South Park

Season 10 Episode 4

Cartoon Wars (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on Comedy Central
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With Kyle left behind, Cartman makes his way to FOX to get the Family Guy episode pulled, hoping to ultimately get rid of the show once and for all.

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  • Love the two-part episode

    Now I can see why they are making fun of Family Guy. It's pretty obvious that South Park creators: Trey Parker and Matt Stone hated Family Guy because they are being a little too derivative and they always show those cutaway gags over and over. And because of that episode, the staff members of King of the Hill and The Simpsons all sent Parker and Stone flowers because they love how they just bashed on Family Guy. I can agree from some people that South Park is somewhat funnier than Family Guy.moreless
  • The riveting conclusion to an interesting story arch. It's actually good, wouldn't you know it.

    First off, I just want say: They were not saying Family Guy was a bad show.

    They were simply using it as an example, and it's actually completely clear in this episode.

    Anyway, I thought it was odd to have neither Stan nor Kenny in one episode, but hey, Kyle and Cartman gotta have their own stuff once in awhile.

    The beginning of the episode pwned. They started off with Terrance and Phillip, the best "non-main" characters in the entire show! They also tried to trick people a little bit by saying "We'll not be airing the episode "Cartoon Wars" from South Park. Instead,... we'll be airing a special Terrance and Phillip episode!"

    Heh, not bad Trey and Matt.

    After that interesting bit, we move onto Cartman's ploy to take Family Guy off the air. He sits outside the FOX building and talks to some kid that's supposed to be Bart Simpson. He eventually teams-up with him to end Family Guy.

    I have to say, God I loved this episode.

    South Park is actually heading in the right direction again, and it seems this season may be one of the best new ones yet.moreless
  • I am sitting here, and I am stunned.

    I sometimes have a stock answer for student of mine who wonder why I gave them an F for an essay. My stock answer: "I gave you an F because Dean Avery won't let me give you a G."

    So I give this episode a 10 because I cannot give it a 15. Odd praise, that: the head-in-sand motif was done five minutes in, thus limiting the entertainment to the Fox studio, and what happened with the show itself. Given that, how does one count the ways?

    1. The manatee motif for "Family Guy" was just so, so true.

    2. the Cartman-with-a-gun was an apt metaphor for what Islam would have over us, if it could.

    3.If Comedy Central's censorship of the image of Muhammad was real, my praise for Stone and Parker is only heightened. And--if true--Comedy Central is beneath contempt.

    4. The last bit--poop on Bush, et al--was brilliant. They believe that will hurt us. Boo hoo. Give it your worst.moreless
  • I love the direction the show has taken and look forward to whatever the future hold. Keep up the good work.

    I feel sorry for anyone out there that can not appreciate the humor in irony and satire. How sad it must be for you, the only way for you to derive any enjoyment from a TV show is to be feed a constant serving of “hit you over the head” obvious jokes that you would have to be blind and deaf not to get.

    I am not saying that I don’t enjoy Family Guy because I do. I just feel that South Park has transcended the average animated sitcom to provide biting social commentary. It is easy to be joke funny, but it is much more difficult to be funny and have something to say. If this new approach is not to your like, then fine don’t watch, but don’t watch week after week and pine for the way things used to be.

    I love the direction the show has taken and look forward to whatever the future hold. Keep up the good work.

  • everyone thats saying why are they attacking family guy did you not notice the few digs at themselves??? when kyle got out of the truck at fox studios the guy that picked him up said..........moreless

    everyone thats saying why are they attacking family guy did you not notice the few digs at themselves??? when kyle got out of the truck at fox studios the guy that picked him up said "its just joke after joke I like that, at least its not getting up its own ass and being all preachy"

    I'm a family guy fan but I do think series 4 has had alot more flash backs compared to the other series and alot of the stuff in the first episode was spot on about family guy, I think people aint getting these episodes because they know what was said about family guy is true and they cant addmit it or just feel stupid that they are being mocked by matt and trey.moreless
Trey Parker

Trey Parker

Voice of Stan Marsh; Eric Theodore Cartman; Herbert Garrison; Officer Barbrady; Terrance; Timmy; Ned Gerblanski; Satan; Randy Ma

Matt Stone

Matt Stone

Voice of Kyle Broflovski; Kenny McKormick; Gerald Broflovski; Pip Pirrup; Jesus; Jimbo Kearn; Phillip; Saddam; Various Others

Mona Marshall

Mona Marshall

Voice of Sheila Broflovski; Linda Stotch; Various Others

Jane Bussmann

Jane Bussmann

Voice of Unknown

Guest Star

Juan Kimmelini

Juan Kimmelini

Voice of Unknown

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April Stewart

April Stewart

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • In this episode, the FOX Studio appears to be in Hollywood, hence the studio being very close to the sign. However, in reality, the FOX Studios is actually located in Century City, which is well west of Hollywood.

    • In Cartoon Wars, when Cartman first talks to Bart Simpson in the Family Guy staff building place, you can see Cartman's reflection on the floor, but his mouth is closed in the reflection but his mouth is actually open/talking.

    • When "Bart" hits Kyle over the head with his skateboard, it is covered with blood. Yet in the very next scene, the skateboard is clean and there is no movement of him wiping it off.

    • The network president is moved by Little Danny Pocket's (Cartman's) fake story and tells him to try to move the Family Guy writers (manatees) with it. Yet later one of the people who was with the president states that manatees are the only mammals not moved by terrorist threats. Why wouldn't somebody have corrected the network president (or at least told Cartman on his way to see them)?

    • Mohammed was actually shown on an episode of South Park previously called "the Super Best Friends."

    • When Kyle and Cartman are fighting at the FOX studios offices, They fight through the King of the Hill offices, this is an ode to Mike Judge, Matt Stone and Trey Parker's close friend.

    • When "Bart" writes "I hate Family Guy" on the wall, he uses his right hand. In "The Simpsons" opening sequence, Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard with his left hand.

    • It looks like Terrance still hasn't lost the weight he gained during "Terrance and Phillip: Behind The Blow", but in "The Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer" He was thin again.

    • After Kyle's Big-Wheel accident, he has a tear in the top-left side of his hat. After he reaches Hollywood, the tear moves to the top-right side.

    • The posters of "24" and "Ice Age 2" were with changed titles, but the ones of "Family Guy" and "King of the Hill" not.

    • When Cartman and Kyle are fighting, it is not like how they were fighting in the preview shown on "Cartoon Wars Part 1".

    • This is in regards to the inaccuracy about the Simpsons. It was not meant to accurately depict the worse thing that Bart ever did, but this was actually in reference to the South Park Season Six episode, "Simpsons Already Did It." When Butters tries to wreak havoc in South Park by defacing a head off a statue, his sidekick General Disarray says that Simpsons did it. So this scene is not a reminder to loyal Simpsons fans but to loyal South Park fans.

    • Stan and Kenny don't appear in this episode. They do appear briefly in the recap for the previous episode but don't speak.

    • In the US, new episodes of Family Guy airs at 9 PM (Eastern) on Sunday evening. It doesn't air at 7 PM on Fridays, as stated by President Bush & the network president.

    • Yet another inaccuracy about The Simpsons is said. The Bart Simpson character said the worst he did was taking the head of a statue, he did things much worse than that. Once, he blew up his house and put his dad in a coma. In one scene he said he took a swing at a cop and the school found a switchblade in his locker (although that's still nowhere near as a bad as the chili thing).

    • After a brief recap of the previous episode, Matt and Trey trick the audience by cutting to a Terrance & Phillip special for a minute and try making us think that is the start of the second season all over again, but then they come back into the official episode.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Osama bin Laden: If you look closely at the writing on "Family Guy", you will see that the jokes never derive from the plot, and I think that's totally gay.

    • FOX President: What are you talking about, kid?
      Kyle: Pulling an episode because someone is offended starts a chain reaction. You'll have to pull more and more episodes until the show goes off the air completely. It's what happened to Laverne & Shirley.
      FOX President: You mean… the manatees aren't trying to run the network?
      Kyle: What manatees?!

    • Kyle: Cartman! You f****** fat ass!

    • Cartman: If you don't my saying, I think you asked for this. You gave in to the manatees last week. Now they know all they have to do is refuse to work and they can get whatever they want. You spoiled them by caving in. Now they think they can walk all over you. Sir, you are in charge of this network, not them. Maybe it's time you showed them who's in charge.
      FOX President: You're right. It's time I stop letting these prima donna manatees tell me what to do! I'm pulling the Muhammad episode, you got that! And if you all don't want to work tomorrow, you can just find other jobs!

    • Cartman: Well well well!
      Kyle: Cartman!
      Cartman: Hello, Kyle. Looks like you've run into a little snag in your plan as well.
      Kyle: You fat son of a bitch!
      Cartman: You came so close to stopping me; didn't you, Kyle? There was just one thing you didn't count on: that more people besides me hate Family Guy.
      Bart: Yeah.
      Kyle: Well, a lot of people like Family Guy too! Who are you to decide it shouldn't be on the air?!
      Bart: Shut up! You shut your f****** face, man!

    • Cartman: Hello, manatees. I, I think you should allow the network to pull your episode with Muhammad. See, I'm the victim of a, a terrorist attack and… terrorists might come after you if you-
      Mitchell: That isn't gonna work on them.
      Cartman: Why not?
      Mitchell: Don't you know anything about manatees? They're the only mammals that are completely unmoved by terrorist threats.
      Cartman: Son of a bitch.

    • Kyle: Excuse me. Do you know which way the network president's office is?
      Bart: Who wants to know?
      Kyle: Look, my fat bastard friend is trying to trick the network into getting Family Guy off the air.

    • Kyle: Thanks a lot for the ride.
      Trucker: It's the least I could do. I hope you succeed, kid. I really don't wanna see Family Guy go off the air. I love that show!
      Kyle: I'll do everything I can.
      Trucker: I mean, I know it's just joke after joke, but I like that. At least it doesn't get all preachy and up its own ass with messages, you know?

    • Cartman: So… you don't like Family Guy either, huh?
      Bart: I hate Family Guy.
      Cartman: So what's your plan? You're gonna ask the president of the network nicely to take it off the air?
      Bart: Not nicely.
      Cartman: Look, kid, if you hate a TV show, all you have to do is get an episode pulled. Pretty soon the show is compromised and it goes off the air.
      Bart: Cool, man.
      Cartman: Yes. So my plan is to use this whole Muhammad thing as a way to scare the network into pulling tonight's show. I'm going to use fear to get them to do what I want.
      Bart: Isn't that like, terrorism?
      Cartman: …No, it isn't like terrorism. It is terrorism!

    • Cartman: Ma'am, I need to speak to the president of this network right away.
      Receptionist: What is it regarding?
      Cartman: It's regarding Family Guy. I demand that the Muhammad episode be pulled before it airs tonight! It's incendiary, it's offensive to Muslims, and people can get hurt! It's wrong! It's wrong!
      Receptionist: Okay, but if you've got a problem with Family Guy, you'll have to wait in line. That little boy over there has an appointment to try and get Family Guy off the air altogether.
      Cartman: Dude, can I go before you?
      Bart: Eat my shorts!

    • Terrance: All right, just what the hell is going on here?!
      Phillip: You censored out the image of Mohammad in our television special!
      Network President: Ey! You guys know the rules! Nobody can show the image of Mohammad anymore. It's dangerous.
      Terrance: But you ruined the whole show!
      Network President: Look, I'm not gonna risk the lives of the people at this network. Let's just forget about it, okay guys? (The network president farts and then laughs.) Aw, come on guys, give me a break.
      Phillip: We demand you rerun Mystery at the Lazy "J" Ranch with Mohammad uncensored!
      Network President: Ey! I run this network, not you guys! And if you ask me, your show has become so preachy and full of messages that you've forgotten how to be funny! No Mohammad!
      Terrance: Family Guy is going to show an image of Mohammad that airs tonight.
      Network President: I doubt it. I bet right now someone is on their way to the studios to demand the episode to be pulled.

    • Cartman: This is manipulation at its highest level. You should let me handle this.
      "Bart": I'm a pretty bad kid.
      Cartman: Really? What's the worst thing you've ever done?
      "Bart": I stole the head off a statue once.
      Cartman: Wow, that's pretty hardcore. Jeez. That's like this one time when I didn't like a kid, so I ground his parents up into chili and fed it to him.
      "Bart": (skateboards away) …you got it, man.

    • Cartman: I AM GOD!

    • (Kyle is trapped in a net)
      Kyle: Cartman let me out of this stupid net!
      Cartman: Good, Kyle! That's good anger you're showing there! See that? That's emotional character development based on what's happening in the storyline! Not at all like Family Guy. Now, if you'll excuse me, Kyle, I've got some idea balls to remove from a manatee tank. (Walks away.)
      Kyle: …WHAT!?

    • Cartman: Family Guy is written by manatees? … Of course, it all makes sense now.

    • Reporter #1: Mr. President! Can't you force the Family Guy writers to not write Mohammed by imprisoning them?
      President Bush: Because that will be a direct violation in the First Amendment!
      Reporter #1: (Skeptical) And what exactly IS this 'First Amendment?'
      President Bush: (surprise) You know… the freedom of Speech.
      Reporters: (getting rowdy) 'FREEDOM OF SPEECH? OHH!
      Reporter #2: Mr. President! When you and your administration first came up with this 'First Amendment', didn't you plan ahead with the problems that would come by it?
      President Bush: (surprise) Well… we didn't come up with it. It was already in place.
      Reporters: (getting rowdier) OHH!
      Reporter #3: Excuse me, Mr. President, but I believe that this whole 'First Amendment' is just a bunch of Bureaucratic Jibidy-Jube.

    • Peter Griffin: (Repeated line) You think THAT's bad…

    • Phillip: Say Terrance, isn't it wonderful having a holiday here at the Lazy "J" Ranch?
      Terrance: It sure is, Phillip, but I do believe the steer I'm riding has the farts.
      (The steer farts. Terrance and Phillip laugh.)
      Phillip: Oh look who's coming. Isn't that Mohammed, the holy prophet of the Muslim religion?
      Mohammed: Hey guys, how's it going?
      Terrance: Hello Mohammed. We've read all about you in the Koran.
      Mohammed: I'm here to investigate a murder.

    • Cartman: (to Kyle) Then let this be our final battle.
      (They start slapping each other.)

    • (after hitting Kyle over the head with a skateboard)
      "Bart": Cowabunga, motherf***er.

    • Cartman: How the hell did you get out?
      Kyle: That kid and I had a long talk. I told him he was on a slippery slope to becoming a monster like you.
      Cartman: Aw, goddammit, you gave him one your gay little speeches, didn't you?

  • NOTES (6)

    • This is the second time that a two part episode is interrupted at the second part by a Terrance & Phillip special. The first time was with "Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut (2)", the difference this time is that the second episode of the South Park story actually starts and is not interrupted entirely by Terrance & Phillip.

    • The apparent "idea balls" for the skit were helmet, salmon, toga (which Peter was wearing), and Mohammad.

    • When the man drops Kyle off at Fox studio, he says that he is sick of cartoon shows that are up its own ass with messages. This is in reference to South Park itself. A similar reference is made in the first scene of the episode when the CBC president describes the Terrance & Phillip show as so preachy and full of messages that it's forgotten how to funny.

    • At one point, Kyle stops calling the network president "Mr. President" and instead calls him Doug. He then says that if he censors the image of Mohammed, he would be allowing terrorism to happen. Doug Herzog is the current President of Comedy Central & Kyle's speech may have been Matt & Trey's way of asking the network directly to air the episode completely uncensored.

    • Comedy Central refused to allow an image of the prophet Mohammed to be shown. This was the first time Comedy Central censored a scene of South Park. It remained censored in the DVD and iTunes versions.

    • Comedy Central "Pusses Out":

      The censor seen at the end of the episode (during the original viewing) was not a joke created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker, but in fact was a real and authentic Comedy Central censoring of the episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Masters of the Universe: Cartman's "Let this be our final battle" line to Kyle at the beginning of their fight is a reference to the live action Masters of the Universe film, in which Skeletor utters the same line to He-Man as they begin their battle in the film's climax. This line was also said by one of the "psychic detectives" in "Cartman's Incredible Gift".

    • In-Joke:

      When Cartman tells "Bart" that the worst thing he ever did was when I didn't like a kid, he ground his parents up into chili and fed it to him, this is a reference to the episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die".

    • Simpsons/Family Guy Fued:

      The Bart Simpson character trying to get Family Guy taken off the air might be an allusion to the Simpsons/Family Guy feud where each show has, at one point or another, taken pot shots at the other. Unlike the situation between South Park and Family Guy, where the feud is relatively friendly.

    • Armageddon:

      The sequence used to pull the episode off the air is identical to a scene from the 1998 film Armageddon, when NASA decides to remote detonate the nuclear weapon from Earth. The red phone that the network executive makes his decision from is also a reference to Armageddon, in which Lt. General Kimsey (Keith David) talks to the US President from a red phone.

    • Star Trek & Star Trek III - The Search for Spock :

      The network president's conformation code 'zero zero destruct…' is a reference to 'zero zero destruct zero' - the code to destroy the Enterprise in both the ST episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield" and the 1984 film "The Search for Spock."

    • Family Guy/Chicken Fight:

      When Kyle and Cartman fight across the studio, it could be a reference to the "Chicken Fight" sequences on "Family Guy".

    • The Simpsons Opening:

      When the Bart Simpson character is writing "I hate Family Guy" on the wall, it is a reference to the opening sequence of "The Simpsons" in which Bart writes a different message on the blackboard.

    • Ice Age 2: The Meltdown:

      During the fight between Cartman and Kyle in the FOX studio lot, there is a movie poster that says "Cold Age: The Smackdown." "Cold Age" is a spoof of the new FOX movie, "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown".

    • 24:

      In the FOX President's office, there is a poster of "26", with a similar design to FOX's prime-time giant, 24.

    • King of the Hill:

      During their fight Cartman and Kyle pass the animators for FOX's King of the Hill who are working under a banner that says, "Eleventh Season." King of the Hill was thought to be non-renewed as late as February of this year. Recently it got a last minute reprieve by FOX to come back for its eleventh season.

    • Bart Simpson:

      The kid in front of Cartman in line to see the president of FOX is an obvious parody of Bart Simpson of The Simpsons. He also said the worst thing he's done is steal the head off a statue, from the episode "The Telltale Head".