South Park

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • A cute and entertaining break from the biting political satire SP has become famous for.

    Long story short - Cartman's grandmother dies, and leaves him a million dollars, with which he buys his own amusement park. Kyle begins to question his faith in God. He gives up entirely on the notion of devine justice when he is diagnosed with what can be best described as an atomic hemorrhoid. Cartman eventually decides the park is more trouble than it's worth and sells it back - however, the IRS confiscates his assets, while the rest is used to settle a lawsuit with Kenny's family (as Kenny died on one of the rides). Cartman is left more miserable than ever, and Kyle regains his faith in Jehovah: "You ARE up there!"

    This episode, while not the brilliant lampooning of American culture and politics that South Park is most famous for, is nonetheless cute and entertaining, and is one of my personal favorites. Sure, there wasn't a lot of character development, and yeah, no biting statements about the condition of our society were made, but it was funny. And, in the end, isn't that was South Park is supposed to be?
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