South Park

Season 10 Episode 3

Cartoon Wars (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on Comedy Central

Episode Recap

Stan is just falling asleep when his father breaks into his room, he is in a panic. Outside all hell is breaking loose. Everyone is gathering at the community center in anticipation of the retaliation they are expecting from the Muslim world when the Fox cartoon Family Guy airs an episode featuring the prophet Mohammed as a character. The next morning everyone is still alive because Fox censored Family Guy at the last minute. Wondering what all the fuss was about, the boys go over to Kyle's house to watch his TiVo recording of the episode. What they don't see seems to be no big deal to them, well to everyone except Cartman. Cartman seems to have become sensitive to people's religious beliefs and feels that what Family Guy is doing "is wrong." When his parents find them watching Family Guy, Kyle's father destroys the television set. His mother thinks that the boys need Muslim sensitivity training, which Mrs. Garrison holds in class the next day. After Mrs. Garrison lies out the reasons why Muslims feel the way they do, Cartman points out that Mrs. Garrison is ignorant and racist. An emergency announcement is held in the school's gym, Family Guy was a two-part episode and the shows writers are demanding that the second episode be shown uncensored. A Muslim leader threatens a MASSIVE-retaliation. Cartman wants the others to join him on a trip to LA to the Fox network to get the episode pulled. As all mass transportation has been stopped, he plans on riding his Big Wheel there. Kyle doesn't believe in Cartman's sudden concern for the Muslims and he isn't going to go, he is in favor of the writer's standing up for their rights. Cartman reminds Kyle that people may die over this.

Kyle has a nightmare about the coming apocalypse and he decides to join Cartman on his trip. Together they start riding their Big Wheels towards LA. Meanwhile, with 6 days until the airing of Part 2 of the episode, the town wants to know they can do. An expert recommends that they bury their heads in the sand so that the Muslim extremists know that they had nothing to do with the airing of the episode. Butters' dad disagrees and makes an appeal to stand up and defend the right to free speech, but no one takes him up on the offer; they are all in favor of burying their heads. On the way to LA Cartman reveals that his plan is to get Family Guy pulled from the air forever. When Kyle suggests that Cartman's sense of humor is just like Family Guy he goes off on Kyle. Kyle realizes that Cartman has shown his true colors and now that he is no longer on his side starts racing him to LA. Even being chased by the police doesn't stop the pair from racing to their objective.

The sand is spread out on South Park Avenue and everyone in town starts to bury their heads in the sand. It is realized that the last person in the line is going to have to make a sacrifice and one unknown man comes forward. Cartman succeeds in running Kyle's Big Wheel off the road and he rides off into the distance, leaving Kyle alone in the desert. In LA, the President of the United States meets with the president of Fox to discuss the Family Guy situation. The Fox president tells him that his hands are tied and that there is something about the Family Guy writers that the President needs to know about them…

Next week on South Park

The race continues, Cartman learns the secret of the Family Guy writers, the entire nation starts to bury its head in the sand and the battle between good and evil (Kyle and Cartman) is waged.

Will the cartoon be allowed to appear uncensored?
Will Family Guy be destroyed???
Will television executives fight for free speech?
? Or will Comedy Central puss out?

Stay tuned to see part two of Family Guy next week on South Park.
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