South Park

Season 11 Episode 2

Cartman Sucks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Cartman: ...and this photograph I took of a sunset near the power plant, note how the contrasting images make a statement about our impact on the Earth. Which brings us to my last picture...(clears throat)...this picture you find somewhat controversial.
      (Cartman presses button revealing the photograph)
      (Everyone gasps)
      Bebe: Ew!
      Clyde: Dude...
      Cartman: Yes, this is a shot on a 5.6 aperture using a low-light filter, you can see the grain from the high-speed film, there's sort of a penis in my mouth right here, and the low-depth of field keeps the background soft.
      Mrs. Garrison: Eric, what the hell is this?!
      Cartman: What this is, is a statement against the war in Iraq. It's wrong that we still have our troops there, IT'S WRONG! And what I'm saying is...
      (Mr. Mackey is seen at the doorway interrupting Cartman}
      Mr. Mackey: Uh... Eric Cartman, we've got an emergency message from your mother. (Reading note) "Do not show picture, Kyle didn't have it after all. Found it under your desk." (finishes reading), she said you know what that means...m'kay. (leaves)
      (Cartman remains silent, screen pans over to Kyle who has a flat expression on, and pans back to Cartman)
      Cartman: (deadpan tone)...Lame.