South Park

Season 10 Episode 4

Cartoon Wars (2)

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 2006 on Comedy Central

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  • Love the two-part episode

    Now I can see why they are making fun of Family Guy. It's pretty obvious that South Park creators: Trey Parker and Matt Stone hated Family Guy because they are being a little too derivative and they always show those cutaway gags over and over. And because of that episode, the staff members of King of the Hill and The Simpsons all sent Parker and Stone flowers because they love how they just bashed on Family Guy. I can agree from some people that South Park is somewhat funnier than Family Guy.
  • The riveting conclusion to an interesting story arch. It's actually good, wouldn't you know it.

    First off, I just want say: They were not saying Family Guy was a bad show.
    They were simply using it as an example, and it's actually completely clear in this episode.

    Anyway, I thought it was odd to have neither Stan nor Kenny in one episode, but hey, Kyle and Cartman gotta have their own stuff once in awhile.

    The beginning of the episode pwned. They started off with Terrance and Phillip, the best "non-main" characters in the entire show! They also tried to trick people a little bit by saying "We'll not be airing the episode "Cartoon Wars" from South Park. Instead,... we'll be airing a special Terrance and Phillip episode!"
    Heh, not bad Trey and Matt.

    After that interesting bit, we move onto Cartman's ploy to take Family Guy off the air. He sits outside the FOX building and talks to some kid that's supposed to be Bart Simpson. He eventually teams-up with him to end Family Guy.

    I have to say, God I loved this episode.
    South Park is actually heading in the right direction again, and it seems this season may be one of the best new ones yet.
  • I am sitting here, and I am stunned.

    I sometimes have a stock answer for student of mine who wonder why I gave them an F for an essay. My stock answer: "I gave you an F because Dean Avery won't let me give you a G."

    So I give this episode a 10 because I cannot give it a 15. Odd praise, that: the head-in-sand motif was done five minutes in, thus limiting the entertainment to the Fox studio, and what happened with the show itself. Given that, how does one count the ways?

    1. The manatee motif for "Family Guy" was just so, so true.

    2. the Cartman-with-a-gun was an apt metaphor for what Islam would have over us, if it could.

    3.If Comedy Central's censorship of the image of Muhammad was real, my praise for Stone and Parker is only heightened. And--if true--Comedy Central is beneath contempt.

    4. The last bit--poop on Bush, et al--was brilliant. They believe that will hurt us. Boo hoo. Give it your worst.
  • I love the direction the show has taken and look forward to whatever the future hold. Keep up the good work.

    I feel sorry for anyone out there that can not appreciate the humor in irony and satire. How sad it must be for you, the only way for you to derive any enjoyment from a TV show is to be feed a constant serving of “hit you over the head” obvious jokes that you would have to be blind and deaf not to get.
    I am not saying that I don’t enjoy Family Guy because I do. I just feel that South Park has transcended the average animated sitcom to provide biting social commentary. It is easy to be joke funny, but it is much more difficult to be funny and have something to say. If this new approach is not to your like, then fine don’t watch, but don’t watch week after week and pine for the way things used to be.
    I love the direction the show has taken and look forward to whatever the future hold. Keep up the good work.
  • everyone thats saying why are they attacking family guy did you not notice the few digs at themselves??? when kyle got out of the truck at fox studios the guy that picked him up said..........

    everyone thats saying why are they attacking family guy did you not notice the few digs at themselves??? when kyle got out of the truck at fox studios the guy that picked him up said "its just joke after joke I like that, at least its not getting up its own ass and being all preachy"

    I'm a family guy fan but I do think series 4 has had alot more flash backs compared to the other series and alot of the stuff in the first episode was spot on about family guy, I think people aint getting these episodes because they know what was said about family guy is true and they cant addmit it or just feel stupid that they are being mocked by matt and trey.
  • Family Guy episodes written by manities(spell?) it all makes since know

    This show was great in the way it followed exactly where the first part let out with kyle and cartman on thier way to fox studios to pull/save the family episode. Cartman runs into another character bart(simpsons) and at first he wants the show pulled but after one of kyle's speeches Bart helps stop cartman. Cartman learns the truth about the family guy episode writers that they are manitees(spell?) which pick random idea balls and if one thing gets pulled they shut down completly.In the end the family guy episode was aired but comedy central did not show muhammed and no one got hurt we just got burned. Thats right they(muslims) sent out a animate short which tells that americans crap on everything we see even each other.

    This show was great but they could of done something more but it was a great and funny episode and i hope future episode are this funny/good.

  • I'm just amazed at how much this episode whizzed over everyone's head.

    This episode was groundbreaking. Not because it jabbed at Family Guy(which was funny, and brutally honest), but it put Comedy Central to the test, and CC failed. The whole message with this ep came down to one scene, when mohammad supposely gave the salmon helmet to Peter. Matt and Trey dared them to stand up for free speech, and they folded like a piece of paper. People on this board are getting too up at arms about the family guy jabs, and are missing the bigger, more important point. I personally love the direction the show is going. It's more intelligent, for more intelligent people. Oh yeah, it still the most hilarious show on tv.
  • I will now say what i think that almost everyone else is missing. The South Park writing staff are not just making fun of Family Guy, they are in many areas comparing them selves to Family Guy.

    I will now say what i think that almost everyone else is missing. The South Park writing staff are not just making fun of Family Guy, they are in many areas comparing themselves to Family Guy, you can actually find references for almost every joke in these two episodes in the things that has happened with and around South Park the last few months. They use Family Guy instead of putting the name of their own show in. Some of their shows had their re-runs cancelled, and in the episode Cartman says that if one episode is pulled then everyone can just say that they want an episode should be pulled and in the end the show would be cancelled.

    And they actually put in their largest and most important philosophy "If you make fun of one thing, you have to make fun of everything" as beeing one of the Family Guys writing staff's values (the manitees).

    They also have a guy in there saying that maybe Family Guy is just joke after joke, but what's wrong with that? At least it doesn't get all preachy and up it's own ass.

    So now i won't here more stupid Family Guy fans who just don't get the symbolism.

    If there are someone who don't agree with me you can send me a message, and if this message doesn't contain anything valid, then you can tell all you're shit to the wall that stands next to you.
  • A Very Good 2 Part Episode

    Cartoon Wars (Parts 1 and 2) are two of the best new South Park episodes to come along in a long time. They are critical and self-aware at the same time and contain many subtle jabs which were enjoyable. As a fan of both shows, my best guess is that Matt and Trey were not trying to sway people from liking Family Guy, but to simply make the fans aware that what they are laughing involves no rational thought whatsoever (hence the manatees and the idea machine). M + T\'s depiction of Family Guy scenes were hilarious, so people just need to stop making such a big deal out of it.
  • A great conclusion!

    It was a great conclusion indeed. In this episode, you will see what the whole Cartoon Wars thing is really about: The First Amendment. This episode was a First Amendment issue, as Matt and Trey portrays the value of free speech, which is what the First Amendment is all about. Again, they were not making fun of Family Guy. Family Guy has nothing to do with it. They just wanted to use the Family Guy and the Muhammad incident as an example to express their message about free speech...and the last dialogue at the end where Kyle makes his speech about letting Muhammad air uncensored on Family Guy proved it. So if you still never got it, you could of at least got some aspects of the whole Cartoon Wars thing from that speech Kyle made. Also in that last dialogue, Cartman threatening the president of FOX with a gun was an example of terrorism, which is also what the whole debate is about. This is an ADULT cartoon, meaning you got to think like an adult.

    It is with this kind of material that I think South Park is getting better and better.

    Stan and Kenny were not scene in this episode, but I guess that is fair, since Kyle and Cartman actually kind of needed their own episode.

    And, LOL, the moment that most of us have all been waiting for when Kyle and Cartman actually fight each actually a little sissy fight! LOL
  • The final battle between good (Kyle) and evil (Cartman) happens at the Fox Television Studios.

    Ah, the conclusion to "Cartoon Wars". How can I describe what I found to be great about this episode?

    First off, I have to say that I really enjoyed the fake out at the beginning of the episode, when Matt and Trey made us think that we were going to see another half hour of Terrance and Phillip, like they did in season 2, but we only got to see the boy's heroes for a few minutes, when they attempted to have a conversation with Mohammed and when they went to complain to their network when the Prophet got cancelled. One thing that I have to say about this Terrance and Phillip clip is how it can truly be related to Stone and Parker of lately, with various groups complaining that the duo has been "preachy" lately, just like the network CEO said of Terrance and Phillip.

    Now, on to the main part of the episode. I absolutely loved it when Cartman arrived in L.A. and ultimately had a little conversation with a Bart Simpson look a like about each of their plans to get Family Guy pulled and how bad each boy is. You knew right off the bat that Cartman would win that little contest, since he's such a sadistic kid. Another thing that I thought was funny about the episode was how when Kyle came to L.A. and ultimately helped the Bart look a like see that helping Cartman get that Family Guy episode pulled would make the kid be just as sadistic as Cartman. I also thought it was quite comical how when the boys started fighting, they just were fighting throught the grounds of Fox Studios, until they made it to the President's office and Kyle ultimately talked him into showing the episode.

    The next thing that I thought was pretty funny about the episode was President Bush's press conference when the media had no idea what the 1st Amendment was and that the Founding Fathers wanted it for all the citizens of the country.

    However, one thing that I wasn't too thrilled about was how Stone and Parker had portrayed the writers of Family Guy, ok, so they don't like Family Guy that much, so why make them be Manatees?

    And lastly, what I didn't like at all was the video that those Muslim Terrorists made and ultimately showed after Mohammed was shown on Family Guy, I thought that having everyone soiling themselves on one another was in bad taste.

    In all, while there were several things that I loved about the episode, there were a few little things that took away from the overall comical value of the episode, but it was still a nice opprotunity to have a nice laugh.
  • Hilarious and Important

    There were two main points being made in this episode. One was political,(Freedom of speech is important and worth fighting for) the other was just funny (Family Guy is over rated). I feel both statements needed to be made, maybe one more that the other, and they were made in true South Park style, Hilarious, edgy, and thought provoking.

    The Family Guy parodies were, in my opinion, spot on. Let's face it, plot hasn't been important to that show in the past few years. It's still funny, but sometimes it seems like manatees could be writing it.

    The statement about free speech was a very interesting one. The fact that Comedy Central censored the image of Mohammed and not the cartoon of Christ, George Bush, and an American Family defecating on each other, in my mind proves that they acted not out of sensitivity but rather, fear. As an interesting side-note southpark has shown the image of Mohammed uncensored in the episode "Super Best Friends."

    Also, the fight scenes with Kyle and Cartman were hilarious.
  • very funny.

    bart simpsons voice is done badly. the south park voice people have no talent.anyway, cartman was hilarious in this episode. the fight scene was awsome. the whales making the family guy scenes was kool. i think the part when bart is spraypaintin the words on the wall was a thing from the simpsons opening when bart is shown writing on the chalkboard. the family guy things in the episode were hilarious too. Lois: \"peter, i cant believe you invited your old high school girlfriend over for dinner.\" Peter: \"you think thats bad, what about the time i auditioned to be david hasselhoffs car. the episode was great.
  • Possibly the greatest (if not necessarily the funniest) episode yet.


    Alright, "wow" isn't much of a review. But it pretty much sums my sentiments up. Both parts completely blew me away. This episode discusses the fine line between cultural sensitivity and the truncation of free speech, slams Family Guy (which I DO enjoy, but really, the jokes ARE completely interchangeable with one another), and even pokes fun at South Park itself. Moreover, it tackles some serious issues with grace and sardonic humor. You don't necessarily have to agree with the point that Matt and Trey are making - you have every right to disagree with the stance they take. You just have to admit that they DO make a point, and they make it well.

    The only reason I docked the episode two-tenths of a point is because of the fact that it ignores some key elements of the political and social reality of the Denmark cartoons. First and foremost, the cartoons were not offensive because they were a depiction of the Prophet - they were offensive because they were grossly racist, essentially painting over a billion people as a group of violent lunatics. Of course, the subsequent riots were counterproductive, and many of those rioters did unfairly group the United States with that Denmark newspaper, but that doesn't change the fact that South Park failed to take into consideration the particular content of the cartoons, focusing entirely on the fact that it is a depiction of Mohammad.

    However, the allegations that this episode was racist don't really ring true to me. On a personal note, I am Arab-American myself, and didn't think they were painting all Arabs or Muslims as terrorists, but simply commenting on those who engaged in those riots to an admittedly offensive newspaper publication.

    The ending was a bit anti-climactic, but hilarious nonetheless.

    If you haven't seen both parts of "Cartoon Wars," make it a priority.
  • One of the biggest episodes ever with the best satrical feel

    This episodes convey one of the important messages of 911 and terroism, It explains the actions and reaction of terroism, I love family too though, also the best ending ever. and its rib busting hailouros humor, I was suprise that they actually censored the Muhammed image, and not as a joke, Hmm I cant think of any else, I just scream to get a 100 words a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a, Ok thats it, also this should be emmy nominated material right here
  • Manatees... Why Manatees?

    Cartman goes to Fox Studios to stop Family Guy. There, he gets aid from Bart Simpson to stop Family Guy. It is revealed that the writers of Family Guy are actually manatees!(Sort of explains the random jokes on Family Guy) He succeeds in stopping the manatees. But then, Kyle comes to fight Cartman. It is basically just a giant slap fight. Kyle wins. He and Cartman go to the Fox president to fight for Family Guy. Family Guy could show the episode uncensored. That causes the terrorists to retaliate with a cartoon that show Jesus, Bush, many others playing in their waste. A good episode with a good message.
  • This was a great conclusion to the previouse episdoe but.....

    The one and only thing I didnt like about the episode is wen they started with Terracnce and Phillip. I am mad that they didn't make another Terrance and Phillip episode. The first one was so great.Other than that the episode was pretty good. It is the conclusion to the last episode. In this episode Cartman gets to fox studios. Eventually Kyle got there first and choas ensues. There is Cameo of Bart Simpson who is refered to as "that kid".It is funny as hell when Bart Simpson says "I cut the head off a stautue once" and Cartman says "One time I Killed a kids parents and made him eat them. So this was a fair episode.
  • How brilliant! I admire South Park.

    This is exactly how I feel about the jokes of Family Guy. I know this wasn't the intention of the writers of South Park but I loved the mockery out of Family Guy. It's always like that: Peter starts to say something and a totally random joke goes on! HA! "Whatcha talkin' about, Willis?" It's hilarious to see in the reviews that people feels offended with this episode, and deny that Family Guy has that kind of humor. Obviously the real deal wasn't making fun of the show, that's not the style of South Park, they want to express another message.
    And yes, Family Guy has that kind of humor, wich for me sucks most of the times. Obviously is not written by manatees, but I just cracked up at that. This episode just shows the superiority of South Park, especially with their parodies, this time of Family Guy. Meanwhile Family Guy has very bad written parodies. South Park writers Matt and Trey are genius, meanwhile Family Guy writers are manatees! And also they put Cartman with Bart to discuss, on who's more evil and Cartman shutted Bart's mouth. And they even made fun of the Chicken fight of Peter with that 'fight' between Cartman and Kyle.
    And overall, the rest of the jokes and messages were very funny and clever.
  • South Park, I underestimated you

    So, this is how our world's cultures collide. Muslims can hate Americans, sh** on Christians, and make Jesus Christ a pooping object, and burn an American flag. And yet, we can't even show an image of the Islamic god on television. So why can Jesus be shown? Even if this show might make fun of or parody Family Guy, that isn't the point of this episode. The point is censorship is just another form of hypocrisy. Sadly, this episode falls victim to censorship (thanks comedy central!), and even if the Muslim Prophet is shown peacefully and in non-hostile fashion, it's just deemed "too sensitive".

    Here's some forms of unfair censorship: This episode versus the following: the Super-bowl boob outing. Jane Fonda saying "C*nt" on the today show. Diane Keaton saying "f*ck" on GMA. Dennis Franz showing off his ass on NYPD Blue. Charlotte Ross showing off her ass and breasts on NYPD Blue. Guess which got censored? Julian McMahon having anal sex on Nip/Tuck. If your answer is none of the above, except for this episode, your answer would be outrageous, controversial, but 100% true. I'm not saying the above situations not being censored is outrageous, I'm saying that censorship is unfair and at times, very very unnecessary.

    Kudos to Trey Parker and Matt Stone for referring to Family Guy's flashback sequences as "Manatee Jokes". My opinion hasn't changed on Family Guy or South Park. What has changed is my tolerance on what should be censored. "C*nt" is just another word for "P*ssy". But you can't say "C*nt" on television. "Jesus Christ" is the Christian Prophet and "Muhammad" is the Muslim Prophet. But you can't portray "Muhammad" on television. WTF?!
  • manatees

    kyle and cartman fight over the fate of family guy. kyle tries to convince the Fox president to air the episode with muhammed, and cartman tries to convince him not to. which boy will win the fight?

    good episode and good conclusion to the first part. pretty funny episode and i really enjoyed: Bart Simpson and the King of the Hill signs when Kyle and Cartman were fighting. Overall a pretty good and funny episode, and so because of all of this, my final grade for "Cartoon Wars (2)" is going to be, of course, an A+. simply perfect episode
  • A lot more to it than most people will get.

    Instead of reviewing both parts, I'll just review part II as both parts. In short, this two-part episode is one of the best in south park history.

    The great building battle between Kyle and Cartman is great. It constantly points out the flimsy writing in Family Guy, but also seems to acknowledge it friendily. "I know Family Guy's just a bunch of interchangeable jokes not related to the plot, but I like it". Most people won't get it's positive side, and will only see the bashing. The whole censorship plot adds even more to the episode. It shows that we need to fight for free speech sometimes, and that we shouldn't take it for granted. The ironic thing is that Comedy Central censors the scene that the whole episode is about keeping in the show. It ends on something that would offend most christians, but should not be taken out of context. It shows the double standard that Muslims are extremely respected but nobody cares if you bash christianity.
  • Season 10, Episode 4.

    With Kyle left behind, Cartman makes his way to FOX to get the Family Guy episode pulled, hoping to ultimately get rid of the show once and for all. Haha, I loved the beginning with Terrence and Philip instead of resolving the "cliffhanger." LMAO Bart Simpson! =] Haha, I love Bart! :) South Park is really good. I thought the dolphin thing was incredibly stupid, though. Family Guy is written much better than South Park... Also, who cares about Mohammad? It seems like a stupid plot, yet entertaining. I liked Osama's little thing though. It's sort of weird that they can't show Mohammad on a fictional show in South Park, but South Park can show Bin Laden.
  • Stupid conclusion to a stupid episode

    South Park...for shame. I've been a fan since the beginning and I think, like The Simpsons, this show has overstayed its welcome. I was beyond happy with the season premiere, and I assumed South Park would continue with the same amount of classic SP that I've come to love. NO!!! "Smug alert"??? Crap!!! And this unnecessary two parter that tries to dropkick one of the funniest shows on TV? Hell no.

    Its funny to me that I'm so upset with SP. I actually understood the point they were trying to make about Family Guy. Yes FG is basically a clip-show or joke after joke with no real storyline sometimes, but at least they're funny!!! Somewhere along the line, SP became serious (or as close to it as possible) and started to abandon what made the show hilarious and satirical. FG has stayed true to its fans, for better or for worse. (which is why they're back on TV-"you scratch my back, I'll buy your DVDs and get you back on FOX")

    Like I said, I was kind of behind SP, but the whole manatees and the head in the sand thing jokes. Ha-ha, assholes!!! This show is for 17-34 year olds who want Cartman being racist and Butters saying something retarded. We don't want political commentary or Jesus shitting on Bush gags. (although I did chuckle at the end) Its sad that I sat for the equivalent of an hour, if you count the first half, and wasted braincells I could have saved for Aqua Teen or some Lindsay Lohan movie. Its really bad that the only thing I enjoyed was a slap fight between to boys. Buck up, South Park. Unless you want to end up like The Simpsons...a dried up, seat filler with weak jokes. FAMILY GUY fucking rules!!! American Dad...ehh.
  • I love this episode!!!

    It's part 2 of Cartoon Wars. After Cartman took down Kyle he gets to Foxs studios and Cartman meets Bart Simpson He's my favorite characters for Simpsons. Then Kyle gets to Foxs studios and I REALLY like the part when Bart hit's Kyle with his skateboard and say Cowabunga MotherF**ker! Then Cartman makes up a story to get the Family guy episode pull out then Cartman got the plan working and thinks that he is a GOD. Then Bart somehow let Kyle free and He and Cartman had their final battle a slap fight I thought that was so funny LOL
  • The 2nd part to "Cartoon Wars"

    In the sequel or part two of the "Cartoon Wars", after leaving Kyle injured on the side of the road, Cartman races to the headquarters of "Family Guy" determined to put an end to the show once and for all. I like how Cartman and Kyle go to extreme lengths to show their sides of Family Guy.

    Cartman is determined to have the episode pulled and Kyle is determined to get the episode on air despite being ridculed and getting into a long fight with Cartman.

    This episode I think points out/highlights the real life issues with censorshop not only on South Park itself but other shows and newspapers (like the Danish cartoon controversy )

    This is one episode I will always love.
  • About the episode "Cartoon Wars"

    I start with my favorite part : It's when Cartman and Bart Simpson are talking and Cartman asks him what's the worst thing Bart's ever done. Bart says he took the head of a statue and Cartman says he killed a kid's parents and fed them to him. XD (I used to watch The Simpsons where Bart is a bad kid type boy but he is nothing when you compare him to Cartman.)

    The other thing is, this episode gave me quite a dilemma : I really hate Family Guy so I wanted Cartman to win... but I actually love Kyle so I just didn't know who to support. Even though my love for Kyle doesn't make me understand how people can possibly like Family Guy. Eventually I said Kyle couldn't always win... this is the only time when I say Cartman should have won. So the stupid episode didn't get cancelled, I felt Cartman's anger there, but Kyle dancing around happily however made me smile and was worth ten dollars.
  • 2nd Best episode of Season 10.

    Cartman goes to Hollywood to stop Family Guy. There he discovors that the writers are manatees. While Kyle tries to stop Cartman, However Cartman has teamed up with Bart Simpson and ended trapping Kyle in a closet. Kyle manages to convince Bart Simpson to set him free so he can stop Cartman. They end up having a sissy fight and kyle manages to convince FOX to air Family Guy uncensored. This was a pretty good episode of Southpark. It was well written and had alot of funny moments in it. It's much better than the crap that's known as the next episode of Southpark.
  • Who will reach Hollywood first - Cartman or Kyle? Will 'Family Guy' be pulled off air? Will a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed dare be shown? These and other burning questions are revealed in this concluding part of 'Cartoon Wars'!...

    After the excellent first part, I couldn't wait to see how they would resolve things. So I was just one of millions who groaned "not again!" when the episode started and went into a 'Terrance and Phillip' cartoon. But no, they were just toying with us, and soon we picked up on the story.

    Out of all of the many subjects 'South Park' has tackled and put its own spin on over the years, this surely has to be one of the bigged and most daring.

    I wasn't so keen when the 'Family Guy' writers were revealed to be a tank of manatees, I thought they kind of cheaped out there a bit, but thankfully it didn't affect the episode too much overall.

    Out of all of the subjects 'South Park' has tackled, they dare tackle one of the most forbidden... The Simpsons!! I like the Bart-alike boy (note he is never named). The conversation where he tells Cartman the worst thing he has ever done was stole a head off of a statue, and Cartman responding that the worst thing HE'S even done was feed Scott Tennerman his parents, is classic.
  • Funny!

    In the beginning of the episode, it is announced that Part 2 will not be shown, and a Terrance and Phillip episode will be seen instead. (This is a reference to season 2's "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus", which replaced the "thrilling conclusion" to the South Park episode Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut.)
    The Terrance and Phillip episode, "the Mystery at the Lazy "J" Ranch", includes an image of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, which is censored by their network, the cbc. After the broadcast, Terrance and Phillip go to the head of the cbc to complain about the censorship, saying that Family Guy will be showing Muhammad uncensored later. The head of the CBC says that it doesn't matter, as somebody is probably on their way right now to stop Family Guy. This is where we rejoin the actual story line.
    Having left Kyle injured at the roadside in Part 1, Cartman arrives at Fox headquarters. There he meets a "kid" who resembles Bart Simpson, who, like him, wants to destroy Family Guy, but Cartman convinces Bart to let him do it alone(He does so when he compares his own feat of making Scott Tenorman eat his own parents to Bart's theft of a statue's head). Cartman meets the executives and pretends to be a Danish kid named Little Danny Pocket, saying his father was killed by terrorists during the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy and pleading that they cancel this episode; his story touches the executives, who encourage him to try to persuade Family Guy's writers to take the episode off the air.
    Kyle is given a lift to the Fox Studio in a truck; his aim is to save the episode and foil Cartman's plan, but Bart Simpson traps him in a maintenance closet. Meanwhile, President Bush tells reporters that Family Guy's writers cannot be made to change their mind about the episode, and that it is protected under the First Amendment. The reporters act as if this is something completely new to them, asking questions like "How are you going to deal with this 'First Amendment?" and "This 'First Amendment' sounds like a lot of bureaucratic jibbery-joo."
    President Bush at Fox Studios.Cartman is finally introduced to the Family Guy writing staff, a group of manatees. The aquatic mammals, who live in a large tank, pick up "idea balls" and put them into a hole. Each ball has the name of a person, a verb, or a pop-culture reference written on it, and when the balls travel down a shaft, a group of five of them forms a Family Guy joke (e.g. "Laundry" + "Winning" + "Date" + "Mexico" + "Gary Coleman").
    The manatees refuse to work if any idea ball is removed from their tank ("either everything's OK, or nothing is" - arguably similar to the South Park creators' unwillingness to work if certain topics, like Islam or Scientology, are off-limits). The manatees are also, apparently, the only mammal not moved by terrorist threats. Cartman instead sneaks in and removes a ball from their tank, causing them to stop working. He then convinces the Fox president that the manatees are spoiled, and are traipsing over the executives. The president decides to pull the new Family Guy episode, with only 25 minutes until its scheduled airtime.
    Meanwhile, Kyle has convinced Bart to free him, and wants to rush to stop the Fox president from pulling Family Guy's Muhammad episode. He and Cartman meet and engage in a long sissy fight taking them through several studios. With Bart Simpson's help, Kyle prevails, but both end up in the Fox president's office as he is making the phone call to cancel Family Guy. The boys present their two conflicting views to the network president - Kyle argues in favor of free speech, Cartman threatens him with a gun. The network president decides, despite the threats of violence (from Cartman and terrorists), that Family Guy should be aired uncensored.
    Family Guy begins, and Muhammad appears in a cutaway joke, handing Peter Griffin a "salmon football helmet". (However, the scene with Muhammad was censored from South Park by Comedy Central: those few seconds were replaced by a black screen and the words, "In this shot, Muhammad hands a football helmet to Family Guy; Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Muhammad on their network.")
    President Bush sees the Family Guy scene and wonders what all the fuss is about - "Hey, that wasn't bad at all. They just showed Muhammad standin' there, lookin' normal". However, the terrorist leader al-Zawahiri (by video) declares, "We warned you not to show Muhammad - but Family Guy did it anyways. So now, here is our retaliation on America!" They release 'an Al Qaeda Films Production', a crude animated video showing cardboard cutouts of George W. Bush, Carson Kressley, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Jesus, defecating on each other and the American flag. Al-Zawahiri declares "Oh yeah, take THAT! We burned you! that was way funnier than family guy." This is the end of the episode.
  • Subversive Brilliance

    I thought this episode was brilliant!
    What happened at the end shows exactly what SouthPark is all about, and exposed the double standards shown by the network in what is possibly the most funny way I have ever seen!. You cannot show a historical figure in your cultures medium, because it might offend the violent followers of it on the other side of the world, but you can offend millions of your own country's people.
    Seriously, this was one of the most clever attacks on the madness of Political Correctness and the cowardliness of the media I have seen.
    Definitely a 10/10 episode.
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