardboard cut-out of Justin Timberlake; and so on and so on. Making Cartman actually come out of the closet would probably be a stupid decision on the creators' part, instead of just providing strong hints of what Cartman prefers.

    Cartman Sucks may not contain a strong social commentary, but it basically is what I wanted: an episode more focused on an entertaining plot, rather then entirely on an issue. I half expected Ted Haggard to make an appearance, but the guys are leaving him buried for now.
  • "Shut up you guys, that does not make you gay

    Cartman crosses a line in this episode... and it makes for good TV if you ask me. Cartman has a nice little tradition wherein he invites poor Butters to spend the night and then when he's sleeping he does some obscene thing to him and takes a picture of himself to create sort of a picture diary. Well, one night he decides he's going to put Butters' pen15 in his mouth for the gag (pun intended). Without really realizing what he's done, he brags about it to his friends, they acuse him of being gay and tell him that to "un-gay" himself he has to get Butters to put his pen15 in HIS mouth. Well, Butters' father walks in on it and ends up sending Butters to a gay camp to make him "not gay and the fun ensues. Hilarious episode from start to finish and yet again a point is made as well. Classic episode!
  • this is best **** South Park season 11 episode that I have seen yet!A++++++

    This is the best South Park show of the **** 11th season that I have seen yet.One of the reasons that this is the best episode yet is because it has my favorite South Park person in it Cartman.Also, its a very good episode because Butters dad thinks that Butters is a **** and puts him in a camp for kids to get over their gay ways.All shows should be like South Park. If there were more shows like **** South Park or like this one episode the world would be alot funnier.Matt Stone and Trey Parker are great story writers.If they keep making episodes with **** dogs and **** Cartman I will be very happy!A++++++
  • Cartman sucks a d***

    LOL! Cartman prepares his latest butters humiliation but shock us all when the plan was to suck Butter d***. Kyle and Stan say that this make Cartman gay and the latter becomes perplex about it and tries to make butters suck his d*** in order to reverse the gay role. The funniest part was when Butters` dad entered the room and saw those too...priceless.
    However I hated the story arc of Butters going to that camp. It was kinda dull. But otherwise the episode was great. At the end Cartman shows the picture to the class, thinking Kyle would do so but only to realized some seconds later that kyle did not have the picture.Great episode.
  • Another fantastic episode of South Park. Season 11 has been a good one so far.

    In this episode. Butters' dad sends Butters off to special camp to "Pray the Gay Away" when he believes that his son is bi-curious after catching him in a compromising position with Cartman. Meanwhile, Cartman does his best to retrieve a photo of him in that compromising position before too many people find out about it.

    Another great South Park episode.

    Plot: Best.Idea.Ever: I loved the storyline abput Cartman and Butters "being gay It added a twist and not to mention, many fans dream episode. (Watching FanFiction fics, you will know what I'm talking about.)

    Humor: Fantastic. I laughted all the way.

    I recommend this episode for everyone. This is one or the best South Park episodes ever made.
  • Cartman is worried about a compromising photograph, while Butters is shipped away to the "Pray the Gay Away Camp", in this enjoyable if at times shocking episode..

    This is, in my opinion, one of the most shocking episodes in 'South Park's history. From Cartman's selection of photographs with the sleeping Butters (cat poo on face, tampon in mouth, sucking his weiner...!), to Butters sucking Cartman's weiner, to the Pray the Gay Away Camp, with the hangings and the sudden suicides.

    That asides, it is a well written and enjoyable episode. Cartman and Butters are two of the show's best characters, and they don't fail to deliver with their respective story-lines. The funniest moments of the episode are as Cartman woridly tries to get the incriminating photograh back. It's nice to see him getting his comeuppance occasionally.

    A good episode. Let's hope season 11 can keep the standard that we've seen thus far.
  • Cartman makes pranks over Butters but this time he get caught in his own prank.

    This episode is hilarious! God I hope to see more of them in the upcoming episodes. One of my favorite Butters' quote is in this episode: "I'm not gonna be confused anymore just because you say I should be! My name is Butters, I'm eight years old, I'm blood type O, and I'm bicurious! "
    And then you have an "exposé" of Cartman about pictures he has taken, with finally the picture of him smile with Butters' dick in his mouth! Aha!
    After all these years South Park proves one more time that it's the best animated show ever ! !
  • cartman sucking butters penis how can't you laugh?

    i think this is the best south park episode of all. i always new cartman was the bi-couious one! examples: cross dressing, sucking dick, and looking at butters trying to put a condom on. (i think cartman has a crush on butters!) lol. love the part when cartman's says "and now kyle's gonna show every one the picture and make them think i'm gay and "i'm just a little bi-couious!" they really did a good job with this even though it wasn't very oringinal and you could guess what would happen it's still very funny. hope that the second half of season 11 is that good!
  • "A secluded camp where lots of bi-curious boys are all put together? That sounds like a good idea!"

    Hilarity ensues when Cartman takes a picture of himself in a comprimising position with Butters. Eric then tries to prove he isn't gay by fooling Butters into letting Cartman put his ***** in Butters mouth. Butters father catches the boys during the act, assumes Butters is Bi-curious and seeks help from the church to make Butters straight. The irony here is that Butters' father had multiple encounters with men at gay bath houses in the Season 5 episode entitled "Butters Very Own Episode".
  • This episode was really funny. i loved it, one of the best episodes in the first half of the season.

    This episode was really funny. i loved it, one of the best episodes in the first half of the season. This episode was awesomely funny and if you didn't think so, then you are probably stupid and should stop watching this amazingly show.
    One funny part of this episode was when cartman show Stan, Kyle and kenny the photo of him with butters dick in his mouth. Another funny part was at the end when he showd the whole class the photo, which he thinks that kyle has got. The worst part of the episode was nothing this episode was really funny.
  • My least favorite episode in the 11th season run. Nothing clever at all with this episode. Just another joke on Christianity against homosexuality.

    My least favorite episode in the 11th season run. Nothing clever at all with this episode. Just another joke on Christianity against homosexuality. I expected more of Matt Stone and Trey Parker but they just delievered the same old crap that every other comedy is using with the church and homosexuality. The only remotely funny thing about this episode was the fact that kids at this camp kept killing themselves and the people running the camp were so used to it. Of course Butters delivered one of those speaches at the end of the episode that is Matt and Trey's own version of a disclaimer and to basically try to explain their view of the subject at hand. I didnt really find anything special about this episode and would most likely not want to rewatch it.
  • this episode of southpark is the best I have ever seen

    this episode of southpark is the best I have ever seen And it is also the highest rated one I have ever seen . I would never in a million yars get bored of watching this episode I would just keep on countinuosly watching it .

    It is just about eric trying to get his picture back of him being gay from kyle but kyle didnt actually have it , it was actually under his bed , so eric shows the picture to everbody for show and tell because he thought kyle was but he didnt have it , then mr mkay came in and said the picture was under his bed so eric showed the picture of him being gay for no reason .
  • Cartman puts Butters penis in his mouth and takes a photo. So ahh just another day in South Park really!

    Cartman Sucks is a really good episode. I feel that if it was in another season more peopel would really like it, but because season 11 has been so damn good this episode may get over looked in years to come. Basically Cartman has a photobook that has pictures of Butters and stuff he has done to him while he was sleeping over. He has the greatest idea of how to get Butters. Cartman puts Butters penis in his mouth while his sleeping and takes a photo to prove that Butters is gay The rest of the boys point out to him that no that actually makes him gay Hilarity ensue's Cartman trying to get his lost picture back off Kyle is hilarious. The way he tries to explain the photo & then his crying to his mum is great. And lets now forget Butters at the gay camp. "It's all very confusing" I love it. 9/10
  • FUNNY AS ****

    the part with the crap on butters face was funny and the tampon in his mouth. and when steven walks in on cartman and sticking is dick in butters mouth. so he sends butters to gay camp where they "pray the gay away." it was also silly but the part where pastor phillips comes in twirring and talking gay really made me laugh. a good part was when cartman goes to detective yates and tells him about the picture and is worried about telling him. so then he goes to liane and tells her so she asks shiela about it. and cartman shows the whole class the photo by accident and ends with saying "lame..." it was good and funny. good example of the show.
  • Oh C'mon, people! ...

    To all of the people who are micro-analyzing each episode and saying how the show is not good anymore because of issues and views-you all should take one step back. You seem to forget that this is COMEDY. You say you want Trey and Matt to stop being so political but I believe they are making episodes according to whats going around just like so many other shows. There is nothing wrong with making a cartoon about views like gay racial, religeon, and so on because it is meant to make you laugh at these situations for at least once and not take them so seriously. If you all would just look, laugh, and get on with your lives, then you wouldn't have to be disappointed in something that is in no way meant to be taken seriously. I thought this episode was funny as hell and the guys did a great job. Lighten up, people-It's comedy, not the 10 o'clock news. Great Episode!
  • Awsome episode, best of season 11.

    Awsome episode, my favourite season 11 episode. Cartman decides to play a joke on butters but the jokes on him when he's deemed gay I can't believe he actually did that to Butters, especially when he put it in Butters mouth and Butters Dad saw it.

    It was so funny to watch Bradley and Butters interact especially because Butters had no idea what bi-curious meant and Bradley really did like Butters. XD

    The Cartman portion of the episode was rather bland to me because it involved Cartman trying to get a photo from Kyle even though he didn't have it on him. Bit cliche there. Overall this was a good episode, I really liked the Butters side of the story more.
  • Gr8 episode. With funny idea and performance.

    loved this episode very much, its my favorite from those three eps, that have been released lately. watched it two times. it was very funny... :) LMAO @ butters photos, especcialy Pierre, and Sleeping Menstrual. Moments of kids killing themselves in that reability center, was very funny + reaction of the main man of that center. I think everytime i'll reminice 11th season, it will associate with this episode :) Cartman was very sweet crying and telling his mom about a picture. LOL. I feel Matt & Trey have more motivation doing 11th season then previous one. : D
  • SP takes a look at the latent gayphobic issues in America (again) while making fun of Religious Oriented camps, school bullying behavior and photographic artists.

    A perfect episode. Crisp writing, awesome voice acting, and they make a point without being cliche about it. Funny running bit was the on going suicides by the kids at the camo through the show and the non-plused reaction of the camp leaders. I can not believe sometimes that this is season 11 and it is still one of the most relevant shows on the air.
  • Some will say this episode is not as funny as others. They are probrably right. While funny, this episode more shows how South Park seemingly combines humor and thought provoking topics.

    South Park for the past few seasons has been a little preachy. But regardless of how much it preaches, it still manages to get a good laugh. The episode is brilliantly written so that it set up to situations through one incident: one for humor and one for the message. The messages themselves can be very though provoking, and are sometimes overlooked amidst the humor. Homosexuality is such a tough issue, and the episode puts it very bluntly how the creators feel and why they feel that way. And honestly, I have never thought of it that way before. Some people will watch this episode and say it sucks because its not that funny and its too preachy. I watched this episode and enjoyed both its humor and its message. And thats what the best episodes of the best showsdue to you. They change you. Just nobody expects that from South Park.
  • Cartman Sucks!! This episode is another gem from the writers of South Park. The parents of SP are worried becasue Butters dad walks in on Cartman sticking his um..member in Butters mouth. So Butters gets sent to school for gay kids.

    This was a funny episode. The opening scene was great when Cartman is showing Kyle, Stan and Kenny the pictures that he takes of Butters when he sleeps over. This was a prime South Park scene. I laughed so hard. I think I peed a little. I also really liked the scene when Butters is getting the tour of the facility and he see's one of the kids hanging from the ceiling.. and the director just says 'Anyways the cafeteria is over here.' All in all this was a pretty well written episode. I thought that the writing was witty and the ending was great. I can't remember if Kenny died in this episode or not but if not maybe the writers are trying to build Kenny up as a more stable character.. I mean stable by not dying in every episode! I give this episode a 8/10 Reall funny!! I DVR'd it and have already watched it two or three more times!
  • This episode was very bland, and i really only laughed a few times.

    This episode was very bland, and i really only laughed a few times. I am a huge fan of the show, but this episode seemed to have none of the laugh out loud qualities that most episodes have. The season premiere was better than this one, but still not as funny as i had hoped. I'm sure Trey and Matt have a much better episode just lying in wait ready to be unleashed on the world.
  • Lots of laughs from beginning to end. 10x better and funnier than the season premiere episode.

    I didnt think that the "N-word" episode was all that funny. It was too boring and predictable for my taste. This episode however, is different. It provides a unique plot(s) and provides endless laughs after another.

    The episode deals once again with some form of christian hypocrisy but this episode really pulls it off by providing the right messages and at the same time be really really funny. Sorry to say this, but I did find the kid suicides a great laugh. It's also nice to see Butters finally get a happy ending that didnt resulted in him getting punished (at the moment).

    The kids in this episode act more like real kids in this episode and Cartman once again steals the show. He becomes stupider than ever with every attempt to get out of a very embarrasing situation and the faces that Kyle and Cartman make at the very end of the episode is forever priceless!!!
  • Cartman performs a prank while Butters is sleeping, but it blows up in his face. Meanwhile, Butters is sent to a camp for "bi-curious" kids for Cartman's prank.

    This is largely a one joke episode. Cartman photographs Butters' penis in his mouth, trying to show Butters is gay while it clearly shows Cartman probably is. Cartman tries to balance it out by photographing his penis in Butters' mouth, which sends Butters to camp for the "confused." The camp is funny at first, but it soon gets tired fast, and Cartman showing of the infamous photo at show and tell is probably the funniest scene in this mediocre episode. It seems like Parker and Stone were just phoning it in this rather half-assed offering that failed to take the potentially hilarious storyline to the next level.
  • Laugh Out Loud.

    Another great installment. I never laughed so hard after the World of Warcraft episode... until this episode came along. So many true meanings in this episode (and the writers make it sooo hilarious). Yes, it's true.. I may be a little biased *zips mouth* but I just love this episode. This is EXACTLY why I watch South park. It could've been developed a little better (like Eric Cartman's story), but the entire story with Butters is sooo clever that I'm rating this episode a 10!!! I'd rate it higher if I could!! (But I'm not saying this is AS good as the World of Warcraft episode).
  • Cartman's prank on Butters backfires and his reputation is at steak. As he seeks to get a naughty picture back from Kyle, Butters is sent to camp to reverse his "confusion".

    I enjoyed this episode even more than last. The overall story focused on Cartman and Butters and while there was clearly a message (homosexuals aren't the ones confused, the people who think they can change them are) the plot was more of a simple story of how kids can be so naive.

    I also thought it was hilarious. Who would think that a shot of a kid hanging would be funny but somehow on this show it is. Lots of great lines from Cartman (one particular speech to his mom about how the picture in question came about comes to mind) and Butters is as usual as cute as ever. I can see this episode becoming a classic, its got all the elements of South Park one could love. If this keeps up season 11 is going to be fantastic.
  • Cartman's prank backfires which leads people to think he's "on the other team." Meanwhile, Butters is sent to a camp to cure bi-curious kids because of Cartman's prank. Hehe.

    It's difficult to follow up a gem like "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson." It definitely shows in this episode. "Cartman Sucks" tries to parody Jesus Camp and Ted Haggard but ends up being not as funny as it could and should be. Cartman and Butters episodes are usually classics but the problem with this was the separation of Butters and Cartman as they have little scenes together. Unlike "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson", this episode didn't keep me laughing completely. In fact, I only really laughed at the end as Cartman makes a complete fool of himself. It's a good episode but isn't as good as it should be. Hopefully, next week's episode will be better.
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