South Park

Season 5 Episode 6


Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2001 on Comedy Central

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  • One of the best episodes

    Cartman gets a million dollars from his grandma's will. Right after he gets it, he spends it. Kyle of course is dumbfounded of Cartman getting a million dollars. Cartman goes to a theme park and offers to give one million dollars to the owner. The owner then explains that he doesn't want to let him spend his money since the park wasn't in such good shape and barely anybody came.

    Then Cartman explains his plan. He's not gonna let anybody go in it but him because he hates lines so much. Then the owner lets him get the park. Later, Stan find Kyle in a synogogue alone. Kyle is still shocked about Cartman's park. Kyle then tells Stan that he has a hemorrhoid.

    Later, Kyle's hemorrhoid gets so bad he has to go stay in the hospital. In the meantime, things aren't going so good at Cartman's park. He has had to let in more people come in in order to pay for his workers. Kyle is just about to die when Cartman wants his money back. Once he gets his money back, the IRS comes and takes his money since he still owns some from the park. (Plus, Kenny died so his family was sueing the park). Stan brings Kyle over to the park and sees Cartman depressed. Then he gets better.

    Good episode. But not the best. Season 5 was really, really good though. And this one stood out.
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