South Park

Season 4 Episode 2

Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2000 on Comedy Central

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  • grear

    Cartman throws a rock at Token for being mean to him and instead of getting a simply detention Cartman is send to jail for committing a hate crime. Stan and Kyle try to get him out of jail because they need him for a sled race they were going to have. Can they convince the jury to let him out?

    Good episode. It got a little boring but never too boring and it was overall a nice episode. I took a debate class and we debated about hate crimes, we should've watched this episode! Overall my final grade for this episode is going to fall in the "B" range
  • Wow.

    The girls challenge the boys to a sledding contest at Phil Collin's hill. It is mainly Cartman who does all the work. After Token reminds Cartman about his fat self again, Cartman throws a rock at him and gets sentenced for prison for a hate crime. His roommate, Romper Stomper, says that he can get him out of prison. Clyde is now the new fat kid. After they do a test run, Kenny gets killed and they realized they need to free Cartman. Kyle, Stan, and Token give the mayor a presentation on hate crime laws. Cartman and Romper Stomper escapes, and captured. Cartman gets pardoned by the government. At Phil Collin's hill, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Token beat the girls. At the end, Pip says "Hooray for Cartman's fat a**!" and he has a rock thrown at him. Overall, I give this episode a 9.7.
  • "Silly" Indeed...

    Okay, so Cartman get's angry at Token (the school's only bla-, I mean African-American, student) for constantly calling him fat, so he throws a rock at Token and hits him in the head. The FBI gets word of this and storms into the school to arrest Cartman under the "hate crime" laws. This poses a problem for the boys as they get into a bet with the girls (just before Cartman's arrest) as to who can sled faster down "Phil Collins Hill"... what's the problem? Cartman's fata$$ was the reason they were fast on the sled, and now he's in jail. While in jail, Cartman meets a character by the name of "Romper Stomper" (a nice throwback to the Australian film about a skinhead group) who promises to help him break out of jail as long as he agrees to sneak in cigarettes. A hilarious scene takes place when the boys visit Cartman in jail and give him the cigs and he then has to sneak them past the guards by sticking them up his a$$, one at a time ("Boy, I wish I hadn't just sat here and watched that just now")... FUNNY! Anyway, so to get Cartman out of jail the boys go to Token to ask him to tell the judge that he forgives Cartman. Well, while at Token's home the boys get educated by his father (he also happens to have a problem with the Hate Crime laws) about the hate crime laws and they then go to the Mayor to get the court's ruling overturned by giving her a little presentation, "Hate Crime Laws: A Savage Hypocrisy". I thought this was a hilarious episode that has some replay value... hearing Cartman trying to crap out the things he's hidden in his a$$... priceless! Loved it!
  • Cartman's Silly Hate Crime

    Though racism is not tolerated now and then in everyday life, in TV & Film it is usually uncensored and goes by unnoticed. I think that black/coloured people can be sensitive and even people of Caucasian can be too.
    This episode proves that sometimes the Goverment and other people can just go way too far when it comes to racism. Cartman lobs something at Token (or something like that) and gets done for " Hate Crime " which is kind of lame.
    I like the part with the sled race at the end though. That was good. ;D Memorable, but not so great.
  • Cartman is a racist! Who knew?

    This episode teamed with the last episode makes for the best 1-2 punch in South Park history. Cartman throws a rock at Token (not out of racism) but everyone seems to think that it is. Cartman gets sent to Juvenile Hall because token is black and therefore Cartman has committed a hate-crime. Whle there, he meets the jail-hardened romper stomper, who agrees to help him bust out of prison so he can see disney land. Cartman gets out but Romper Stomper isn't so lucky. A great episode that is easily a classic and is nearly loved by every fan of SP.
  • If you going to hurt another human being, you better make damn sure he's the same colour as you.

    This episode was fairly solid in it's rating, no dip in momentum, no rise in momentum. It stayed the same the whole way through, at a very good level. I feel this episode officially introduced the character of Token, who is a character I am very fond of, but it also played very well on a tochy subject. I had no idea of the prospect of hate crime laws before this, but the way the boys put it, they are a savage hypocracy. Clyde was pretty funnyn all through this episode, as we saw his slow transition into Cartman-ness, Kenny's death was good too.
  • this is about cartman getting put in jail for a hate crime.

    This has got to be one of the best southpark episodes ever. I really enjoyed watching it and no matter how many times I watch it I never got bored of it. It was really well thought up like how they needed to get cartman back so that they could win a slied race against the girls, but how long will it be untill they get cartman back as soon as his cell mate feels sory for him.

    This episode should really only be viewed if you are 15 or over but you can like some people do though .
  • South Park tackles the issue of hate crime by putting Cartman into juvenile hall after throwing a rock at Token.

    South Park tackles the issue of hate crime by putting Cartman into juvenile hall after throwing a rock at Token. This is the prison episode of South Park, and features one of Cartman's lesser-known talents; that of being able to fit very large things up his a**.

    Meanwhile, the boys are trying to find someone to take Cartman's place on the sled so they can beat the girls at a downhill sled race. They need a fat kid to make them go faster, so they pick Clyde.

    Well, my synopsis aside, this episode is very good and makes a great point in the case against hate crimes.
  • Funny.

    I love when they replace Cartman's fat ass and call Clyde fat. And then Kyle keeps speaking piglatin and then starts preaching to Cartman about smoking - it's like later on during Cartoon Wars when Cartman talks about Kyle and his preachyness. I love how everythign goes up Cartman's ass. All in all there are funny moments but the whole episode isn't all too striking.
  • It's not the best episode.

    Basically this shows Cartman getting arrested for just throwing a rock at a black student at his school. Later, his friends form a fundraiser to free Cartman. I don't enjoy this episode that much. While it isn't written that well or plotted that good, it does have a message that hate crimes are bad, which is the bettand more brighter side to this.
  • One of the best.....

    I thought this episode was a good one as it explored the juvenile prison storyline. Some of the hate crime scenes were ok, but i think the key of the episode was Cartman in juvenile jail. The funniest parts of the episode was when Cartman had to hide things up his ass to smuggle in for his cell mate. Then you could hear the sound effects as he tried to remove them. Of course like in almost all south park episodes the boys succeed in their task, but only after forcing the girls to crash in their sled race. Would have to be in one of my top 10 episodes.