South Park

Season 11 Episode 2

Cartman Sucks

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Mar 14, 2007 on Comedy Central



  • Quotes

    • Head Counselor: You both do understand that we're trying to save your souls from eternal life in Hell?
      Butters: Well, sure, I guess!
      Bradley: Only through Christ can we cleanse our souls.
      Head Counselor: And you do know the rule, which states that no impure or immoral images are allowed to be seen by the eye?
      Butters: Well, yeah. Sure!
      Bradley: So let's purify ourselves from everything that makes the body or soul unclean, Corinthians Chapter 7.
      Head Counselor: Then do you mind telling us why we found this 1979 Sears men's underwear catalogue in your room.
      Bradley: That's... that's mine.
      Head Counselor: You know this is strictly forbidden!
      Butters: I don't understand. What's wrong with underwear?
      Head Counselor: What's wrong? This is what makes you confused! Don't you get it? This is confusing you right now, isn't it?
      (The counselor got up from his desk to wave the pages of the catalogue in Butters' face)
      Butters: Yes, it's all very confusing!
      Head Counselor: This is just as much your fault, Butters. Bradley is your accountabilibuddy. That makes you accountabillibuddyable. Both of you boys' behavior is jeopardizing all of the work we're doing here to save these kids!
      (A gunshot is heard)
      Head Counselor: Oh... no. Right, for having contraband in your room, you will both do penance by writing scripture for the next four days.