South Park

Season 4 Episode 2

Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2000 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

The boys are challenged by the girls to a sled race down Phil Collin's hill. When Cartman hits Token with a rock, he gets into a bit of trouble, two weeks detention. The punishment is compounded when the FBI begins an investigation in Cartman's hate crime. Cartman is put on trial, which is covered by Trial TV, and as an example he is sentenced to Alamosa Maximum Security Juvenile Hall until he is twenty-one years of age. Before he lets them take him away, he goes on the run with Kenny in Kenny's "Go-Go Action Bronco" in a "high speed" chase. The chase ends when the batteries run out just short of the Mexican border. Cartman is then taken to his new home.

Prisoner 24601 arrives and learns his new routine and meets his cell mate, "Romper Stomper." Back in South Park, the boys search for a replacement for Cartman, so they can win Saturday's sled race against the girls. Clyde is drafted but isn't fat enough. Cartman tries to find his place in the "big house" and if he can get some cigarettes, he will be told how he can break out. When Kenny is killed, during some sledding practice runs, the boys decide to try to break Cartman out. They go to visit him and try to pass him a file. When they find they can't do that, they at least are able to pass him some cigarettes, which Cartman has to hide up his ass. Unfortunately when he removes them from his system, he flushes them at the same time.

Stan and Kyle go to see Token to see if he can forgive Cartman, so they can get him released. Token's dad tells them that would be impossible and gives them a lesson on hate crime laws. Back in stir, Cartman passes the "Tic Tac Throw" game he has been hiding in his ass, hoping to be told how he can get out. He finally learns how things work in the big house. Cartman begins crying and his cell mate promises to help him break out. Meanwhile, the "Free Eric Cartman Now" committee (Kyle, Stan and Token) see the governor, and give him their presentation on "Hate Crime Laws – A Savage Hypocracy." Cartman and "Romper Stomper" are on the run outside the big house, when "Romper Stomper" stumbles and falls. The guards catch up with them and give Cartman the news that the governor has pardoned him. Back at Phil Collin's Hill, the boys await the arrival of their anchor man, Cartman. Cartman arrives in the nick of time, his added mass, and help from "Romper Stomper"'s footwear helps lead the boys onto victory against the girls.

Cartman returns to the juvenile hall to help "Romper Stomper" achieve his wish of seeing Disneyworld. Fortunately for him, Cartman just happens to have smuggled it in, via his ass.

Kenny dies in a sledding accident while they are testing alternatives to make up for the loss of Cartman's weight.