South Park

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • "All the lines, lines, LINES!"

    Another classic episode of South Park.

    Cartman inherits a million dollars from his grandma and buys his own amusement park. Kyle on the other hand, is not so lucky and gets a hemorrhoid.

    After purchasing his very own amusement park, Cartman makes full use of it and gets alone time in the park to get on all the rides he wants and do it as long as he wants (without having to wait in all those pesky LINES!).

    On the other hand, while battling the hemorrhoid, Kyle begins to give up hope after losing faith in God. Which leads to him losing the battle and worsening his condition.

    Back in Cartmanland, Cartman is forced to hire a security guard, a maintenance personnel, and loads more workers in order to keep the park functional. Because of this, he has to let in more people which eventually leads to him losing the Park and giving Kyle back his faith in God.
  • my favorite episode ever!!!!

    Cartman land is my favorite episode ever! I replay this episode all the time on the DVDS and it’s so funny. Cartman actually manages to inherit one million dollars from his grandma, and he decides to buy an amusement park with the money. He wants the amusement park for him self but he soon realizes that he can’t take care of it buy himself when Stan and Kyle try to break into the park. So Cartman hires a security guard to keep people out. Then a ride breaks down so he has to hire a maintenance person. He can’t handle all the expenses and he has to start letting people in the park. But when he starts letting people in, he has to hire more employs until he is running a full amusement park. Also Kyle gets a hemeroid and the only thing that can solve it is seeing Cartman fail. This is my favorite episode of South Park.
  • Nice Episode

    I like it because it really tells a lot about Cartman, he's greedy, selfish, and mean. It also has some funny moments like as "You know what the best part of Cartmanland is? You can't come!". Contains the usual Kenny death, which causes Kenny's parents to sue Cartman ("But he dies all the time!" Cartman Quote) I would totally reccomend this to even the smallest South Park fan
  • The story of a little boy and his hatred for lines.

    This episode was very light-hearted in a way and I thought it was good. I liked the fact that Cartman was able to fulfil his dream of getting 1 million dollars, I especially liked his reaction. I liked how uncaring he was at the funeral, it showed the character he had become in recent times. I liked how he was when he had the theme park all to himself and how he had learnt the rides off by heart. His advertising campaign was very funny. The let-down of this episode was the hemmorhoid storyline, but Gerald's line of, "have a seat, Kyle." was pretty funny.
  • 71st Episode

    Cartman’s lifelong dream of receiving one million dollars finally comes to pass and, being Eric Cartman, he blows it all on an amusement park, where he lets nobody but himself in (he really hates those lines!).

    The best scenes in the episode are Cartman’s commercial, Kyle’s haemorrhoid, Cartman wanting trespassers to be shot and trying to pay the security guard with 2 rides and of course the end.

    Overall, Cartmanland is a classic South Park plot and is a very entertaining instalment of this hilarious show, Kyle doubting his faith, Stan trying to get into the park and Cartman being screwed over in the end.
  • Classic episode

    Cartmen inherites $1 million from his grandmother and he uses it to buy his own amusment park, in which he doesn\'t let anyone else in as it is for him and only him. Kyle is angered by this and wakes up with a hermaroid on his a s s the next morning this leads to him losing his faith in god. Cartmen again acts like a right d**k to his friends and does everything in his power to stop them coming into his park, some classic moments such as the television advert to cartmen land are in this one, a must watch.
  • Cartmans dream comes true.

    With his grandmother's inheritance Eric Cartman has enough money to buy his own theme park!

    ALl he wants its to enjoy all the rides without the hassle of lining up for hours and hours. Unfortunately things don't work out for Cartman as he had hoped. He has to hire a guard to stop people from sneaking in, he then has to pay that guard so he lets a few people in and before you know he has to deal with lines.

    Along with this Kyle is dying and he is giving up the fight to live. When he finds out about the failure of Cartmans amusement park its just what he needs to live.

    IT was great seeing the highs and the lows for Cartman and Kyle in this episode. Of course Cartman had to be screwed in the end!
  • one of the greatest south park episodes ever.

    Cartmanland was a superb episode. it covers all the criteria i want for a south park episode. the quality, the humor, the setting, and the character development. and cartmanland has basically covered all of these criteria. another superbly done episode to show cartmans stupidity.cartmanland is an enhancement to season five. the reason i did not give this episode a ten is because there are quite a few other episodes that exceeded cartmanland s quality of a south park episode.if i gave this episode any higher mark it would have tipped of the balance. i am not saying anything bad about this episode.

    overall, terrific episode, highly recommended.
  • Funny Episode!!

    This episode was really funny... Cartman inherits 1 million dollars from his grandmother ,, and he decided to buy the amusment park soo he can have it to himselve .. But later one of the rides broke soo he hired a repairman, and he had to let 2 people in the park so he can pay him.. and its funny becouse at the end the whole park was full becouse he needed all those people to keep the park in good condition.. While Kyle was in a coma couse of Cartmans sucsess he wakes up couse cartman sold the park and than he got Bankrupt..
  • One of the best episodes

    Cartman gets a million dollars from his grandma's will. Right after he gets it, he spends it. Kyle of course is dumbfounded of Cartman getting a million dollars. Cartman goes to a theme park and offers to give one million dollars to the owner. The owner then explains that he doesn't want to let him spend his money since the park wasn't in such good shape and barely anybody came.

    Then Cartman explains his plan. He's not gonna let anybody go in it but him because he hates lines so much. Then the owner lets him get the park. Later, Stan find Kyle in a synogogue alone. Kyle is still shocked about Cartman's park. Kyle then tells Stan that he has a hemorrhoid.

    Later, Kyle's hemorrhoid gets so bad he has to go stay in the hospital. In the meantime, things aren't going so good at Cartman's park. He has had to let in more people come in in order to pay for his workers. Kyle is just about to die when Cartman wants his money back. Once he gets his money back, the IRS comes and takes his money since he still owns some from the park. (Plus, Kenny died so his family was sueing the park). Stan brings Kyle over to the park and sees Cartman depressed. Then he gets better.

    Good episode. But not the best. Season 5 was really, really good though. And this one stood out.
  • I'm going to CartmanLand!!!

    I really like this episode it's in my top 5 of south park episodes. In this episode Cartman's Grandma died and she lefl 1,000,000 dollars in her Will. Then Kyle gets mad that Cartman has 1,000,000 dollars. Then Cartman uses the money to buy an adventure Park. I thought that Cartman was going to use the money to build an Adventure Park. Then only buys the Adventure Park just for him to use only. Then Kyle gets a big pain in his butt and blames it on God that's not right blame it on him. Then Cartman starts to let people in because he need to make money to hire people to fix CartmanLand. Then Cartman sells CartmanLand and then the IRS takes Cartman's Money and he lose the rest because Kenny die in park poor guy.
  • But he dies all the time!

    In this episode Cartmans granny dies and leaves him a million dolars. In his Grinch like rant [LINES LINES THE LINES!] he explains he wants his own ammusement park and when it becomes famous and Kyle gets a massice hemaroid and renounces his faith, Eric gets screwed and loses ALL of his money and Kyle says "you are there". Kyle was great in this episode as was how insane Eric is.
  • good episode i liked it

    Cartman inherits one million dollars and buys his own amusment park becuase he hates lines.

    while kyle get a hemoriod and gets it infected while trying to climb over the fence. Then loses the will to live and allmost gets killed

    meanwhile cartman hires a security guard but it will cost him by letting 2 people in everyday

    eventualy cartman hased to let 800 people in his park per day but when he see\'s the results he sells the park back to the origonal owner for 1 million dollars.

    but then the gorverment takes away half his money and gets sued becuase kenny died on one of the rides

    then kyle see\'s how missirable cartman is and finds his will to live the end.............................................
  • My thoughts on Cartmanland.

    Cartman's dream of getting a theme park is recognized, which in itself shows Cartman's true nature. He won't let anyone into his very own theme park and he rubs it in everyone's face. Eric Cartman can actually enjoy a theme park without anyone else there with him. Kyle belives this is truly unfair so he ends up getting a hemorrhoid and renounces his Jewish religion. I enjoyed this episode very much. It is not one of my favorites and not necessarily extraordinary, but it has all of my personal favorite elements of South Park... Kyle vs. Cartman, A/B plot, not completely overshadowing one of the other characters, etc. What I also enjoyed is that in the episode subsequent to this, Proper Condom Use, Matt and Trey have a running gag of Stan and Kyle destroying a doll, and acting like it's J. Lo and "making her promise" never to make any albums or movies again.
  • Cartman inherits a bunch of cash and uses it for his very own amusement park, Kyle battles a hemorrhoid

    Cartmanland is a very good episode for character development, as we see a different side of Kyle and a sad, then happy, then sad again Cartman. The episode starts off at Cartman's grandma's funeral, where he soon learns he has inherited $1,000,000, since everybody else at the funeral is a "crack addict." Soon, Cartman makes his very own personal amusement park--where the only guest is himself. Kyle develops a hemorrhoid, and is no longer faithful in God. This episode definitely had it's funny moments, as Cartman enjoys his theme park alone, but the ending was abrubt and the episode felt kind of rushed. But, another decent Cartman episode it definitely is.
  • One of the best.

    This episode of South Park is really one of my favorites and is probably in my top 10 favorites. It's a very funny episode where Cartman inherits one million dollars and spends it all on a theme park and keeps on having to hire people to work at his park which leads Cartman to keep on letting people into his park. It's just a really funny story, I really like episodes that revolve around Cartman, because he is such a funny character. It's just so funny how good the park he owns is doing and yet he thinks that it's bad and wants to sell it back, but he loses all of his money because of injuries in the park. This truly is a great episode.
  • A cute and entertaining break from the biting political satire SP has become famous for.

    Long story short - Cartman's grandmother dies, and leaves him a million dollars, with which he buys his own amusement park. Kyle begins to question his faith in God. He gives up entirely on the notion of devine justice when he is diagnosed with what can be best described as an atomic hemorrhoid. Cartman eventually decides the park is more trouble than it's worth and sells it back - however, the IRS confiscates his assets, while the rest is used to settle a lawsuit with Kenny's family (as Kenny died on one of the rides). Cartman is left more miserable than ever, and Kyle regains his faith in Jehovah: "You ARE up there!"

    This episode, while not the brilliant lampooning of American culture and politics that South Park is most famous for, is nonetheless cute and entertaining, and is one of my personal favorites. Sure, there wasn't a lot of character development, and yeah, no biting statements about the condition of our society were made, but it was funny. And, in the end, isn't that was South Park is supposed to be?
  • Cartmanland

    So, here Eric Cartman is again. I haven't written a review in over two months I think it has been. Probably cause Ive been busy... But now.. ;D Here it is... Cartmanland is a hell of a funny episode. Right, so Cartman gets a hell lot of money and wants to buy a theme park. He does, but he doesn't get all that he ever wanted from it. :( Haha Cartman !!
    Anyway... A good episode with some silly and funny scenes. Proves how stupid and dumb a little 8-9 year old chubby kid can be, though doesn't it!
    :) Okay episode.
  • About "Cartmanland"

    Well, it was quite much of fun watching this episode. Cartman having his own entertainment park was too amusing to call it "not so good". The things with Cartman having it for himself and only for himself was so much of fun ! He didn't wanna let anyone else in ! However, he later lost the park and got really pissed and desperate. Oh well, what could have he done with it anyways ?
    I felt sorry for Kyle because of his hemorrhoid, it was painful to just watch. Actually I am an atheist so I didn't like the end of the religious thread - Kyle should have realized there's no god at all and kept that in mind. But, he's a Jew after all. *sighs* But I love him the way he is.