South Park

Season 8 Episode 13

Cartman's Incredible Gift

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2004 on Comedy Central



  • Trivia

    • Cartman gets a vision of a person making "Quadruple Stuffs" out of Double Stuff Oreos, a concept previously mentioned in Season 4's "Chef Goes Nanners."

    • Detective Murphy appears in this episode. However, Detective Murphy had previously killed himself in the season 7 episode "Lil Crime Stoppers."

    • Listen extremely closely when the cops are talking at the first crime scene. You can hear that one of the actors bumped their microphone.

    • While Cartman is in his room singing and counting money, Ms. Cartman opens the door. However, if you look out the window next to it, you see trees, snow and the sun.

    • One of the "psychics" is shot up at the hotel, but seen in the end during the pseudo-psychic showdown.

    • Mr. Johanson (the old man who is originally accused by Cartman) is said to be the "owner of the ice cream shop" by the police detective but later Kyle says Mr. Johanson "runs a candy shop," not an ice cream shop as previously said.

    • The red haired cop has no front pocket until Cartman tells him that's where his keys are. It even dissappears a few moments later

  • Quotes

    • Cartman: Where am I?
      Dr. Doctor: You're at the hospital Eric, you've been in a coma for some time.
      Cartman: Coma? How long?
      Dr. Doctor: It's been two days. Nurse, you can remove his face warmer now.
      Nurse: Yes doctor. (Nurse removes fake beard from Cartman's face)
      Dr. Doctor: Now Eric, you've sufferred massive head trauma. Your road to recovery will be long and ardous...At least another two days.

    • Mrs. Cartman: Whats wrong with him!?!
      Dr. Doctor: I'm afraid that your son is...incredibly stupid. He thought he could fly with cardboard wings. The stupidity is so severe that it caused a fall which has put him into a deep coma.

    • (about Mrs. Crabtree's death)
      Detective: I have to figure out who did this crime! I owe it to that victim over there! I know she hadn't been in any recent episodes, but damnit she deserves better than this!

    • Dectective: Her name is Ms. Veronica Crabtree, bus driver for the elementary school. She was considered a minor character, one the fans wouldn't miss much.

    • Cartman: Then explain to me why I see visions of ice cream and cookies!
      Kyle: That's because you're a F***ing fatass!!!

    • Kyle: The plain simple truth is nobody is psychic, there's a logical explanation for every single psychic story you've ever heard.
      Murphy: Do you think that's true?
      Sergeant: It must be true, the kid is psychic…

    • Kyle: What's going on?
      Stan: Cartman thinks he can fly off of his roof.(pause)
      Kyle (to Cartman) Do it, do it.
      Cartman: I'm gonna!
      Craig: I wouldn't if I were you!
      Kyle: Don't listen to them Cartman, I'm sure it'll work! Yay Cartman! Fly fly fly!

    • Kyle: Since the days of Copernicus man has dreamed of flight, on this historic day...aww screw it (Jumps off the roof and hurts himself.)
      Stan: *sigh* Call an ambulance.

    • Cartman: On this historic day, we remember the Wright brothers, Orville and Redenbacher

    • Butters: Now Kyle, don't fly too close to the sun or it'll burn your wings and you'll crash into the ocean.
      Stan: Butters, god dammit...

    • Cartman: Why the hell do I have to share my room with other patients? This is bullcrap!
      Mrs. Cartman: Oh your sounding just like your old self again.
      Dr. Doctor: I'm sorry detectives, there was nothing we could do.
      Sergeant: DAMMIT!!! Another murder victim. For three years the left hand killer has been at large and I've exhausted every lead. Maybe I don't have what it takes to be a cop anymore.
      Murphy: We better get back to the station sir.
      Cartman: Good because you assholes kept me up for 3 hours.
      Sergeant: Alright lets go Murphy, oh wait a second where are my car keys?
      Cartman: Probably in your front pocket dumbass.
      (Sergeant checks front pocket and finds car keys)

    • Cartman: Since the days of Copernicus, man has dreamed of flight. On this historic day, let us go and... (interrupted by Kyle)
      Kyle: Ah go on and do it already!
      Cartman: Hold on, I'm giving my speech! (resumes speech)On this historic day, we remember the Wright brothers, Orville and Redenbaucher, whose dreams and visions inspired generations.
      Stan: He's not gonna do it.
      Cartman: And now again one man's vision ushers in a new era of aerial travel, proving the power of imagination and intellect. The magic of flight! (flaps cardboard wings and jumps off roof, hits the ground and lays motionless)

    • Murderer: Do you want to see my cotton panties?

    • Sergeant: Congratulations Eric, you just stopped the biggest killer in South Park history
      Murphy: We would give you an award, but I guess that knowing the people of South Park are safe is good enough
      Cartman: .....guess again
      Murphy: OK here's 100 dollars

    • (Cartman tries to search his mind for clues)
      Cartman: Ice cream.....covered with....chocolate sprinkles.........Double-Stuffed Oreo's.......he's taking the top off of one.......he's putting them together to make Quadruple Stuffs!!!

    • (Cartman searches his mind again for clues)
      Cartman: Fried's tender and it's fresh......Maple Syrup....Maple Syrup is being put on the is Fried Chicken......Oh my god, it's a Fried Chicken Sundae!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • CSI:

      The montage where the policeman researches the "left hand problem" is a reference to the TV show "CSI", which makes frequent uses of such montages. The South Park spoof also has techno music playing in the background, just like on CSI.

    • Wright Brothers:

      Orville and Redenbacher is a parody of the Wright Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, as well as a plan on Orville Redenbacher, the popcorn magnate.

    • Scanners:

      The psychic battles are from the film "Scanners", famous for its head explosion. It is also worth noting both "Scanners" and "The Dead Zone" are directed by David Cronenberg.

    • Ed Gein:

      The allusions to "Silence of the Lambs," "Psycho," and "Red Dragon" are all in and of themselves, and the serial killer in this episode are all allusions to real life serial killer Ed Gein. Who upon his arrest police raided his house and found many gruesome things, such as cups made from skulls, a belt made from human nipples, lamp shades made from skin, and a female body suit. The house scene in this episode is a clear reference to Ed Gein and his house.

    • Silence of the Lambs:

      The killer is also similar to Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs because he dresses like a woman and of the pictures of women.

      In Silence of the Lambs, Buffalo Bill wore dresses and the skin of women he had killed.

    • James Randi: The bald, bearded 'licensed' Psychic Detective looks just like James Randi, a very respected magician who debunks mystics, psychics, etc. Uri Geller is among the many people he has discredited.

    • The Third Eye:

      This may be a coincidence but the plot about Cartman is believed to psychic and starts to help the police is similar to the book "The Third Eye" by Lois Duncan.

      In this book a girl is psychic and helps the police find kidnapped children.

    • Psycho:

      The killer is a mix of many different killers from classic movies. When he holds the corpse that was once his mother is an obvious reference to the movie Psycho, where Norman Bates keeps his mother's corpse.

    • Icarus:

      When Butters talks to Kyle about flying near the sun, it's a reference to the greek myth of Icarus.

      When Daedalus and his sun Ikaros, in order to flee Crete, made wings of feathers and wax, and flew away. Icarus, being the young and cocky, flew to close to the sun, and the wax melted, which caused him to fall into the ocean.

    • Red Dragon: The killer is an obvious reference to the killer in this 2002 film. If you look at their faces you can see the same upper lip deformity (a lip cleft). Also the scene were he duct tapes Cartman to a wheelchair is identical to the scene were the Red Dragon killer bounds a journalist to a wheelchair as he shows him his "evolution", although, technically the "Evolution slideshow" is a reference to the 1986 film Manhunter, the first film adaptation of the novel Red Dragon.

    • The Dead Zone:

      This episode is a parody of the Stephen King novel (and later movie and TV series) "The Dead Zone", in which after sustaining a head injury, a man can see people's deaths and the future.

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