South Park

Season 10 Episode 3

Cartoon Wars (1)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 05, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • South Park is one of my all time favorite shows; however, this particular one did not win me over. Let's just say I don't like when two of my favorite shows fight. I think the swipe was low and petty.

    This particular episode did not sit well with me because I felt it was a cheap shot against Family Guy. I feel that South Park utilizes topical humor in it's genius story lines, whereas Family Guy uses more a slapstick technique in achieving comedy. I really see no simularity between the two shows aside from the crude references that keep me watching every time. In addition to this argument, I was especially annoyed with Cartman's attitude in this episode. In this episode, Cartman insists that the Family Guy show in question is so insensitive to Muslims and that he is outraged buy this. Although in the end his true intentions are revealed, this alone bothered the crap out of me.
  • Family Guy was portrayed perfectly in this episode.

    *sighs* This episode pointed out to me how much the new Family Guy episodes have changed from the old ones, such as how it is joke after joke after joke, and pretty much no story. However the reason this episode got such a low rating is because, I did not laugh the entire way through it, aside from the Family Guy Parodies, and some times I didn't even laugh at them. I think Trey and Matt were so sure on their storyline here, that they pretty much forgot about putting in the jokes.

    I do like how they point out Family Guy's flaws in this episode, but I rarely laughed. :(
  • omg this is a funny episode. Kinda sux that it got split in 2 but good nonetheless. It was about time that South Park said something about the whole Mohamed cartoon ordeal and they did in in style. I couldn\'t stop laughing for the first 10 min of the sho

    Great episode and right on the money. Not sure why exactly they chose to make fun of The Family Guy but I guess you can\\\'t make fun of your own show. Oh and making fun of the Fox executives is just classic.

    Yet one of the best parts of the episode is when Kyle says to Cartman: \\\" You unbelievable son of a bitch. \\\" I actually never though that I would ever hear this combination in the show. It\\\'s usually fat ass or just son of a bitch but this was simply awesome. The background musik and the plot just clicked together.

    Anyway all the stupidity aside this is a good episode and I like it a lot. Oh and for those poeple that seem to not understand the whole Family Guy joke ... it is not really supposed to put the show down. However, in order to make comedy you need to use something and it just happens that Fox+The Family Guy fit the bill perfectly.
  • The episode comments on freedom of speech and Islam, and bashes Family Guy while at it.

    OK, they made their point, they hate Family Guy.
    Yes, it has random interchangeable jokes, but that's what makes it way funnier than South Park. They have different styles. FG concentrates on just making you laugh, while SP focuses on criticism and social comment. They can't say they're better because of that.
    The episode itself bored me a little at times. Maybe they should make some interchangeable jokes.
  • Season 10, Episode 3.

    Great episode! Cartman and Kyle are at war over the popular cartoon, Family Guy. Kyle loves it and Cartman hates it. When the show airs some controversial content the boys go on a cross country chase with the fate of Family Guy lying with the first boy to reach Hollywood.

    "We forgot Butters!" "It's too late for him!" LMAO! Family Guy does really rock. I love it, and I love how it was animated on this show. Ew, FOX censored the image of Mohammad. I love Peter's voice and how the flashbacks kept coming on! LMAO! Cartman doesn't care about religion! LMAO! Perfect episode!
  • This episode sucked

    I hated this horrible episode they're pitting themselves against Family Guy they aren't better
    then them Family Guy is more funny and cleverly
    plotted then this pile a crap they have more
    class then them their just mad because they have more viewers then them so my words for them is stop hating on a show that's better than you and i'm through!
  • Family Guy isn't very well written and the jokes have no relevancy to the plot!! If you think that Family Guy is funnier than South Park, then you are a lost stupid soul.

    Wow, just wow, this episode defines how amazing South Park it is, i was not expecting a 2 part episode. Kyle\'s big wheel exploding was classic, as was the cop car spinning out of control and crashing. I hope that this really is a two part episode because i can\'t wait to see how this one is going to end.
  • 'Don't you ever, EVER compare me to Family Guy!' - Why I feel this was the best episode of South Park.

    This was, without question, the smartest and most funny episode of south park ever. Family Guy finally publically gets what it has had coming to it for years, with an underlying message of anti-censorship.

    I'm going to start out talking about the Family Guy aspect of the show. It was not by any means the most important part but it must be talked about non-the-less.

    Family Guy has been riding on the same joke since episode one. Matt and Trey refer to it as 'one random interchangable joke after another', and I couldn't have said it better myself. Don't get me wrong, Family Guy can make me laugh once in a while, but come on writers you obviously have more to offer than this.

    The real reason for this episode was to tackle the issue of censorship. Comedy Central recently pulled the South park episode dealing with Scientology, due to pressure from the 'Scientollywood' community. This same episode casued Isaac Hayes to quit, but that is a different story.

    The issue was so brilliantly placed throughout the episode, that they might just get away with not getting this episode (and the next) pulled. I don't want to go into what specifically was said because this episode was so perfectly done that if just needs to be watched, by everyone.

    Last but not least I want to thank Matt and Trey for making South Park funnier, and smarter year after year.

    Stay tuned for next weeks episode...
  • Disappointing.

    Oh, my god. Why they make fun of Family Guy. They're wrong from doing this stuff, but I like the episode better. Anyway, they are trying to mock the words of Family Guy, and they will always do that. I wonder why they will do such a thing like that. That is wrong.
  • Matt and Trey have proven a point!

    In my opinion there is a whole other plot behind this episode. Yes this episode is an attack at Family Guy, but no I don't think Matt and Trey do this because they don't like them.

    Look at the fight between Moslims and the other part for those Muhammed cartoons, and then look at the fight between Family Guy fans and South Park fans.
    I think South Park proves here that you can say on tv or in the newspaper whatever you want you will always offend people.

    So Family Guy fans (including me), don't see South Park as evil, they are just clever.
  • South Park takes a stab at family guy

    This episode was a great one in the way it made fun of one of my favorite shows in a way that was funny and a tad emotional.

    Family guy has an episode that makes the muslims mad and the citizens of south park go crazy which leads to kyle and cartman on a cross country trip to get the show pulled for the muslims. Meanwhile the town of south park is burying its heads in the sand to prove they had nothing to do with the episode. In the end kyle learns the awful secret about cartman that he only wants to pull the show so it would get cancelled because cartman doesn't like the show.

    A thrilling and emotional episode about the muslim people and the episode of family guy.

    I liked this episode because i like family guy and that this episode was funny and emotional at the same time( kyle trying to fight for the show and cartman trying to get the show cancelled)

    8.5/10---little slow---- only a few parts were funny but the storyline was good.
  • U dont get it

    heya ppl first i just want to get 1 thing clear i am a big family guy fan but look i know u all seem to be taking 1 look and seeing family guy bein ripped but thts all ur seeing. If you actually look closely its genious its all comes down to tht scientology episode there not ripping family guy they picked them cause as cartman dont want to admit its just like southpark. the muhammed thing is them sayin tht south park have freedom of speech and just cause the religion dont like it they cant just get pissy and have it banned you have the right to say what you think and i think thats valid.

    o well i may be totally wrong but take one more look y is it tht kyle is the 1 who is for family guy its cause hes the voice of reason in south park isnt he? He speaks the truth where as Cartman is an uncaring arsehole ( dont get me wrong he is genious tho) and hes an arsehole trying to get a briliant show stopped U know arsehole Scientologists like Tom Cruise brilliant show south park.

    Sorry for the essay but it had to be said this show is genious.
  • South Park pokes fun at family guy.

    This episode is the best episode so far this season. I am NOT a Family guy fan, in fact that show is annoying with all the flash backs. This episode Cartman is out to cancel the show by deviously covering it up as protecting the muslim faith. Its still not up to par with season 5 but this season is slowly, but steadily improving.
  • I'm not sure some of you got the joke. This episode was all about South Park and not Family Guy.

    This episode was not really about Family Guy, yes the show was featured heavily with a few minor jabs in it's direction but nothing major. This episode deals specifically with South Park (they used Family Guy because South Park the tv show doesn't exist in South Park the town).

    With that in mind, for Family Guy read South Park for Fox read Comedy Central. Basically everything that happened to Family Guy in this episode is directly related to what is happening with South Park now. Confused?

    Look at the summary of next weeks episode, where is it? To Be Announced it reads. Obviously Trey and Matt are throwing down the gauntlet to Comedy Central. Will the episode be pulled or will freedom of speech prevail? Or is it all a ruse?

    As for this episode itself, while clever in design it wasn't as funny as the 2 previous. Too political and not enough fart jokes.
  • ..

    I was waiting for them to include something about Family Guy. I have never liked Family Guy and I am pleased to see that Matt and Trey feel the same way. I mean, the flashback thing is pretty weak. The Muhammed allusion was great too. I am eager to see the next episode and find out if America will defend free speech.

    Why are so many people missing the point of these episodes? I know they use the show as a soapbox alot, but it is nothing knew to the show. There are references to current events since season 1. Of course cheesy poofs and jew jokes are funny, but wouldnt it get repetative if Cartman sat on his couch and demand snacky cakes and cheesy poofs all the time? The show has changed gears alittle, but maybe we will see even more changes in the future. I bet it is hard to keep something fresh but also retain the classic material.
  • dartdarnell Sucks Eggs!

    dartdarnell Sucks Eggs!
    That Episode was spot friggin on about Family Guy. Fine, laugh at it if you think it's random jokes are funny, but they are 100% crap that is just interchangable. South Park is way funnier and 100% more intelligent.
    I hope everyone who is bent out of shape over Matt and Trey taking a shot at Family Guy gets AIDS and HIV and the hiv and that disease that Magic Johnson has.
  • funny epidsode

    First off, I want to say that I love both South Park and Family guy. Honestly, I give the slight edge to Family Guy.

    I know alot of people are saying that they shouldnt make fun of Family guy etc, but who cares. South Park has made fun of every thing they possibly can and the criticizing is what helps make the make the show great. Matt and Trey like to take risks and produce these arguements on episodes like these.So other family guy fans, why don't you just go along with the joke and laugh instead of getting angry?
  • Family Guy and South Park are two of my favorite animated shows, and it's quite a disappointment that South Park has to rip on other shows. SP's new method of gaining praise from the audience is, well, tiring.

    Family Guy - Its gags are irrelevant to the story. The humour behind it is completely retarded. But millions of viewers still watch it.

    I am quite disappointed in this episode. It tells the truth, but the truth isn't funny most of the time. I'd like it better if South Park went back to its roots, where they actually have storylines and jokes to tie along with it. I'm already exhausted of this season. They rip on scientology and lost Isaac Hayes. And if they rip on Family Guy, they will lose viewers. Think of it, Parker, Stone. VIEWERS. Without them, your show will become meaningless. Your show will lose the title of most popular show on Comedy Central. Your show...will die.

    So get your fat asses out of that green sofa and start hiring talented writers. You have done way better last season.
  • I dont understand what all the fuss is about this episode ripping on family guy. I personaly dont see it that way, isn't it just taking the piss of the whole Muhammad cartoons situation and the way the US dealt with it?

    I dont understand what all the fuss is about this episode ripping on family guy. I personaly dont see it that way, isn't it just taking the piss of the whole Muhammad cartoons situation and the way the US dealt with it? And also making jokes about some of their episodes ('trapped in the closet' and 'bloody mary') being cncelled. I personally love family guy and dont see it as trey and matt taking the piss out of it, as if they were going to they would be alot more harsh and inteligent about it. I just think they are using it as a vehicle to get their point across.
  • Surprising episode

    This episode shocked me a bit
    For the Jewish and kind of "conservertive" Kyle
    And also from the usual liberal and bigot Cartman
    About Kyle loving another offensive show called "The Family Guy"
    While Cartman hates the show a lot
    Very surprising when IMO, it should be the other way around
    This is the first of two parts of the cartoon
    Again I miss Chef a lot
    Wished that Issac Hayes was back
    Unless they throw a lot of money to him!
    But I doubt that will happen!
  • "The Family Guy episode of South Park was brilliant!" [adult swim] Sunday April 09, 2006 10:29 PM

    I loved this episode. This episode defines how amazing South Park is. With this episode, I think South Park is getting better and better. Whoever thinks that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are trying to make fun of Family Guy is totally wrong. It is all about metaphors in this episode. In this episode, Family Guy is South Park, Eric Cartman is Tom Cruise, Kyle is Matt Stone, and Muhammad is Scientology. It all goes back to Season 9 with that "Trapped In The Closet" Episode. Scientology - that is what it's all about. A lot of people and myself would agree that this episode is brilliant. Even Adult Swim thinks so, as they said on their messages during commercials, "The Family Guy episode of South Park was brilliant!" on Sunday April 9, 2006 RIGHT before Family Guy aired at 10:30 PM that night.

    I can't wait until Part 2. Cartman and Kyle are FINALLY going to fight each other.
  • Lets get the facts....Family guy .Vs. South park....

    Family guy and south park are 2 completely diferent humor, but, both of them do the trick of making us piss our thongs, and thats what is all about, the truth is that when they were making family guy they wanted to make a more incoherent simpsoms family, not a more incoherent south park, and they did it, becouse if you watch family guy they allmost always take a "u" turn in they're jokes, but when you think theyre going in one direction BHAM! the joke hits you in the face, and in south park you do know what to expect, for example, in the episode when cartman hand became j-lo, we all knew that he was faking it to trick kyle and piss him off, and at the end thats what happened, but even if we allready knew, it was still hilarius, and i almost piss my pants, so whoever compere aouth park and family guy its a f%&#ing idiot, or may be he's not so dumb, but if they both makes you laugh then who cares, watch them both, and im sure you watch the simpsoms too, and cartoon network's adult swim, and all other smart created for adults cartoons(well at least thats what i like to think) so the heck with it, i just what 2 words for you, COOOOOMMMEEEEEEE OOOONNN!!!
  • i just hate it

    i hate this episode
    i found it so racist
    and its boring 2
    u can say whatever u want
    but in this stupid racist way
    i dont like at all
    and i was dissapointed when i watch it
    stop saying we r terrorist
    am a muslim and i dont want to kill ppl
    is it that hard to believe it
  • Has South Park crossed the line going into Family Guy?

    I think South Park is funnier than Family Guy. At least it makes you laugh harder than the weird jokes in Family Guy.
    Making fun of Family Guy and the anger of Muslim drawings was brilliant by the South Park writers. Muslims are really quite passionate yet extremely pathetic to care about the image of their "prophet"!
    The impressions of the Family Guy characters were quite accurate yet they were a little off in terms of color. South Park actually hit on their funny/stupid jokes and its plot where the family sits around the living room for half the episode.
    Cartman takes a complete turn in this episode which shows he can manipulate people thru fear and no one can stop him [except Stan!].
    The sand idea is just flat out dumb but I smiled when I first heard it.
    Personally I would have been on Kyle's side! Let the Family Guy episode air!!!
  • about time they made fun of family guy

    great great episode. we all know that Family Guy will retaliate. can't wait to see that episode. it will be something very very special. this one was an extremely funny episode too. Once again, the whole city goes crazy. like we haven't seen that before. as seen before, kyle and cartman contradict each other which only adds to the humor. loved the scenes where the islamic leader was completely dissing family guy and how the show was poorly written. I love family guy too but that part was pretty funny. all in all, a great beginning to this two-part episode.
  • One of a few that actully makes sense

    In this episode The prophet muhammed is going to be showed on family guy uncensored which is a 2 parter which causes outrage to the country, as cartman hates family guy he tries to get the 2nd part off the air by going to los angeles and so does kyle.
    This is one of my favorote episodes of south park as the story is well writen and everything said about Family guy was true but the main point of this episode was about free speach which many people missed. The race between kyle and cartman was pure classic as it had me rolling espically with the police car.
  • A classic, one of the best episodes yet! Anyone who thinks this episode is attacking or "dissing" Family Guy does not understand South Parks humor and should not be watching.

    I am so sick of all these people who think these episodes are an attack on Family Guy. Anyone who thinks this episode is attacking or "dissing" Family Guy does not understand South Parks humor and should not be watching South Park.
    The writers of South Park are actually showing their respect for Family Guy by using Family Guy to indirectly represent South Park. (Family Guy vs. Fox battling to re-air an episode of Family Guy, actually represents South Park vs. Comedy Central battling to re-air the Tom Cruise Scientology episode).
    Also, did you notice the only people that didn't like Family Guy were CARTMAN AND TERRORISTS! And the only reason Cartman didn't like Family Guy was because his humor was constanly compared to Family Guy (another clue that Family Guy actually represents South Park).
    There was also an episode were Carman was the only character on the show who hated Jews and wanted to exterminate them, do you think that means the writers of South Park hate Jews???
    If you cannot understand how South Park is not attacking Family Guy but actually complimenting them, then you do not understand the humor the show uses and you should not be watching South Park. If you keep watching South Park not understanding the humor you will eventually be totally offended by a joke that you didn't even get.
    Awesome episode though! One of the best yet. This episode almost seemed like a South Park movie, they must have spent way more on production then they normally do.
  • perfect

    the town of south park is frightened when fox allows the popular show "family guy" to air the muslim god, muhammed. cartman, and later kyle, go to hollywood to try and get it pulled. but kyle later learns that cartman's true plan is to get family guy off the air for good. kyle likes the show and tries to fight cartman on this. who will win?

    pretty good episode and good first part to a 2-parter. my final grade for "Cartoon Wars (1)" is going to be an A+, a really funny episode with a good plot to boot. Perfect
  • Another example of why South Park is still an amazing show. They keep with the times and is well written. Cartoon Wars is just another awesome episode in the series.

    "Blah blah blah, look at me I like Family Guy and I'm super annoyed with South Park".....ahhhh shut it! This thing of I like FG so I don't like this episode is ridiculous. I like Family Guy too, but failure to acknowledge what FG is and how it's written is crazier then a monkey with 6 asses. I think there's more to this episode then what most people are getting, but on to the review (the rest will come later). This episode starts out with terror in the streets as the whole town is going crazy because a cartoon is going to show Mohammad on TV! When it's revealed to everyone that Family Guy is going to air that particular episode, there becomes a new hate for the show in South Park (as seen when Gerald smashes the TV). After Fox "nearly" made it on time to censor the episode, it is reported that it was only 1 of a 2 parter! Knowing this, Cartman vows to get to the Family Guy Studios to get the episode pulled before its aired. Following a traumatic dream, Kyle joins Eric on his quest to the Family Guy Studios. With the hilarious Big Wheel chase scene and Randy damning Family Guy to hell and everything in between, Eric reveals his true plan and now Kyle's out to stop him. I don't want to give away too much of the episode, see it for yourself. Now back to the rant. There's more then what meets the eye in this episode and some of the more recent episodes, a message of what's been going on with South Park (Matt and Trey), Comedy Central and anything else that has been on the news, read about or even just a behind the scenes sorta deal. That's it for that, if you like the humour South Park gives and still watch it, great, but episodes will be that much more funnier and make more sense if you choose to read up on what's been happening surrounding the show South Park
  • My 2 fav. shows combined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don't usually watch South Park, but that was one of the best episodes I've ever seen. Like the part where Cartman and Kyle had that...uh... "high-speed chase". After watching that episode, it makes want to see not just part 2 but other episodes and season 10. I have a lot of catching up to do. The only thing did'nt like though was the animation they did for Family Guy in that episode. Last of all, I loved that Mr.T joke, but they overdid it on the flashback thing
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